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Have A Heart, Pay The Price? Activist Faces Jail Time For Helping Pigs In...

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/FACTORY FARMING) In June 2015, animal activist Anita Krajnc stopped on the side of the road to help some slaughterhouse-bound pigs packed into a large trailer. The pigs were visibly overheated and dehydrated, so Krajnc did what any other humane individual would do in the situation and offered water to the thirsty animals. This ultimately resulted in a heated argument with the truck driver who proceeded to call the police and press charges. Now, Krajnc is being charged with criminal mischief and faces jail time or a fine of up to $5,000 for her compassion in action. The trial has gained widespread attention with many calling Krajnc's efforts heroic, while others say activists like herself are a nuisance and interfering with private property. But exactly how is it legal to torture animals and kill them, but it's illegal to give them water to relieve the animals' suffering? What are your thoughts? Continue reading for more details on the incident and view video footage of the confrontation below. -- Global Animal

Thank You, Global Animals! Louisiana Flood Donations At Work

(ACTIVISM/TAKE ACTION) In what's being described as the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, recent catastrophic flooding in Louisiana damaged or destroyed as many as 70,000 homes, displacing thousands of residents and their pets. Rescue organizations across the nation are banding together in a race against time to help animals left behind in the disaster. So far more than 600 animals have been rescued, and groups are working hard to help these animals become healthy again and reunite pets with their families or find them new homes. Thanks to Global Animal donors like you, so far we've distributed over $1,200 to help animals affected by the floods. Funds are being dispersed between the Humane Society of Louisiana (HSL) and Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge (CAABR) to assist with field rescue operations and sheltering services. -- Global Animal

Lending A Helping Paw To Pets Of Orlando Shooting Victims

(PETS/ANIMAL CARE) Over the weekend, the U.S. witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in it's history after a gunman opened fire in an Orlando nightclub. With 49 people killed and another 53 injured, local animal groups are offering to care for pets affected by the horrific tragedy. Continue reading for a list of Orlando-based organizations volunteering their assistance during this difficult time. -- Global Animal

Join The Pack! Celebrate 150 Days Of Animal Rescue

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Join the ASPCA in celebrating its 150th anniversary by pledging to help animals in need. In honor of 150 years of service to animals, the ASPCA is launching 150 Days of Rescue, a national campaign designed to protect homeless and abused animals. The 150-day campaign, which launched on April 10th, the ASPCA's birthday, and will continue through September 7th. -- Global Animal

5 Ways Students Can Stand Up For Animals

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) You're never too young to make a difference for animals, so the Humane Society has outlined several ways for students around the world to become leaders for animals. The list includes videos featuring celebrities such as Jenna Tatum and Woody Harrelson, as well as an infographic on how to start your own humane, animal-friendly organization. Read on for the amazing things you or your child can do to be cruelty-free. — Global Animal
Livestock and their waste account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide each year. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Save The Planet One Meal At A Time

(VEGAN/ACTIVISM/ANIMAL WELFARE) Ever wonder what you can do to help save and protect the earth's ecosystems? The animal agriculture industry is a critical factor in species extinction, habitat destruction, and pollution. By going vegan, you can refuse to contribute to the cruelty of the meat industry that destroys the earth's ecosystems. Increased greenhouse gas emissions and degradation of natural resources are among the many consequences of the agriculture industry. The future of the earth's ecosystems, however, does not have to be so bleak. Individuals can make food choices that not only promote their own health, but the health of the planet as well. Read on to learn more about the harmful effects of the agriculture industry and what you can do to help support smarter agricultural choices. —Global Animal
PETA is calling for orca whales to be placed in large-scale ocean sanctuaries. Photo Credit: Chris Gotshall/AP Photo

SeaWorld Makes Whale Of A Decision To Stop Bad Breeding Business

(SEAWORLD/CAPTIVE ORCAS) In a major victory for future generations of orcas, SeaWorld announced today they will no longer breed captive killer whales. This landmark decision follows the recent news of Tilikum, the park's most prolific breeder's deteriorating health, and comes three years after the release of the documentary Blackfish, which resulted in an uprising of anti-SeaWorld campaigns. Last year, the U.S. House of Representatives proposed legislation to phase out orca captivity, and even the California Coastal Commission moved to ban orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego. This only placed more pressure on the company, leading SeaWorld to phase out theatrical orca shows at their San Diego location. In lieu of their orca breeding program, SeaWorld claims they will increase their focus on rescue operations to help stranded marine mammals like dolphins and sea lions who cannot be released back into the wild. While SeaWorld's current orcas will be the last generation of the mammals held in captivity at the parks, many believe the fight isn't over yet, and are urging SeaWorld to take their move a step further by opening their tanks to ocean sanctuaries. Read on to learn more on what Blackfish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite is calling a "truly meaningful" and "defining moment." -- Global Animal

Don’t Hide Your Head In The Sand: Save Ostriches From Slaughter!

(ANIMAL CRUELTY/OSTRICHES) It may be time to rethink your next designer handbag purchase. For years, activists have fought against using animal skin for clothing and accessories. Some individuals refuse to wear leather while others take a stand against fur coats; but many are unaware of the extent of the cruelty that occurs behind closed doors. Exotic animal skins come at a much greater cost to humanity than the number on their price tags. One lesser known industry that engages in horrific and cruel animal practices is the ostrich leather industry. -- Global Animal

DiCaprio: “Let Us Not Take This Planet For Granted”

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) During last night's 88th Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio finally took home his first Oscar after being nominated six times in over two decades. Upon accepting the Best Actor award for his powerful performance in Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant, the movie star took the opportunity to dedicate his award to a just cause: climate change. Using his high-profile moment as a platform for global change, the actor-activist referred to climate change as "the most urgent threat facing our entire species," and urged audiences to reject the “politics of greed," and support leaders willing to take action. While many are thrilled over the movie star’s advocacy, others claim DiCaprio has a long history as a climate hypocrite given his frequent use of private jets and yachts. What do you think of the star's speech? Read on for more on DiCaprio's environmental activism and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

Local Activists Vs. Chinese Dog Meat Market

(ANIMAL WELFARE/DOGS/PETS) In recent years, China has seen an increase in activism against the dog meat market. However, a lack of resources and legal support has kept from saving and protecting the region's dogs. There are several stories regarding the rescue of thousands of dogs mid-transport to slaughterhouses, yet the aftermath of the rescue is less explored. — Global Animal
Hanako was originally sent to the Ueno Zoo when she was 2 years old. Photo credit: Express

The World’s Saddest Elephant? Help Save Hanako!

(ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY/ZOOS) Hanako is quite possibly the world's saddest elephant. Believed to be the oldest elephant in Japan, Hanako has been living in a concrete prison for 61 years. Her cell resides in the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, known by visitors as "one of the cruellest, most archaic zoos in the modern world." -- Global Animal
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The Truth About Declawing: What Vets Aren’t Telling You

(ANIMAL WELFARE/PETS) Declawing a cat is the equivalent to amputating a human finger at the third knuckle, and yet twenty-two million domestic cats per year are declawed in the United States—a third of which reap serious behavioral and physical consequences from the procedure. Due to a general ignorance and perpetuation by greedy vets, the procedure remains one of the most common in the United States for family pets. The detrimental results of this procedure has led to its ban in over twenty countries but it's a trend not followed by the U.S. due to the backlash from national veterinary associations who reap tremendous financial gain from the practice. — Global Animal

Halloween Decorations That Kill

(HALLOWEEN/ANIMAL SAFETY) Halloween decorations can be scary, and sometimes they can be downright dangerous. With the threat of Halloween spiderwebs, plastic candy wrappers, and dangling tinsel or ribbon, the holidays can be a particularly hazardous time for wildlife. For instance, Western Screech Owl recently became entangled in Halloween decorations outside a home in suburban Novato, CA. Read on for more on the owl's rescue story and see how you can help protect wild animals with these animal-friendly decorating tips. — Global Animal

10 Reasons To Adopt, Not Buy!

(PET ADOPTION) Animal lovers often wonder... with thousands of adoptable animals being euthanized every day, why do so many people continue to purchase their pets? Due to some common myths about shelter animals, as well as the adoption process itself, pet adoption is a frighteningly unpopular practice. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose adoption when adding a four-legged companion to the family! -- Global Animal