Tuesday, September 29, 2020


TAKE ACTION is GlobalAnimal.org's animal rights and activism section. Find ways to rescue pets, save farm animals and help endangered species, Plus, get the news on animal welfare laws and legislation and take part in petitions, if you like. Since animals do not have voices, people are roaring in their defense – and more and more, it's working.

Global Animal Readers Donate $18,000 To Japan Animal Rescues!

THANK YOU GLOBAL ANIMAL READERS! Global Animal readers have responded generously in response to Japan's animal earthquake and tsunami victims, donating $18,000 through the GlobalAnimal.org website alone, as well as tens of thousands of dollars directly to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS) and other animal rescue organizations.

GoDaddy CEO Kills Elephant (Take Action!)

On a trip to a Africa, GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons shot and killed an elephant (grinning photo above). He felt compelled to film the elephant dying and set it to music to share as a video. Here's a way to fire back that this businessman might understand.

More of the cats that volunteers are caring for. Photo Credit: JEARS

April Brings More Animal Rescue Success In Japan

(PHOTOS) The Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support (JEARS) team and Kinship Circle continues to work diligently in the aftermath of Japan's devastating earthquake, tsunami and radiation threat. Thanks to generous donors, like Global Animal readers who've donated over $27,000 in support, these volunteers are on the ground making a huge difference in the lives of animals and people alike. In the photo gallery below are some of those lives. – Global Animal

“Rodenator” Sets Prairie Dogs On Fire (TAKE ACTION)

COLORADO — Imagine waking up to 80 decibel explosions right outside your window; now, imagine that they are coming from a "pest control" device which slaughters entire families of prairie dogs by filling their burrows with fire — sometimes not killing them immediately. Read on to learn about how the "Rodenator"is threatening the well-being of prairie dogs and people alike, and, if you are outraged like many Boulder residents, sign the Change.org petition to encourage the Colorado Wildlife Commission to ban this barbaric device.  — Global Animal

Cute baby chicks in a basket, factory farm cruelty

Iowa Bill Tries To Make Animal Cruelty Invisible (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL ABUSE) IOWA —  Agribusiness has crafted a bill to silence animal welfare activists from exposing the truth about the suffering animals endure in slaughterhouses, factory farms, and other places where animals are a voiceless commodity.  Pictures are powerful facilitators of action, and the animal welfare movement is no exception as images galvanize people together to fight against such injustices as puppy mills, barbaric testing on animals, and slaughterhouse cruelty. If passed, Senate File 431, nicknamed "The Whistleblower Bill," will punish the recording and distribution of animal cruelty footage with fines of up to $7,500 and up to five years in prison. Basically, it makes reporting a crime a crime.

Many of the most shameful chapters in history were born to silence those who stood up for those who were defenseless. Too many horrors have taken the lives of too many because the truth about what's going on was intentionally and systematically hidden. Global Animal is proud to be part of the growing community worldwide that believes the way animals are treated is the great moral struggle of our time.  If this agribusiness bill stinks to you,  please sign the petition to urge the Senate to vote NO on SF 431. — Leah Lessard Jeon, Global Animal

Romanian Authorities Consider Mass Killing Of Stray Dogs (TAKE ACTION TODAY)

ROMANIA – Though stray dogs have long been a problem in Romania, killing them is not the answer – instituting spay and neuter and adoption programs is the humane solution. Romanian parliament plans to vote on this draft law and the cull may be authorized shortly. Please take a few minutes of your day to send an email, sign a petition, or share this story so that the lives of thousands of innocent dogs may be saved. – Global Animal

Watch Video Sent To Politicians To Save Oceans

CANADA (HELP ANIMALS) – (VIDEO) With the recent oil spills polluting our oceans, we know that oil tankers are a risk to marine life, but the noise pollution caused by these vessels is just as dangerous. Whales are confused and frightened by the unnatural noises, and squids are literally being torn apart by sound waves. Watch the video that depicts the last silent sanctuary left to many whales, and the consequences that would befall the area if the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline is approved.

Boycott The Big Top: Join The Circus Protest (SCHEDULE BY CITY)

(CIRCUS ANIMAL CRUELTY/PROTEST) Trucks filled with chained Barnum & Bailey Circus animal "performers" are rolling into cities across the country to "entertain" kids with tricks taught by torture. Here's how to join the circus protest near you. Also, find info on how you - and your children - can get involved in an alternative animal-friendly event that celebrates animals and compassion. — Global Animal

Bob Barker Calls For Zoo Elephants To Move To California Sanctuary

CANADA (ANIMAL WELFARE) — Animal activist and famed 'Price is Right' host, Bob Barker, is lobbying for the Toronto Zoo to relocate three elephants to a sanctuary in California, which has a more suitable climate. Barker proposes replacing the zoo's elephant exhibit with an interactive digital exhibit. Take action and show your support for Barker's plan to help these animals as well as make the zoo more educational. — Global Animal

Tornadoes Devastate People & Pets (HOW TO HELP)

ALABAMA (ANIMAL TORNADO RESCUE) – Tornadoes ripped through nine states, wreaking havoc on people and pets alike. Read about the disaster's effects and find how to help pets and other animal tornado victims. Also find animal organizations in Alabama engaged in pet foster, adoption and reuniting rescued pets with their families. – Global Animal

Fukushima Exclusion Zone Update: 5-hr. Visits Allowed, Euthanizing Begins

April 29, 2011  (JAPAN ANIMAL RESCUE (VIDEO) – Japan's federal government and Fukushima Prefecture officials announced new, but incomplete, action plans for the pets and farm animals left behind in the 20-km radiation evacuation zone. Initiatives include 5-hour access for evacuees, Fukushima officials taking custody of animals in the nuclear power plant zone, and sadly, culling farm animals that are near death. Read on...– Global Animal

Hand2Paw Connects Homeless Youth And Animals

(ANIMAL WELFARE) PENNSYLVANIA — Rachel Cohen founded Hand2Paw less than two years ago to bring together homeless youth and animals and create a place for each to get training — job skills for the people, and obedience training for the animals. A natural result is a therapeutic experience for both as the love goes both ways. Read on to discover the impact H2P has had on its members in Philadelphia, and how you can start up your own chapter. — Global Animal

Dolphins Dying While Resort Is Built (TAKE ACTION)

SINGAPORE (TAKE ACTION) — Singapore's Resorts World has 27 captured dolphins being held in captivity in the Philippines to be "attractions" for a Sentosa Island resort that isn't even built.  Two of the captured dolphins purchased by Resorts World have already died and the remaining 25 have poor prospects for healthy lives. Please consider signing the petition to help save these captured dolphins. — Global Animal

Japan Rescue Update: Three Months After The Disaster

(JAPAN ANIMAL RESCUE/TAKE ACTION) Change.org and Born Free USA issued a joint press release to ask for help in convincing the Japanese government to allow animal rescue groups into the Fukushima No Entry Zone to help animals left behind during the evacuation. Read an update of the animal rescue efforts, and sign the petition to help save the animals trapped in the evacuation zone. — Global Animal