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Are You Ready To Adopt A Pet? 10 Questions To Ask First

(PET ADOPTION/RESCUE PETS) Are you ready for a pet? Ask yourself these 10 vital questions from the Humane Society to find out if you are prepared to care for a new member of the family. -- Global Animal

Why Puppies Don’t Make The Perfect Gift

(HOLIDAYS/PETS) With the holiday season in full gear, much of our time is spent shopping for amazing gifts for our loved ones. While gifting a puppy may seem like a lovable gesture, it's not a very smart or practical choice. Read on to learn why giving a puppy isn't the perfect gift. — Global Animal

Pit Bull Discrimination – A People Problem?

(DOGS/DOG BREED DISCRIMINATION) Pit bulls have been the target of breed-specific legislation for years despite evidence claiming such laws do not diminish the number of overall dog attacks. Support for these laws is based on the misconception that pit bulls are more dangerous and prone to aggression than other dog breeds. However, the seemingly high numbers of pit bull attacks are, in fact, a result of the high population of pit bulls in the United States. When considering the frequency of attacks by percentage, the number is actually low. Due to inaccurate perceptions of the pit bull, many shelters around the country even put down the animals before giving anyone the opportunity to adopt them. With more and more evidence proving pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog breed, education for the public is needed to ensure these animals are not treated unfairly. Read the full article below for more information on the treatment of "America's dog." — Global Animal

No Dog Left Behind: Senior Dog Rescued After Family Moves Away

(PIT BULLS/DOG RESCUE) Would you be loyal enough to wait for your family if they left you? This devoted senior pup was abandoned at home after his family moved away. Luckily for him, his neighbors saw poor Stewie and knew they had to do something for the poor guy. Read on to find out about this faithful boy and his journey. -- Global Animal

NBA Finals: Animal Fans Go Wild! (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) The NBA Finals are well underway, and animal fans are getting in on the action! Check out this gallery of some wild creatures who know how to show their true team spirit. — Global Animal

San Diego Says ‘Adios’ To Pet Sales

(PET SALES) The San Diego City Council has voted to ban the commercial sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits across the city, making San Diego the 32nd city in North America to enact such legislation. The ban is said to go into effect in 30 days and will require pet stores and other commercial establishments to only retrieve dogs, cats, and rabbits from animal shelters, humane societies, or nonprofit rescue groups. Read on to learn more about the city's decision to help put an end to puppy mills. — Global Animal

5 Summer Activities For You & Your Pet

(DOGS/PETS) With summer in full force, the extra hours of sunlight and warmer weather make it a perfect time to incorporate some new, fun activities into your schedule for you and your dog. From hiking to beach fun, read on for outdoor activities and pet tips to have an active, safe summer! — Global Animal

Dogs Sniff Out Ovarian Cancer

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) Sniffing is a dogs favorite past-time. Food, people, another dog's butt...you name it, they've probably sniffed it at one time or another. They even put their keen sense of smell to good use by helping police uncover drugs and doctors diagnose certain diseases.  Now researchers in Pennsylvania are looking to man's best friend for help in creating a breakthrough method of detecting early-stage ovarian cancer. Doctors currently use the senses of light, sound, and touch to help diagnose ovarian cancer in women, but they believe smell will now play an important role. Read on to find out how physicians are hoping these specially trained dogs will sniff-out ovarian cancer's unique odor and help improve the survival rate of this deadly disease. — Global Animal

Life with dogs, and the relationships with our pets.

Is Your Dog A Mind Reader?

(AMAZING ANIMALS) Your pooch may not be exact, but dogs certainly have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding people. It comes as no surprise to most dog lovers but a new study shows that dogs have the ability to predict their guardian's actions. Using tests involving eye tracking, Joseph Topal and his collaborators discovered that dogs understand what people are trying to express in a similar way a six-month-old human infant would. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us treat our animal companions like family. Read on to find out more details about this discovery.— Global Animal

Homeward Bound: Stolen Dog Returns Years Later

(PETS/DOGS) An Indiana woman, Jennifer Koczan, recently received an unexpected call regarding her long-lost dog, Sasha. Sasha had been stolen five years ago, and now a shelter in Arizona was calling for Jennifer to finally pick up her pet. With a deadline of five days to retrieve Sasha, Jennifer reached out to locals in Arizona for help. Read the article below for more details on Sasha's long journey home. — Global Animal

If you already have a pet, make sure to adopt a dog that will get along well with other furry animals. Photo Credit: istockphoto

Pet Guardianship In Decline

(PETS) The American Veternary Medical Association surveyed 50,000 U.S. homes and found that pet guardianship has decreased by 2.4 percent since 2006. Given the country's current economic troubles, and as fewer Americans live in family situations, individuals are much less likely to care for a pet nowadays. With so many animals in local shelters, we can only hope that more people will open their homes to these great companions. Read on to learn more about current pet statistics in the U.S. —  Global Animal

Police Officer Kidnaps Dog In Daring Rescue

(DOG RESCUE) DENMARK — Lars Bo Lomholt, a Denamrk police officer, has been accused of kidnapping a German Shepherd scheduled to be euthanized for biting another dog. The officer now faces criminal charges and discharge from the North Zealand police department. Thor, the 7-year-old German Shepherd, bit a smaller dog once after being startled. Soon after, it was determined by the police department that the dog's behavior was "unnatural," and Thor was taken away from his rightful guardian. Read on to learn more about this heroic tale and sign the petition to support this brave animal lover. — Global Animal

Sandy Hook Survivor & Pit Bull Keep Saving Each other

(ANIMAL CONNECTION/TOUCHING TALE) Jeffrey, a 73-pound pit bull, and Emma, a 9-year-old girl, might not have any obvious similarities, but the two share a very special bond. Both of them avoided major disasters in their lives by just a few hours on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. Emma Wishneski is a Sandy Hook student, who missed the tragic shooting at her school due to a doctor's appointment, while Jeffrey was rescued just hours before his euthanasia date. The young girl and rescued pit bull have formed an unlikely friendship, as Jeffrey became Emma's therapy dog, helping the little girl deal with the loss of her many loved ones. Read on to find out more on this touching story about these two beautiful survivors. — Global Animal


Puppy Bowl Animals Score New Homes

(PUPPIES) While the animals scored big in this year's top Super Bowl ads, the adoptable pups from Puppy Bowl IX were also given something to bark about. After more than 12.4 million people tuned in for the annual cute fest, the adorable 63 puppies and 21 kittens that participated were all adopted! Read on for more on the show's turnout and watch the video of this year's MVP. — Global Animal