Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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Christian The Lion’s Emotional Reunion With Caretakers

(ANIMAL CONNECTION/VIDEO) In 1969, two men saw a lion cub cramped in a caged for sale at Harrods. They brought the cub home, exercising the lion cub they named Christian at the local church. Christian the lion quickly became too big for their flat, so the two men went to great pains to reintroduce him to Africa. A year later they wanted to visit Christian, but were advised the lion was now wild and wouldn't remember them. But that statement underestimated the enduring power of friendship. Watch the touching reunion of Christian the lion with his former caretakers, John Rendall and Ace Berg. Warning – this video may cause tears of joy. — Global Animal

Parakeets Invade Britain Like Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

(BIRDS) UK – England's wild parakeet population has burgeoned from a few who escaped their cages to nearly 30,000 birds living a noisy, raucous life in the suburbs of Britain. See why the parakeet invasion has residents feeling like they're in Hitchcock's "The Birds." -- Global Animal

Bionic Cat Ears Telegraph Human Emotion

(ANIMAL VIDEO) A company has created a new "communication tool" that uses brain waves generated from emotions to wiggle wearable cat ears. The company, Neurowear, uses brain waves to either perk ears up at attention or drop them when relaxed – the device reading the emotional state of humans and acting it out through the cat ears. -- Global Animal

Puppy Cam: The Shiba Inu Puppy Sensation Is Here

(PUPPIES/ANIMAL VIDEOS) This addictive live streaming webcam features six adorable Shiba Inu puppies. The Shiba Inu Puppy Cam went live after the pups were born to mother, Kika, two weeks ago. The litter of three boys (Chozen, Chame, and Chikara) and three girls (Chisaki, Chiyoko, and Charlotte) all have families waiting for them when they're ready to leave their mother. For now, their every aww-inspiring move is being watched by the world. -- Global Animal

Man Uses CPR, Saves Dog’s Life

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) WASHINGTON — Dog trainer Ron Pace brought 4-year-old boxer Sugar back to life using a version of CPR for animals. Watch the dramatic video of Pace's heroic rescue. A happy ending, thanks to skill and quick thinking.— Global Animal

Dog Saves Newborn Baby

(AMAZING ANIMALS/ANIMAL VIDEO) ARGENTINA —When a stray dog heard the sounds of an abandoned newborn baby, she couldn't stand by and do nothing. So she brought the baby to her puppies and cared for the infant until a human neighbor came to help. Watch the amazing video of the dog who saved a baby's life. — Global Animal

Loyal Tsunami Dog Won’t Abandon Injured Friend

(ANIMAL VIDEO) You don't have to speak Japanese to understand the sympathetic tones of the two men observing these two dogs who are also victims of the tsunami –  and the loyal dog who led them to an injured friend, then refused to leave his friend's side. You will be happy to know that both dogs have been rescued and are now in safe shelter. There is so much we don't understand about the emotional lives of animals. But we know they can suffer tremendously, and we know they care for each other. We wish all the people and animals of Japan heartfelt concern during this incomprehensibly difficult time. We know that the people of Japan will respond like these two friends, never abandoning each other in this time of need.  – Global Animal

Running Cat Trains Daily For Cat-Athon

(CATS/ANIMAL VIDEO) When Roadrunner, a little black kitten, decided to join celebrity trainer Micheal Greenblatt on his daily run, he couldn't turn her away. Now, nearly 2 years later, Roadrunner lives and trains with Greenblatt, even shaving 49 seconds off her run time. Watch the adorable video of this dynamic duo here. ― Global Animal

Ducklings Rescued As Mom Supervises

(ANIMAL VIDEO/DUCKS) For those of you needing any more proof of the rich emotional life of animals, watch this amazing video of a frantic mother duck quacking at rescuers as they saved her entire brood from a storm drain. – Global Animal

Close Encounter Kayaking With Orcas

(ANIMAL VIDEO) One of our readers sent us this amazing video of kayaking with Orcas in the San Juan Islands. Any closer than this and you're swimming with them! Send us your favorite animal (or pet) encounters! – Global Animal

Bulldog Is On A Roll

(DOGS) Tillman, an English bulldog, has made a name for himself by doing what he loves– skateboarding. He holds the world record as the fastest skateboarding canine. And this extreme sports dog has also mastered skimboarding, surfing and snowboarding. With over 3,000 Facebook fans, the talented Tillman's is one popular pup. – Global Animal

My Furry Valentine: The (Love) Story Behind The Lab And The Dolphin

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIPS) Thousands of Global Animal readers, and the friends they've shared with, have watched the amazing video of Ben, the labrador, swimming and frolicking with his buddy, Duggie the Dolphin, off the coast of Ireland. We thought you might like the backstory on this unusual relationship. It's a tale of learning to love again and  the meaning of home. According to residents, when Duggie lost her dolphin mate in 2006, she stayed in the area off Ireland's Tory island where her partner died. Fortunately, Duggie soon met the seafaring labrador, Ben, and they've spent their days playing together ever since. When dolphin pods come by, Duggie visits with them for a while, then soon returns to her home and best friend. Can it get any more uplifting? – Global Animal

Firefighters Save Deer From Ice Flow

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Polish firefighters braved the dangerous icy water of the Baltic sea to rescue a roe-deer that had become stranded on a sheet of ice. Watch the fantastic rescue here. — Global Animal

Baby Bats Rescued From Flood

(BATS) These adorable bats rescued from flood damage are on the road to recovery, but their plight is an indication of the struggle Australia's wildlife has yet to face. Watch the video of these baby bats.— Global Animal