Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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Researcher Shares Her Life With Dolphins

(DOLPHINS/ANIMAL VIDEO) BAHAMAS — For the past 25 years, Dr. Denise Herzing has studied dolphins, living with and befriending several of them. Her new book, Dolphin Diaries, recounts her life with dolphins — so far. Over the years, Dr. Herzing has developed familial ties between these dolphins as she has watched youngsters grow up to become grandmothers. While she currently swims with the dolphins, Dr. Herzing hopes that computer software will allow us to communicate with or at least understand dolphins in the near future. Check out the interview with Dr. Herzing below to get a glimpse of the amazing experiences she has shared with dolphins. — Global Animal

Elephant Walks Again With Prosthetic Foot

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/ELEPHANTS) CAMBODIA — Chhouk, an orphaned baby Asian elephant, lost his left foot due to injuries sustained from a poacher's snare. With the help of some dedicated people and a remarkable prosthetic foot, however, Chhuouk is now able to walk again. Check out this extraordinary, touching tale. — Global Animal

Three Woofs For The Home Team

(DOG PICTURES) CALIFORNIA — The Oakland Athletics hosted Dog Day at the Park, allowing fans to bring their dogs to the ballpark. Many other MLB teams are also hosting promotional dog days. The dogs wear team gear and are able to walk on the field and win prizes. -- Global Animal

Chihuahua Defeats Two Armed Robbers

(ANIMAL VIDEO) CALIFORNIA — Who needs weapons and security systems when you have a dog? When two heavily armed robbers invaded a local store, a chihuahua named Paco chased both felons from the shop. Watch Super Paco take on the two thieves below. — Global Animal

Polar Bears Chill Out In Donated Snow (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL VIDEO) CALIFORNIA — The polar bears at the San Diego Zoo are playing in 18 tons of donated snow. Over 90 donors raised the $5,100 needed to gives the bears snow. The zoo's enrichment program aims to give animals, like these three polar bears, fun and creative activities. They also hope to show people how polar bears act in an icy and snowy environment, while also raising awareness of the disappearing arctic ice. Watch the polar bears playing in the snowy wonderland while learning more about the threatened species. — Global Animal

Spellbinding Humpback Whale Rescue

(WHALE RESCUE/VIDEO)  You must see this unforgettable humpback whale rescue. Watch as Valentina, a whale caught in fishing net, goes from near-death to freedom, then rewards her rescuers with dozens of full-body breeches and tail flips. This video of Michael Fishbach, co-founder of the Great Whale Conservancy, freeing the entangled humpback whale, and the joyous whale's reaction, is perhaps the most extraordinary we've seen. – Global Animal

Recovered Bald Eagle Released On Independence Day (Video)

(WILDLIFE) It was a beautiful sight this independence day as a single bald eagle, our nation's emblem, was released back into the wilderness after recovering from a nearly fatal bout of lead poisoning.

Chihuahua Loves Herding Sheep

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) BRITAIN — You may have read the story about Ci, the border collie, who was afraid of the sheep he was supposed to herd, and now there is Nancy, a chihuahua who could teach Ci a thing or two about sheep herding. The rescued chihuahua was taken to Ali Taylor, who trains rescued border collies at Battersea, when she was only 3 weeks old. Taylor decided to let Nancy try her paw at herding when the tiny pooch showed interest in watching the other dogs herd. It quickly became evident that Nancy was a natural at herding sheep. Who would have thought that a 2.5 pound dog could corral sheep 10 times her size? As Yoda would say, "Judge me by my size, do you?" -- Global Animal

The ‘Riot Dog’ Of Greek Protests

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Loukanikos, a stray dog in Greece, has participated in Greek riots since 2008. The dog, called "rebel dog," "riot dog," and "protest dog," protests in Greek riots about austerity measures. -- Global Animal

Four Prosthetic Legs Give Dog New Life

(DOGS/ANIMAL VIDEO) Naki'o is the first "bionic dog," thanks to four prosthetic legs. The abandoned red heeler puppy was rescued after losing his paws to frostbite. Read on and see the video of how, thanks to his artificial limbs, Naki'o can run, jump, and even swim. — Global Animal

Fun In The Sun With African Penguins

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL VIDEO) When most people imagine penguins, they imagine the black and white, flightless bird living in the snowy tundra of the Antarctic. The African penguin, however, thrives in the sometimes sweltering climate of Cape Town, South Africa. Learn more about these adaptable birds here. — Global Animal

Deer Enters Bank To Get A Few Bucks

(ANIMAL VIDEO) VIRGINIA — On a seemingly normal June day, a deer enters a Virginian bank, presumably to take out a few bucks. But when met with curious stares, the deer swiftly exited the bank. We understand — nobody likes strangers over their shoulder when making a withdrawal. Check out the video below! — Global Animal

Who Fights Crime In Your Neighborhood? (VIDEO)

(DOG VIDEO) Who do you turn to for comfort when awoken by that creepy,crackling sound in the middle of the night? Who guards your home when you're forced to leave your companion behind? Who alerts you when an unknown presence approaches you on an early morning walk? The new music video by the Swedish House Mafia, titled "Save The World," endows a troupe of dogs with the responsibility to protect the neighborhood from cat burglars. Although the crime-fighting dogs in the video are all pure-bred, we know that every dog possesses the tenacity needed to thwart crime in order to keep their human companions out of harm's way.

We hope that no dogs were mistreated in the making of this video. — Global Animal

Fake Friends? The Owl & The Pussycat

(ANIMAL FRIENDS/ANIMAL VIDEO) The cat looks real enough. The tethers on the owl's feet point to verisimilitude. And we've seen equally unusual cross-species friendships like the incredible "Dog and Dolphin" pals. But there are moments in this new YouTube sensation that don't quite seem real. Still, it's a great video set to a catchy tune, so we leave it up to you to decide if Fum and Gebra are devoted pals or a digital prank. -- Global Animal