Friday, June 18, 2021

Hilarious Vegetarian/ Vegan Memes (GALLERY)

(PHOTO GALLERY) Vegetarian and vegans know that our food choices come with biting stereotypes. You don't get enough protein, you only eat green things, you must be crazy—just to name a few. We constantly get laughed at for being "bleeding hearts" and "hippies." Well, for those of you who are fed up, here is a hilarious gallery of vegetarian/vegan memes that will help you keep your cool the next time someone professes their worries about your protein intake. — Global Animal

Let Me In The Picture! Hilarious Animal Photobombs (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) It's funny enough when animals photobomb people, but when they do it to each other, even more hilarity ensues. From a cat sneaking into a shot to a goat striking a pose, these animals definitely have a good sense of humor. Check out this hysterical gallery of animals photobombing other animals. — Global Animal

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! (GALLERY)

(FAMOUS CATS) Our favorite miserable feline is turning one today! It's been quite an eventful year for the frowning beauty whose real name is Tardar Sauce. Not only did she become an Internet sensation and the star attraction in a Friskies commercial, but just last month while attending the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, she also managed to charm a Hollywood hunk. In celebration of Grumpy Cat just being her amazing, grumpy self, we put together a little gallery of some classic Grumpy Cat memes. Happy Birthday...not! — Global Animal

Labradoodle Look-A-Like Mistaken For Lion

(ANIMAL NEWS/DOGS) A labradoodle dog with a very convincing haircut has caused an uproar amongst residents of Norfolk, Virginia, after being mistaken for a lion roaming the streets of their quiet neighborhoods. With a dyed tail and a fluffy coat groomed to resemble a lion’s mane by professional groomers, DoggyStyle, this king of canines is actually a Labrador-poodle mix named Charles the Monarch. Read on to learn more about Virgnia's very-own lab-a-lion. — Global Animal

Funny Animal Kleptomaniacs (GALLERY)

(FUNNY ANIMALS) Although most people think of animals as harmless creatures, it turns out some of them have a dark and deviant side. Just like certain humans, some animals prefer to give themselves a five-finger discount, or rather a paw and claw one. Check out this funny gallery of animal thieves. — Global Animal

Kevin Nealon On Pet Homelessness And Lazy Ear (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Actor Kevin Nealon takes a comedic approach to a subject that is no laughing matter. In a new PSA, he sarcastically brings ridiculous problems to light like "skateboarding in hospitals" and ends with an important message from No Kill LA to help reduce the homeless pet population. NKLA is a campaign by Best Friends Animal Society that aims to end kill shelters in the Los Angeles area by spaying and neutering pets and adopting from shelters. Check out the hilarious video for a good cause. — Global Animal

Stylish Pig Evades Police

(FUNNY ANIMALS) A scarf-wearing pig was seen running away from the police on a highway outside of Pittsburgh. The police failed to catch the pig and have no idea where it came from and are baffled as to why it's wearing a scarf. After causing crazy traffic the trendy piggy escaped into the woods.—Global Animal

Dog Eats Masters Tickets, But Re-gifts Later

(ANIMAL NEWS) What happens when your pooch eats once-in-a-lifetime tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament? Russ Berkman had to think quick when his Swiss mountain dog, Sierra, gobbled up the goods. Read on for this hilarious tale. — Global Animal

Animal Blooper Reel (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) We've seen how professional photos can make a difference in how shelter animals are viewed by potential adopters. Photographer Anne Williams has used her skills in Sacramento, California to help show the animals at the Sacramento City Shelter in a new light. Look on for the silly outtakes from her doggy photo shoots. — Global Animal


Adorable Animal Bandits (GALLERY)

(ANIMALS PICTURES) Everyone loves food, and it's way better when it's free. Animals, just like us, sometimes can't resist nabbing a quick and easy meal. They even steal from each other! Check out the too-cute collection of animal thieves getting their paws on a free meal. — Global Animal

15-Year-Old Tabby Rides Bus For Free

(FUNNY PETS) UK — Artful Dodger, a 15-year-old cat named after the pickpocketing Oliver Twist  character, helps decrease pollution and cut down traffic by riding the bus whenever possible. He rides the bus so much that the human passengers let him ride on their laps. His namesake would definitely approve of Dodger's sneaky methods to travel the world, or at least the ten miles away from his house, without ever spending a dime. Read more about Artful Dodger and his obsession with public transportation.  — Global Animal

Ad Agency Pounces On “Catvertising” (VIDEO)

(CAT VIDEO) Everyone's seen "ninja cat" and the cat who gets stuck on a ceiling fan. So it's no surprise John St. advertising agency has pounced on the opportunity to take advantage of all these cat-tastic videos. It might be a parody, but we believe this could be big! — Global Animal

Awkward Family Photos & Their Pets (GALLERY)

(FAMILY PICTURES WITH PETS) Do we need to say much more? Here's a collection of palpably awkward family photos, including the animals in the family. – Global Animal

The two cats with their lightsabers. Photo Credit: Zach King

Jedi Kittens Square Off

(STAR WARS/CATS) Ever wonder what your cats do after you leave? How about pretending to be their favorite Star Wars characters? Read on to learn more about the "Jedi Kittens" and be sure to check out the two videos below! — Global Animal