Friday, May 7, 2021

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Activists Fight For Orca’s Freedom (Take Action)

A young orca whale, Morgan, is currently being held captive in the Netherlands.  Activists are taking legal action in hopes of freeing her back into her natural habitat.  Read on and get involved... – Global Animal

New York Times Flip-Flops On Shark Fin

(SHARK FIN) The fight against shark finning has not only gained support, but people around the world are beginning to stop serving the controversial shark fin soup. The New York Times recently published a story about the potential bill banning the trade, sell, distribution, and possession of shark fins in New York. However, the same newspaper has another story published on their website: a recipe for shark fin soup! How hypocritical for a newspaper to publish both an article highlighting the continued slaughter of an endangered species, and a recipe that is responsible for the huge population decline. Read on for more. — Global Animal

Companies That Don’t Test On Animals (RESOURCE)

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Here's a comprehensive list of companies that do not test on animals. This list is compiled and is updated several times a year by PETA. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan products—made without animal ingredients, such as milk and egg byproducts, slaughterhouse byproducts, lanolin from sheep, honey, or beeswax. You may also be interested in: Tips For Compassionate Shopping. – Global Animal

UPDATE: South Korea Whaling

(WHALING) SOUTH KOREA — Thankfully the South Korean government has decided to scrap a controversial plan to hunt whales for scientific research. Environmentalist and non-whaling nations were suspect the plan was a cover for commercial whaling and were instrumental in getting the idea thrown out.  Read more on the prime minister's decision below. — Global Animal 

India: The Dolphin Showstopper

(CAPTIVE DOLPHINS) Hooray for cetaceans! Late last week, India banned the exploitation of dolphins for entertainment purposes and is now the largest of four countries, including Costa Rica, Hungary, and Chile, to prohibit the practice. In many parts of the world, dolphin shows are big business—which begs the question: what compelled India to make this decision? Due to the dolphin's high level of intelligence, Indian regulators have deemed the cetaceans as "non-human persons" with specific rights and freedoms. Read on for more about this compassionate piece of legislation, which is a major step in the right direction. — Global Animal

NYC Stray Cats Given Place To Call Home

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK CITY — Moss-covered coolers and recycled aluminum can enclosures are New York City's newest architectural feats. On January 10, Big Apple architects proudly displayed their designs and constructions.Three years ago, architect Leslie Farrell established Architects for Animals, a movement to bring attention to the high population of feral cats in the metropolis. Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals' spokesman Steve Gruber estimates that the number of feral cats in the capital is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. According to the NYTimes, Farrell's goals are "bringing attention to the plight of feral cats and recruiting architects to create shelters that are warm, portable, safe, easy to clean and affordable." Continue reading to learn about the many recent innovations created for homeless felines. — Global Animal 

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Whales Win Battle with California Farmers

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/WHALES) Victory! After a year spent reviewing a petition to delist 82 southern resident orcas, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has announced the whales will remain protected under the Endangered Species Act. The organization found the killer whale pods, who spend their summers in Puget Sound, met the legal standard for a distinct population group in response to a petition on behalf of California farmers who faced restrictions to protect salmon farms. Read on to learn more about the decision and see what officials are suggesting for recovery-plan options. — Global Animal

The Saga Of Stanley: Malibu Giraffe Left Behind In California Wildfire

(ANIMAL RESCUE) As the Woolsey Fire raged throughout Southern California on Friday, concern grew over the welfare of the menagerie of animals at Malibu Wines, a popular vineyard in the fire's path. As information began to emerge regarding the animals left on the winery's ground--including horses, pigs, cows, zebras, camels, alpacas, and most famously, Stanley the Giraffe, which all serve as attractions along the winery's Safari Tour--it was unclear if and how the animals were being kept safe. Activists were quick to condemn the winery, claiming the animals shouldn't have been left behind, while experts say evacuating poses extreme risk to some of the exotic animals. Thankfully all but two animals--a llama with foot pad issues and a horse with wounds from a wire fence--were completely unharmed. But some say the dire situation still begs the question: should a winery be caring for exotic animals? Read on to learn more about the saga of Stanley and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

Stop Horse Diving In Atlantic City (TAKE ACTION)

(TAKE ACTION) Executives of Atlantic City's Steel Pier have decided to bring back the horse diving act, a show where horses are forced to run and jump off a 40 foot pier into a 12 foot pool. The show was a major attraction from 1920 to 1970 until it was shut down, and rightfully so. Steel Pier president Anthony Catanoso says there is no evidence that the show is cruel or abusive. We would like to see him take a flying leap from 40 feet up, land belly first in 12 feet of water, and revise that statement! Read more on how to put a stop to horse diving in Atlantic City.  — Global Animal 

Pets Tweet Against Animal Testing (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL WELFARE) Social media was abuzz with pet photos for World Day for Animals in Laboratories last week. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) Our Best Friends campaign called on animal advocates to share pictures of their pets on Twitter and Instagram in support of ending experimentation on dogs, cats, and other animals. Check out the gallery below for some of the best pics of these companion animals showing their support for the BUAV's Our Best Friends campaign. Also, make sure to sign the national petition in support of the campaign. — Global Animal

Pete Bethune: Why Failure Doesn’t Scare Me (& What I’m Doing Now)

(VIDEO) Pete Bethune's take action attitude is good news for Lolita The Whale, who's been imprisoned in a tiny tank for over 40 years. In this video podcast interview with Global Animal, Bethune describes how, after hearing from a young boy about Lolita's plight, he decided to get involved.  Hear what this conservationist, former Sea Shepherd, and holder of the world record for the fastest trip around the world in a powerboat thinks is the key for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

“The Ghosts In Our Machine” Looks Animal Suffering In The Eye

(MOVIE REVIEW) With the substantial amount of well-made, animal-centric documentaries in release as of late, it’s tough to stand out in the crowd. However, director Liz Marshall’s The Ghosts In Our Machine does exactly that, in addition to bringing an important message to dinner tables, closets, laboratories, as well as zoos and marine parks across the globe. Focusing around activist/photographer Jo-Anne McArthur and her yearlong journey documenting animals held captive by four different global industries, the film does an incredible job of spotlighting those tragically forgotten by society. — Global Animal

California Wildfire Relief: Your Donations At Work

(HELP ANIMALS/DISASTER RELIEF) As wildfires continue to blaze on opposite ends of California, first responders are working tirelessly to help both human and animal victims alike. While a number of Southern California residents are being allowed back in their homes after the Woolsey Fire destroyed an area the size of Denver, over 50,000 people in Northern California remain displaced from the Camp Fire in Butte County. So far, Global Animal Foundation distributed $3,000 to help committed animal rescue organizations as they work around-the-clock to rescue and care for the countless pets and other animals impacted by these devastating fires. Continue reading to see your donations at work. -- Global Animal

Yao Ming Visits Bear-Bile Farm Survivors

(CELEBRITY ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Retired NBA basketball player Yao Ming has done great work for animals in Asia, including a campaign against shark fin soup. He is now speaking out against bear-bile farming, joining the Animals Asia Foundation and meeting rescued bile bears. With recent protests against the horrific practice of bear-bile farms in China, Ming's activism adds to the growing awareness of this atrocious and inhumane act. Read on to find out more about Ming's touching visit with the animal survivors. — Global Animal