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Would You Heal Your Dog With Stem Cell Therapy?

DOGS (PET CARE) STEM CELL THERAPY — How stem cells can increase your dog's life and improve your dog's health. Successful stem cell treatment help heal your dog's arthritis and make them feel younger. While everyone grows elderly, stem cell treatment may give your pup an extra pep. However, the treatment costs between $3,500 and $4,000 and has possible moral repercussions. Read on to learn about successful procedures and let us know your stance on the issue. — Global Animal

Does Your Dog Need A New Do?

(DOGS/PET CARE) There's no doubt pets can get pretty stinky. Not all animals require the same degree of care, but which grooming method is best for your pet? Don’t work your brain too hard; the Humane Society has already done all the thinking for you. Below is a helpful group of tips on pet grooming--covering the who, what, where, and when of cleanliness. — Global Animal

Maintaining A Healthy Fish Tank: Tips For A Happy, Healthy Aquarium

(PET CARE/FISH) Keeping your fish healthy and happy begins with having a well maintained tank. Here are some helpful tips from the Humane Society on how to set up and take proper care of your fish tank. — Global Animal

Pet Theft Awareness Week: Keeping Thieves Out & Pets In

(PETS/PET CARE) Losing a dog is a terrible emotional blow--whether the pet ran away to go on an adventure, or they were stolen. Luckily, making your home escape-proof can also make it burglar-proof. Just in time for Pet Theft Awareness Week (March 14 - 21), here are some tips on making your house secure against break-outs and break-ins. — Global Animal

Tail-Wagging Tips On Caring For Older Pets

(PET CARE) Although we never want to see our pets get older, acknowledging our pet's rising age will allow us to share many more loving memories with our beloved animal friends. Regular vet checkups, though detested by our pets, need to be scheduled. We can also ease our pets into old age by simply having fun with them and making sure we provide them with the best accommodations. Our pet's age is nothing to fear as long as we schedule an extra vet appointment and make sure our pet remains active. Continue reading on how to keep your aging pet healthy. — Global Animal

6 Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Dog Days Of Summer

(DOGS/PET CARE) Summer days can be fun for pets and humans alike. The sun is shining, the sky is clear, and the park has never looked more inviting. But just as children and even adults can be negatively affected by excessive heat, animals are susceptible to those same dangers. Here are six tips to keep your beloved pet happy and healthy during this heat wave and throughout the summer season. — Global Animal

Don’t Get Ticked Off: Protect Your Pet From Ticks

(PET CARE) Earlier this summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning about a rise in diseases from ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. In the last 13 years, diagnoses of tick-born diseases alone have more than doubled. Given this increase, prevention should be everyone's priority--especially during the spring, summer, and early-fall when ticks are most active. Read the tips below to help your pet stay tick-free all year long. — Global Animal

Summer Treats NOT To Share With Your Dog

(PETS/PET CARE) Summertime is perfect for barbecues, tasty snacks, and fun drinks. But some items are not particularly pet-friendly. Read why you should avoid feeding your pet some of these popular summer treats. — Global Animal

What You Should Know About Doggy Day Care

(DOGS/PET CARE) How does your dog spend his/her day while you're at work or away from home? If you want your pooch to maximize his/her idle hours, consider enrolling them in doggy day care. If matriculated at a well-run center, your dog will become better behaved, friendlier toward other dogs, and return home in better physical shape. Read further to learn more about the benefits of dog day care and how to inspect potential doggy havens. — Global Animal

Nurse Cares For Elderly, Special Needs Animals

(ANIMAL CARE) CANADA — Carol Hine, a nurse for both people and animals, cares for elderly and special needs animals at SAINTS in Vancouver, British Columbia. Many shelters will not care for pets in such debilitating conditions; however, Carol cares for animals regardless of their health needs. — Global Animal

Paris Loves Hers, But Is A Pet Pig Right For You?

(PET CARE) With their adorable looks and appealing personalities, potbellied pigs have long been popular pets for many decidedly un-farmlike types, such as Paris Hilton and George Clooney. The potbellied pig has become a trendy pet, but before you bring a little piggy wee-wee-wee all the way home, there are many issues to consider. Check out this full-disclosure article about  living with a pig and pet pig care, written by someone with plenty of experience with pigs. — Global Animal

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

(PET CARE/DOGS) Is your dog driving you and your neighbors up the wall with his or her barking? Here are few simple tips to keep your dog happy, healthy, and--above all--quiet. How to stop dog barking. — Global Animal

How You Can Help Stray Animals

(PET CARE) — Learn here how to help stray pets without having to provide a home. Due to pet overpopulation, many animals don't have quality homes. Nonprofit organizations help pets in need and educate the public. Read on to learn more tips on how to help stray animals.

Tail-Waggin’ Tips To Keep Pounds Off Your Pet

(PET CARE/ANIMAL HEALTH) If your New Year's resolution involves losing a few extra pounds, you might want to include your pet in your weight loss plan as well. Your chubby pet may be irresistibly cute, but his or her health is at risk. Obesity can lead to joint pain, liver problems, diabetes, and even heart failure. Help your pet lose those extra pounds as soon as possible and live a longer, happier life. Read on for four tips to get your pet back into shape. — Global Animal