Wednesday, September 23, 2020


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Good Doggie Deeds ‘Paw It Forward’

(DOGS) Orange County, CA — A couple turned their love for dogs into a club for dogs and owners featuring 'puppy pow-wows.' Now, 'Paw It Forward' is a growing campaign to raise money for no kill dog shelters. — Global Animal

Freeing Dogs With…Fences?

(HAPPY TALES) — When Mikael Hardy saw dogs chained and suffering all around her home in South Carolina, she decided to start freeing dogs by giving them fenced in yards. A nice spacious yard makes a mad dog happy! — Global Animal

Kitty Stowaway Survives 45-Day Trip From China

(PET RESCUE) CANADA – Read how one rambunctious kitten went on the adventure of a lifetime when the cat was stowed away on a trip from China to Canada – and survived.

Man’s Best Friend Shoots Best Friend

(DOG) NEW ZEALAND — Think your dog is your best friend? How does Fido feel about gun use? In New Zealand, a dog owner took a bullet from his dog. We're guessing a few conversations about trust and some light therapy may have followed. — Global Animal

13 Service-Dogs-To-Be Need Foster Homes

VANCOUVER-13 puppies destined to be assistance dogs needs homes. Read on to learn more about this exciting opportunity and project.

UPDATE: No Ban On Pet Sales In San Francisco Yet

SAN FRANCISCO- San Francisco proved that it was all bark and no bite today when city comisisoners decided to put off voting on pet sale ban until 'at lest january.'

1,000 Pounds Of Food Stolen From Pennsylvania Animal Shelter

PENNSYLVANIA- 50 bags of cat and dog food that had been donated to an animal shelter in Pennsylvania were stolen overnight. Who does that?!

Driving Under The Influence Of Your Dog

It's a serious danger and a police officer's pet peeve: Drivers with a dog roaming freely in the car, or worse, sitting in the driver's lap. A new study shows why an unrestrained pet in your vehicle is at least as dangerous as talking on the phone or texting. The best advice: Don't Pet And Drive.

Superstition Leaves Black Pets Homeless

(SHELTER ANIMALS/PET ADOPTION) Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome are real, but these phenomenons have more to do with screwy superstition than any overt 'racism.' Read why black pets are less likely to be adopted--and maybe buck the trend yourself with the next animal you adopt into your family. – Global Animal

Couch Potato Hound Fails Tracking Test

(VIDEO) In a homespun nature vs. nurture experiment, a man urges his basset hound, Elvis, to get in touch with his wild side. Turns out, turning on Elvis' hound heritage isn't so simple. But it is very funny.

I Love You, But I Wish You Didn’t Beg!

(PETS/DOG TRAINING) Got a beggar in the family? Though your dog may look irresistibly cute, begging and pleading for food can quickly get out of hand. Here are some tips to help train your dog to stop begging at the dinner table. — Global Animal

Dogs Sniff Out Amazingly Diverse Dangers

Dogs can sniff out dangers we could never detect. Check out several surprising ways our four-legged friends help us keep us safe.

Neurologist: Animals Have Spiritual Experiences

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) Next time you see your pet looking soulful, consider the possibility that animals – not just people –  can have spiritual experiences. Read what a prominent neurologist found in three decades of study on the subject of animal spirituality.

Optimistic Dogs See The Bowl As Half Full

(DOG BEHAVIOR) ENGLAND - Does your dog see the bowl as half empty or half full?  Scientists have confirmed what many pet guardians have long suspected: dogs have  unique dispositions. — Global Animal