Wednesday, October 21, 2020


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How To Travel With A Pet

(PET TRAVEL) – Traveling with your dog can be a hassle, but that doesn't mean you want to leave your beloved pooch at home. Here are some tips on getting from here to there smoothly, with your pet and wallet intact. — Global Animal

How To Contain Pet Care Costs

(PET HEALTH) The cost of pet care in the first year is about $640 for a kitten or cat and begins at approximately $780 for a puppy or dog, according to PetFinder. That's a lot of kibble. Here are some strategies to keep costs under control, including pet insurance and pet food considerations, low-cost vaccine and discount pet medication alternatives, and more. – Global Animal

Apps Keep Pets Happy, Active & Even Quiet?

It seems like there's an app for everything these days, so why should our pets be any different? Check out the most useful apps here that help out if your pet gets poisoned or if you need to find the nearest dog park.

Avoid This: Terrier Recovering From Massive Burns From Melting Doghouse

CALGARY, CANADA – Cold weather brings many challenges for your pet. Avoid causing them this kind of undue pain and learn how to keep everybody safe during winter. And remember the term "three dog night" came from curling up with dogs to keep warm on cold nights. Works for us!