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Welly The Bulldog Puppy Gets Wheels

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Welly the English Bulldog puppy was rescued from a breeder, which caused him to be born paralyzed with Spina Bifida. His rescuers tried everything they could to get Welly back on his feet, but nothing seemed to work until he got some new Walkin' Wheels! -- Global Animal

Owl & Cat’s Unusually Close Friendship

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/AMAZING ANIMAL VIDEOS) This owl and cat's unusually close friendship has animal researchers scratching their heads. -- Global Animal

Listen To This Dogs Bark (Try Not To Laugh)

(DOGS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This dog's bark is so high-pitched, it almost sounds like a little girl screaming! You could say he's happy it's Friday! -- Global Animal

Geese Hustle For Food

(BIRDS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) Sometimes food can be the biggest motivator. It certainly is the best way to get these geese to hustle! -- Global Animal

Good Dog Patiently Waits For His Human

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this adorable video clip, watch one very good boy as he patiently waits for his human to arrive--further proof that loyalty just comes naturally for man's best friend. -- Global Animal

Kid Convinces Parents To Rescue Alpaca

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This kid convinced his parents to rescue an alpaca, and now the two of them surprise their neighbors in the suburbs of Adelaide, Australia, every day. For more of Chewpaca the 4-year-old alpaca, follow him on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Shiba Becomes A Giraffe

(DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) In this adorable video, watch a Shiba Inu magically turn into a giraffe! Talk about a transformation! For more of Rollo the Shiba, follow him on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Otters Chasing A Butterfly

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Is there any better way to start your day than with this adorable video of otters chasing a butterfly? -- Global Animal

Meet Honey Bee The Blind Hiking Cat

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Meet Honey Bee, an amazing blind cat who loves to go hiking. Rescued from Animals Fiji, she now lives in Seattle with her two humans and four cat siblings. Despite her disability, Honey Bee absolutely loves adventures, and will often ride on her parents' shoulders or walk on a leash and explore the trails. -- Global Animal

Meet Boomer The Cat Who Loves Ball Pits

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) If you think kids are the only ones who enjoy a good ball pit, think again. Watch Boomer the cat have a ball in his very own ball pit! -- Global Animal

Guinea Pigs Collect Carrots One By One

(PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) It's breakfast time for this guinea pig gang! Watch their mom slice up carrots and place them in each of guinea pigs' mouths, one by one. -- Global Animal

Little Dog, Big Attitude

(PUPPIES/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Don't be fooled by his small size--this little French Bulldog puppy has a big attitude. Just listen to that bark! -- Global Animal

Alpaca Gets So Excited When He Sees His Human

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) This alpaca gets so excited every time he sees his human. Watch him run right up to her and give her a big hug. For more of Jodie and her animal friends, follow them on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Kittens Won’t Sit Still For Group Picture

(CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Trying to get all your furry friends--especially these adorable kittens--to pose for a group photo can be impawssible! -- Global Animal