Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Disneynature Bears is narrated by John C. Reilly and includes a song by Disney's Olivia Holt.

Movie Review: Disneynature’s “Bears”

(MOVIE REVIEW/WILDLIFE) Disneynature struck gold with the documentary, Chimpanzee, back in 2012. Their latest project, Bears, continues to display the same charm that makes Disney movies so great. Centering around a female grizzly, Sky, and her two cubs, Scout and Amber, Bears does a good job of showing the struggles faced by the animals during the cubs’ first year of life. Irreplaceable in his role, Oscar nominee John C. Reilly captures the spirit of the film through his narration, and perfectly expresses the film’s lighthearted moments, as well as its more dramatic scenes. In addition to Reilly, Bears employs actress and singer, Olivia Holt, who performs “Carry On,” at the end of the film, a song written specifically for the documentary. — Global Animal

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar explores lemur life.

Movie Review: “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar”

(MOVIE REVIEW) IMAX has a history of delivering audiences to unique and unfamiliar worlds, with their most recent documentary, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, succeeding where they always have. Created alongside Warner Bros. Pictures, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar utilizes Morgan Freeman’s silky narration to shed light on one of the world’s most popular primates. The documentary follows primatologist and conservationist, Dr. Patricia Wright, as she studies Madagascar’s lemur population and attempts to protect the endangered primates’ from deforestation. – Global Animal

Movie Review: How “Turlock” Rescue Chickens Flew The Coop

(MOVIE REVIEW/FARM) A powerful new film, Turlock: The Documentary covers the large-scale rescue of chickens at a factory farm in Turlock, California. When the factory farm shut down, 50,000 chickens were left without food or water. After being starved and neglected for over two weeks, the chickens were rescued by Animal Place, a nearby farm sanctuary. The film details the efforts of the workers and volunteers of Animal Place in their attempt to save as many lives as they could from the farm. Thanks to their hard work, they were able to save 4,500 birds. — Global Animal
Much like Wreck it Ralph and Tangled, Frozen is a great Disney movie.

Movie Review: Disney’s “Frozen” Warms The Heart

(MOVIE REVIEW) Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song, people everywhere are singing the praises of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest adventure Frozen. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, Frozen is another one of Disney's first class movies. Complete with song, dance, and that unmatchable Disney charm, the film will not disappoint children and parents alike. Frozen stars Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Alan Tudyk and Josh Gad, and takes a healthy spin on the topic of true love, while poking fun at the instantaneous romances that run rampant in kid films. Frozen doesn’t stick to plot clichés, and the story will have families leaving theaters feeling refreshed. — Global Animal

Orca suffers from a floppy dorsal fin, an abnormality that occurs more often in captivity than it does in the wild. Photo Credit: Cowperthwaite/Magnolia Pictures

“Blackfish” Director Dishes Out Dirt On SeaWorld

(MOVIES) For those who couldn't make it to theaters to see Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s critically-renowned documentary Blackfish, you're in luck, because CNN is bringing the film to your TV sets tonight. Released in theaters back in July, Blackfish calls attention to the vast psychological problems killer whales face in captivity and the associated dangers. When Cowperthwaite set out to make the film, she originally intended to focus solely on SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau’s horrific death at the hands of killer whale Tilikum. Unbeknownst to her, Cowperthwaite stumbled upon a well-guarded SeaWorld history laced with tragedy. Blackfish brings a long list of incidents involving trainers and whales to the surface, and does a great job of convincing viewers that animal captivity for entertainment should be a thing of the past. Although Cowperthwaite doesn’t think of herself as an activist, there’s no doubt she’s done an incredible service to the cause. If you’re still not convinced SeaWorld is a terrible place, take a look at the director’s personal thoughts on the issue, and be sure to catch Blackfish tonight, October 24, at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. Continue reading below to learn more about Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s personal experiences with SeaWorld and making her documentary. — Global Animal
Tilikum one of the orcas at SeaWorld sits in captivity.

“Blackfish” Documentary Dives Into SeaWorld’s Dark Depths

(MOVIE REVIEW) Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s 2013 film, Blackfish, does exactly what a great documentary should do. The film is as heartwrenching as the 2009 Oscar-winning documentary, The Cove, but at its core, Blackfish is even more horrifying, given that nearly ten million people inadvertently participate in the film’s tragic story every year by visiting SeaWorld parks across the U.S. Blackfish airs on CNN tonight, October 24, at 9pm. Read on to learn more about the critically acclaimed film and see the trailer for yourself. — Global Animal

Celebrities Celebrate “Lion Ark” World Premiere

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Plans for the upcoming documentary, "Lion Ark," began circulating the web a few months ago, and it seems that the time has finally come for the film to grace the silver screen! Completed in early June, the world premier is set to take place today, October 1, at the Raindance Film Festival. Filmed in a post-circus Bolivian world, "Lion Ark" follows the efforts of several activists as they transport abused, illegally retained, circus lions to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. Read on to learn more about the film's world premiere and check out the trailer for yourself! — Global Animal

Review Of “Speciesism: The Movie”, A Film That Speaks For The Silenced

(MOVIE REVIEW)Director Mark Devries’ Speciesism: The Movie is an eye-opening, yet fresh take on the array of atrocities brought on by the factory farming industry. Most film reviews will note the horrific images throughout the farming industry, but it's the director's experiences that makes the film truly relatable. The documentary follows Devries on a personal journey, as he uncovers the truths behind the industry and experiences a change of heart based on those discoveries. After originally setting out to film animal advocacy groups and how they operate, Devries finds himself immersed in completely unexpected territory. – Global Animal

“The Ghosts In Our Machine” Gears Up For U.S. Launch

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Sitting at the forefront of the animal rights movement, the cross-platform documentary The Ghosts in our Machine brings an important message to dinner tables, closets, laboratories, as well as zoos and marine parks across the globe. A donation page has been set up on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo in order to put the film on the map in the largest, most competitive film market in the world, and it has until September 27 to reach its funding goal of $30,000. The Ghosts in our Machine has already made a name for itself in Canada, but make sure to check out the film's interactive website for the U.S. premiere dates and European launch. Read director Liz Marshall's article below for more on how you can help promote the Oscar-qualifying film and view the trailer for yourself! — Global Animal

“The Ghosts In Our Machine” Looks Animal Suffering In The Eye

(MOVIE REVIEW) With the substantial amount of well-made, animal-centric documentaries in release as of late, it’s tough to stand out in the crowd. However, director Liz Marshall’s The Ghosts In Our Machine does exactly that, in addition to bringing an important message to dinner tables, closets, laboratories, as well as zoos and marine parks across the globe. Focusing around activist/photographer Jo-Anne McArthur and her yearlong journey documenting animals held captive by four different global industries, the film does an incredible job of spotlighting those tragically forgotten by society. — Global Animal

Silver Shines In Disney’s ‘The Lone Ranger’

(MOVIE REVIEW) Saddle up boys and girls, The Lone Ranger is coming to town. The PG-13 Western surges with Disney charm, and comes complete with a veteran cast and crew that prove once again they know how to make entertainment. Helmed by director Gore Verbinski, the man behind The Ring and The Pirates of the Caribbean TrilogyThe Lone Ranger promises odd, yet lighthearted fun. Read on for more on The Lone Ranger and watch the trailer for yourself. — Global Animal 

Disney’s ‘Wings Of Life’ Soars High

(MOVIE REVIEW) Originally released in France under the title Pollen in 2011, Disneynature’s Wings of Life has finally made it to worldwide audiences. Much like the 2012 film Chimpanzee, Wings of Life is short, but particularly sweet. Coming in at only 77 minutes, the documentary uses its time proficiently in order to deliver its increasingly important message. The opening title card of the film reads: “Life depends on little things we take for granted,” a theme that rests at the core of Wings of Life. Focusing on the vital relationship between flowers, and the animals that interact with them, the documentary explores a complex world often taken for granted. Read on for more on Wings of Life and see the trailer for yourself. — Global Animal

Go Ape For Disney’s ‘Chimpanzee’

(MOVIE REVIEW) Fall in love with Oscar, a three-year old chimp, in Disney's new movie, Chimpanzee. This beautifully photographed documentary, narrated by actor Tim Allen, will transport moviegoers into the Tai Forest on Africa's Ivory Coast, and into the lives of baby Oscar and his mother, Isha. Read on for the full film review and for exclusive quotes from primatologist Jane Goodall. — Global Animal

‘Big Miracle’ Breaks The Ice

(MOVIE REVIEW) Big Miracle is a true story whale lovers and animal enthusiasts everywhere will enjoy. Following the journey of a family of gray whales trapped beneath the impenetrable Alaskan ice, their survival ignites unexpected cooperation between an unlikely group of rescuers. Big Miracle stars John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, Agmaogak Sweeney, Ted Danson and Dermot Mulroney. The movie opens February 3rd. Read on for Global Animal's review on Big Miracle. — Global Animal