Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Best picture galleries of funny dogs, cute cats, adorable baby animals, and every pet in between

Summer’s Here, & So Are Cute Animals (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) Summer is a time to kick back, relax, and have some fun. Check out these hilarious photos of pets and wildlife getting into mischief, while puppies laze through the "dog days of summer." — Global Animal

Pets Party For Canada Day (PHOTO GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) CANADA— It's July 1st, and that means it's Canada Day. Even animals are celebrating with a birthday party. Check out the adorable photos of these patriotic pets and wildlife. Happy Birthday, Canada!— Global Animal

101 Dalmatians Story: UK Mother Has 16 Puppies (GALLERY)

(DALMATIAN PUPPIES/GALLERY) UNITED KINGDOM — Milly, one of 16 herself, recently gave birth to her own rare litter of 16 dalmatian puppies. Check out these adorable pups! — Global Animal

Hairy Pawter & The Magical Pups (GALLERY)

(DOG PICTURES) These adorable dogs dressed as Harry Potter characters appeared  on the scene just in time for the much-awaited premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II. The adorable creatures would do film stars Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and Daniel Radcliffe proud in their amazingly magical costumes. — Global Animal

A Pictorial History Of Dogs (GALLERY)

(CULTURE/DOG PHOTOS) ENGLAND —  A photo collection at the Kennel Club Art Gallery in London shows the history of dogs. The exhibit, titled "Photography Going to the Dogs" features dog pictures from the 1850s through the 1950s. — Global Animal

Three Woofs For The Home Team

(DOG PICTURES) CALIFORNIA — The Oakland Athletics hosted Dog Day at the Park, allowing fans to bring their dogs to the ballpark. Many other MLB teams are also hosting promotional dog days. The dogs wear team gear and are able to walk on the field and win prizes. -- Global Animal

Special Bond Between Dogs And Whales (GALLERY/VIDEO)

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Can animals of different species communicate with each other? Some researchers believe that dogs and whales form natural bonds. Carrie Newell brings her dog along when she goes to study whales and believes the whales enjoy playing with her dog. Learn more about friendship between different animals, and check out the amazing pictures and video! — Global Animal

Kids And Pets, Best Friends Forever

(ANIMAL PHOTOS) It's undeniable that pictures of kids or pets are adorable, but when you have pictures of kids and pets it's almost impossible to not say "awwww." Check out these wonderful photos of the friendship between child and animal. And just try not to smile, we dare you. — Global Animal

Travel With Your Dog In Style (GALLERY)

(DOG-FRIENDLY HOTELS) Are you planning on traveling with your dog? Why not do so in style? Try these hotels designed to pamper people and dogs. The hotels offer special room service, menus, and attractions for dogs. Read about these unique, pet-friendly luxury hotels. — Global Animal

Dog Nurses Squirrel To Recovery (GALLERY)

(PET GALLERY) When Finnegan, a wild squirrel, suffered an injury, who knew a dog would become his primary caregiver? Initially, Debby Cantion, the guardian of the dog, started caring for the squirrel, but after time her papillon named Mademoiselle Gisselle befriended Finnegan. After witnessing Gisselle give birth, Finnegan became part of the litter as he was allowed to snuggle with the mother and nurse like the new pups. As soon as Finnegan reaches full strength, Debby Cantion intends to release Finnegan back into the wild. Enjoy the photo gallery of the animal friendship below! — Global Animal

Wacky Record-Breaking Dogs (Gallery)

(AMAZING ANIMALS) All dogs have their own quirks and unique look. But these pups take home the trophy, literally, for their awe-inspiring and outrageous features. As you'll see in the gallery below, tongues cannot be too long nor bodies too small for these Guinness Book of World Record title-holding dogs. — Global Animal

Hang Ten! Surfing Canines Hit Huntington Beach

(SURFING DOGS) — What tricks can your dog do - shake, speak, slobber? How about surf? That's right, Southern California's dogs are taking to the waves and showing spectators that skateboarding bulldogs are old news. Check out the photo gallery from Sunday's Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach! — Global Animal

These Pups Dream In Kibble (GALLERY)

(PUPPIES/DOG PICTURES) Puppies are already adorable. But puppies falling asleep while eating? Get out of town. We dare you not to 'Ooh' and 'Aw' at these heartwarming photos! — Global Animal

Occupy Wall Street: A Dog’s Life (GALLERY)

American citizens have gathered in public spaces with their dogs for Occupy Wall Street, a public demonstration to protest massive corporations that have destroyed the U.S. economy and placed the country in financial debt.