Friday, June 18, 2021

Sheep Gives New Meaning To Sheepdog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) ENGLAND — Some animals seem to be a bit confused about their identity — the small dog with a napoleon complex, the barking cat, and the sheepdog who's afraid of sheep. Jack the sheep is not only confused, he is convinced that he is really a dog like his best friend Jessie. Jack shakes, fetches sticks, and even tries to heard his fellow flock-mates. Watch the video of Jack the sheep-dog here. — Global Animal

Ratz! Leopard Duped By Baby Rodent

(FUNNY ANIMAL STORIES) A baby rat invades a leopard's home, and literally steals food from under the big cat's nose! Find out what happens next in this unusual cat and mouse-esque story! — Global Animal

Dog Humor: A Very Clever Dog

(PET HUMOR) Ever heard of a dog getting the groceries? Here's a bit of pet humor that'll have you and your animal- loving friends laughing like hyenas. — Global Animal

IMAX’s Baby Orangutan Popular With The Ladies

(GALLERY) INDONESIA – Meet Douglas Soledo, a baby orangutan featured in the IMAX film, "Born to be Wild 3D." Read how, despite his tragic past, this orphaned primate is triumphing and turning heads. – Global Animal

Sheepish Dog Afraid Of His Flock

(PET HUMOR/VIDEO) A border collie named Ci has been dubbed Britain's worst sheep dog due to his ovinophobia, or fear of sheep. Despite the working dog's ineffectiveness, Ci isn't in danger of being fired. The beloved sheep dog's caretakers are happy to help out herding the flock. Read the story of this sheepish dog – and share any tales of your scaredy cat pets in the comments. — Global Animal

Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t A Dog…Or Is He? (PHOTOS)

(PET HUMOR) If Arnold Schwarzenegger was a real dog instead of a metaphorical one, the former California governor would be a bully whippet. This breed has two mutated copies of a gene that makes the dogs “double-muscled" and weighing twice as much as a standard whippet. The increased muscle mass, along with metabolism and extremely low levels of body fats, can translate to impressive super-feats, including marked increases in speed, agility and power.

Dog Learns The Hard Way That Moms Rule

A SQUIRRELLY STORY FOR MOTHER'S DAY: A dog gets between an awesome mama squirrel and her baby. A cautionary tale in four acts.