Wednesday, November 25, 2020


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Beagle Reunited With Soldier

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Daisy the beagle can barely control her excitement to see her mom, Amanda, come back safe and sound from Afghanistan! Amanda's husband wrote, "I filmed this when my wife came back from a 6 month deployment last fall. Our beagle was still a puppy when she left, and was full grown dog by the time she came back." We love happy reunions! — Global Animal

An Elephant With An Ear For Language

(ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE) KOREA — Koshik, the elephant, has surprised elephant researchers with his acquired ability to speak human words. Not having the same anatomical structure as humans, Koshik has cleverly found a way by means of lowering his trunk into his mouth and moving his lower jaw to formulate human-like sounds. It's unbelievable how similar Koshik's sounds are to human sounds. Check out the video to be astounded by this intelligent animal. — Global Animal

Cats Of YouTube Host Art Festival

(CATS/ANIMAL VIDEOS) Put your paws together for your favorite kitty! Thursday marked the first year of the Internet Cat Video Film Festival at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, screening the best of the best feline-themed videos. An estimated 10,000 cat lovers and fans showed up to support the contestants, who ranged from internet sensation Maru and his infatuation with cardboard boxes, to Snooky the ticking tabby. The museum showed 79 videos in 75 videos, but only one cat would triumph. It was the existential Henri, le Chat Noir, who took home this year's Golden Kitty Award. Watch some of the videos below and vote which is your favorite! — Global Animal

‘I Will Be Saved’ Anti-Puppy Mill PSA

(PUPPY MILLS) Anti-puppy mill advocate Jennifer Peterson wrote, directed and co-produced a striking new public service announcement for the Humane Society's "Why Puppy Mills Stink" competition. The video, which won the Humane Society's People's Choice Award, showcases dirty children behind a chain link fence, representing the 1.5 million dogs that are bred in horrible, filthy conditions for pet stores. — Global Animal

Meet Beyoncé, The Survivor Puppy

(TOUCHING TALES) After neither breathing nor having a heartbeat at birth, Beyoncé defied all odds and survived! Now, she may be the world's smallest dog. Read on to learn about this puppy named after the song "Survivor" by star singer Beyoncé. — Global Animal

Dog Trained To Dial 9-1-1

(LIFE WITH PETS/DOG VIDEO) Like we needed anymore verification that dogs are not only our best friends but also our guardians. Check out the video to below to see how the dog of a retired Army police officer presses one button to dial 9-1-1 for her guardian. — Global Animal
Siku The Baby Polar Bear

Baby Polar Bear Siku Melts Hearts Worldwide

(POLAR BEARS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) There's something particularly endearing about polar bears. From Germany's famous polar bear Knut to the icons of Coca-Cola, these endangered animals can't help but be stars. And little Siku is no exception. Only a month old and he already has over 12, 000 fans on Facebook, and several very popular videos on Youtube. One thing's for sure, we all wish we could help care for this cutie! — Global Animal

Are Penguins Precious Or Villainous?

(PENGUINS/ANIMAL VIDEO) While we know penguins are gorgeous, do you know of their darker sides? Well, penguins actually steal rocks from each other in hopes of building the better nest. Check out the video below to see these penguin thieves in action. — Global Animal
The two cats with their lightsabers. Photo Credit: Zach King

Jedi Kittens Square Off

(STAR WARS/CATS) Ever wonder what your cats do after you leave? How about pretending to be their favorite Star Wars characters? Read on to learn more about the "Jedi Kittens" and be sure to check out the two videos below! — Global Animal

Sheep Gives New Meaning To Sheepdog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) ENGLAND — Some animals seem to be a bit confused about their identity — the small dog with a napoleon complex, the barking cat, and the sheepdog who's afraid of sheep. Jack the sheep is not only confused, he is convinced that he is really a dog like his best friend Jessie. Jack shakes, fetches sticks, and even tries to heard his fellow flock-mates. Watch the video of Jack the sheep-dog here. — Global Animal

Wild Dolphins Learn Tail-Walking River Dance

AUSTRALIA - (DOLPHIN VIDEO) Billie the dolphin may have only spent a few weeks in captivity for rehabilitation, but it was enough time for her to learn a few tricks. Now she's teaching the secret of tail-walking to wild dolphins in her pod. Watch the amazing video of these wild dolphins tail-walking across the river. We like to think of it as a sort of river dance. Currently, six dolphins have the moves down. There's incentive to pass it on – the more who learn, the more dance partners. – Global Animal

Dog Rides Motorcycle With Man

(DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDS) How do you and your dog get around? Does your mode of travel create a sense of unity between you two? Check out the video below of this man and his dog bonding aboard his bike. How do you travel safely with your beloved pet? — Global Animal

Eureka! A Golden Cat Sighting

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) AFRICA — Recently, a conservation group working in a Gabon forest got the opportunity to see an elusive African golden cat. These timid felines have been able to largely avoid human contact over the years as they tend to live in dense forests. However, one golden cat decided to hang around for a while in front of one of the group's cameras. Check out this one of a kind video of an African golden cat below! — Global Animal

Precious Penguins (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL VIDEO) Penguins are like no other species. Perhaps that's part of the reason they fascinate us so much. A group of penguins displaying their natural behavior is captured on video. After a rough day, watching this video will surely put a smile on your face and remind you of the beauty that exists in the animal kingdom. Check out the video set to the soothing music of Mike Rowland. — Global Animal