Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Sheep Gives New Meaning To Sheepdog

(ANIMAL VIDEO) ENGLAND — Some animals seem to be a bit confused about their identity — the small dog with a napoleon complex, the barking cat, and the sheepdog who's afraid of sheep. Jack the sheep is not only confused, he is convinced that he is really a dog like his best friend Jessie. Jack shakes, fetches sticks, and even tries to heard his fellow flock-mates. Watch the video of Jack the sheep-dog here. — Global Animal
The two cats with their lightsabers. Photo Credit: Zach King

Jedi Kittens Square Off

(STAR WARS/CATS) Ever wonder what your cats do after you leave? How about pretending to be their favorite Star Wars characters? Read on to learn more about the "Jedi Kittens" and be sure to check out the two videos below! — Global Animal

Awkward Family Photos & Their Pets (GALLERY)

(FAMILY PICTURES WITH PETS) Do we need to say much more? Here's a collection of palpably awkward family photos, including the animals in the family. – Global Animal

Ad Agency Pounces On “Catvertising” (VIDEO)

(CAT VIDEO) Everyone's seen "ninja cat" and the cat who gets stuck on a ceiling fan. So it's no surprise John St. advertising agency has pounced on the opportunity to take advantage of all these cat-tastic videos. It might be a parody, but we believe this could be big! — Global Animal

15-Year-Old Tabby Rides Bus For Free

(FUNNY PETS) UK — Artful Dodger, a 15-year-old cat named after the pickpocketing Oliver Twist  character, helps decrease pollution and cut down traffic by riding the bus whenever possible. He rides the bus so much that the human passengers let him ride on their laps. His namesake would definitely approve of Dodger's sneaky methods to travel the world, or at least the ten miles away from his house, without ever spending a dime. Read more about Artful Dodger and his obsession with public transportation.  — Global Animal

Celebrities And Their Animal Look-Alikes (GALLERY)

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL PICTURES) Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? Or how about an animal? You can't help but giggle at some of these celebrities and their animal look-alikes. — Global Animal

Adorable Animal Bandits (GALLERY)

(ANIMALS PICTURES) Everyone loves food, and it's way better when it's free. Animals, just like us, sometimes can't resist nabbing a quick and easy meal. They even steal from each other! Check out the too-cute collection of animal thieves getting their paws on a free meal. — Global Animal

Animals Ready For Their Close-Up (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE PHOTO GALLERY) Need a little pick-me-up? Check out these animals getting up close and personal with the camera! — Global Animal

Animal Blooper Reel (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) We've seen how professional photos can make a difference in how shelter animals are viewed by potential adopters. Photographer Anne Williams has used her skills in Sacramento, California to help show the animals at the Sacramento City Shelter in a new light. Look on for the silly outtakes from her doggy photo shoots. — Global Animal


Dog Eats Masters Tickets, But Re-gifts Later

(ANIMAL NEWS) What happens when your pooch eats once-in-a-lifetime tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament? Russ Berkman had to think quick when his Swiss mountain dog, Sierra, gobbled up the goods. Read on for this hilarious tale. — Global Animal

Happy Days: Secrets Of Joyful Animals (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES/WILDLIFE) There's nothing better than 25 pictures of animals at their best—happy faces, giddy leaps, and sweet, precious hearts. Here are some magnificently happy animals who've clearly figured something out worth sharing with the rest of us (when they're done frolicking or whatever). Enjoy! — Global Animal

Say Cheese! 10 Hilarious Animal Photobombs

(FUNNY ANIMAL PICTURES) Photobombing, also known as "the fine art of ruining other peoples' photos," as defined by Urban Dictionary, usually involves someone in the background making a funny face, or any other type of hilarious activity distracting from the main focus of the photo. In these pictures, the culprits are animals who seem to have a pretty good idea of what they're doing. These hysterical photobombs are a sure way to brighten your day. -- Global Animal

Find The Odd Animal Out: Which Of These Is Not Like The Other?

(CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES/PETS/WILDLIFE) Sometimes we just want to blend in, even if we don't completely belong. Can you figure out which of these animals is not like the others? — Global Animal

Stylish Pig Evades Police

(FUNNY ANIMALS) A scarf-wearing pig was seen running away from the police on a highway outside of Pittsburgh. The police failed to catch the pig and have no idea where it came from and are baffled as to why it's wearing a scarf. After causing crazy traffic the trendy piggy escaped into the woods.—Global Animal