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Rabbits & Roombas: A Match Made In Heaven

(RABBITS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/FUNNY PETS) All aboard! We've seen a Roomba-riding cat, but check out these rabbits riding Roombas! There's no denying that pets and roombas are a match made in heaven. -- Global Animal

Dog Hates Exercise

(ANIMAL VIDEO) This dog really hates to see his guardian get in shape—or perhaps he thinks he is helping her? — Global Animal

When Your Cat Remembers They Love You

(CATS/PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This video is basically cats in a nutshell. One second they think, "I could kill her," and then the next moment they seem to remember they love you. -- Global Animal

All I Want For Christmas Is A Ton Of Pugs

(DOGS/PETS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Doug the Pug stars in his latest video, "All I Want for Christmas is a Ton of Pugs." Don't we all!? -- Global Animal

Courageous Cat Battles Rattlesnake To Save Girl’s Life

(BRAVE ANIMALS/CATS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) When an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake slithered into one family's home in Lake County, Florida, their courageous pet cat rushed to protect his family member, a 10-year-old girl named Jaiden. Oreo bravely fought off the cat while the girl ran away, but suffered a bite during the scuffle. The Peterson family then hurried to the vet and were able to save his life in-time. The furry hero is expected to make a full recovery! -- Global Animal

Kitten Plays Basketball

(PETS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This kitten may be smaller than the basketball, but he could certainly make it to the upcoming NBA playoffs. — Global Animal

Dancing & Singing Otters Will Brighten Up Your Day

(WILDLIFE/OTTERS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) These adorable singing and dancing otters are sure to brighten up your day! Just watch as they jump and squeal in this heartwarming clip. Too cute! -- Global Animal

Playful Baby Rhino Chases Birds

(CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO/WILDLIFE/RHINOS) In the video above, a playful baby rhino in Kruger National Park in South Africa decides to show off for a group of tourists. Watch as he chases after a flock of birds like there's no tomorrow! -- Global Animal

Beagle Reunited With Soldier

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Daisy the beagle can barely control her excitement to see her mom, Amanda, come back safe and sound from Afghanistan! Amanda's husband wrote, "I filmed this when my wife came back from a 6 month deployment last fall. Our beagle was still a puppy when she left, and was full grown dog by the time she came back." We love happy reunions! — Global Animal

Klepto Pup Steals Slippers

(ANIMAL VIDEO) In the Japanese culture it is believed that a small monster preys upon innocent victims in their homes. He's called the Slipper-Stealer. The Slipper-Stealer resembles a French bulldog, but has an obsession with house slippers that forces him to excitedly run around with a stolen slipper bigger than himself. — Global Animal

When The Sun Comes Out & Your Sass Is Unleashed

(CUTE CATS/PETS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) This cat is the definition of 'sass.' It's almost as if she's saying, "I'm just fabulous darling!" For more kitty fabulousness, follow princetite_princessoyan on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Meet Roomba’s Greatest Predator, Woodsie The Pit Bull

(DOGS/PIT BULLS/FUNNY ANIMAL VIDEOS) There's no doubt that cats and dogs absolutely hate vacuum cleaners. This pit bull is no exception. Watch as Woodsie faces off against his worst enemy, the Roomba. -- Global Animal

Dog Tastes Super Sour Warhead

(FUNNY DOGS/PIT BULLS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) Watch what happens when a pit bull tastes a super sour Warhead candy. His reaction is priceless! -- Global Animal

Kitten Has Cutest Case Of Hiccups

(KITTENS/CATS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This little kitten named Rocky has the cutest case of the hiccups. It looks like someone needs a drink of water! — Global Animal