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Green is the new black, except sexier. Learn how to go green and why it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, the environment and all fellow animals.

Top 10 Vegan Recipes Of 2012

(VEGAN) Trying to stick to your New Year's resolution? Ecorazzi has shared a delicious list of their top 10 favorite vegan recipes of last year. Whether you are converting to a new cruelty-free lifestyle or just trying to shed a few pounds, these tasty treats are sure to delight your tastebuds! — Global Animal

My Planet, My Part: See Polar Bears In The Wild

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Polar Bears International, the world's largest organization dedicated to conserving polar bears, has recently launched a new initiative. In the midst of "polar bear migration season," when ice reforms and the bears can return to hunting, PBI has debuted their online community My Planet, My Part. The communal site gives animal lovers and polar bear enthusiasts access to information about the species as well as how to help preserve their habitat. Visitors can interact with conservation experts, watch live HD videos of polar bears in the tundras of Canada, discover how to reduce their carbon footprint and learn about climate changes. In honor of the site's debut, PBI is hosting a contest to find the next "polar bear ambassador" who will win a trip to see polar bears in Canada. Continue reading to learn how you can enter. — Global Animal 

Mining Company Destroys Jaguar Habitat

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) At the end of 2011, the first jaguar to be seen in the United States during the past three years was spotted in Arizona. Unfortunately, the Rosemont Copper Project is planning to destroy 4,500 acres of land in the Santa Rita mountain range just north of the Mexican Border. With this in the works, jaguars will not have the opportunity to flourish in the United States and the recognized endangered species will further be put in harm's way.  Continue reading to learn how you can help prevent the destruction of the jaguar's habitat. — Global Animal

Desert Beetle Solves World’s Water Crisis

(ANIMAL SCIENCE) The most energy efficient and adept inventions are often inspired by nature. From the infamous bonding product Velcro, first inspired by the hooks of the plant burrs, to road reflectors, inspired by the reflector cells in cat’s eyes, inventors often turn to animals and plants for ideas. Now, scientists are turning to the Namib Desert beetle for insight as to how to create a self-filling water bottle to solve the world’s clean water crisis. Read on to learn more about how nature inspires scientists. — Global Animal

PETA Video: Go Vegan, Last Longer?

(VEGAN LIVING) Going vegan not only saves hundreds of animals from slaughter and offers dietary benefits, it can also increase your libido. In time for World Vegan Month, PETA Europe released an online commercial titled Stay Firm and Fresh, urging men to forgo a meat-filled diet in return for more sexual stamina. PETA is infamous for using controversial ways to raise awareness for their cause, and we think this is right in line. Check out the PETA video for yourself, but make sure you're equipped with a good sense of humor. — Global Animal

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Meatless Monday Goes Global

(VEGETARIAN) After the UK's Telegraph recently reported that China now consumes twice as much meat as America, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has decided to promote Meatless Monday in an effort to protect the environment, animals, and people. To participate in this international campaign, people should just take one day of the week off from eating meat. According to the HSUS, if every American cut meat out of their diet every Monday, an estimate of 1.4 billion animals would no longer be factory farmed. Read on to learn why you should participate in this international campaign. — Global Animal

Grocery Revolution: 100% Plant-Based Supermarket

(VEGAN LIVING) ARIZONA — Early next year, Phoenix, Arizona will have a 12,000 square-foot, entirely plant-based grocery store to call their own. VegCo is 100% environmentally friendly and free of all animal products and derivatives, including a full-service meat-free deli and dairy-free bakery. They will also feature a kitchen for cooking demonstrations, a classroom, and their own garden. Read on to learn more about this innovative, animal-friendly grocery store. — Global Animal

Indian Supermodel Poses For PETA

(CELEBRITY VEGETARIAN) Joining alongside celebrities like Olivia Munn, Indian supermodel and actress Anupama Varma is the latest to bare all in an ad for People for Eithical Treatment of Animals (PETA), sending a pro-vegetarian message to the world. Read on for more on the advertisement and check out the image for yourself. — Global Animal

Laboratory Leather A Reality

(LEATHER) There might be a new item on the market soon for those who want to humanely enjoy the luxury of real leather. Scientists are attempting to develop meat in laboratories in order to bypass the controversial leather industry and create a sustainable food option for the growing human population. Modern Meadow, recently backed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, expects to commercially produce in vitro leather within the next five years. Their goal is to modernize the leather industry by editing out the need to raise, slaughter and transport animals, creating an animal and environmentally friendly product. Read on for more on the future product. — Global Animal

Will FDA Poision Farm Animals?

(FACTORY FARMING) Ever heard the phrase, "You are what you eat?" What animals are fed greatly affects their well-being. An animal designed to eat grass, cows are nowadays predominantly fed grain, a substance that affects the natural, neutral pH of the cow’s stomach and leads to many health problems. Alongside these already observed repercussions, U.S. states are now asking the FDA for permission to blend animal feed with contaminated grain since much of their crop would otherwise be unusable. Read on for more on the contaminated corm being fed to farm animals. — Global Animal

Giant Rats Detect Danger And Disease

(SERVICE ANIMALS) AFRICA — In Africa, giant rats are working side by side with humans to detect land mines in Mozambique, a country littered with explosives after decades of civil war. The Tanzanian based organization APOPO train Giant African pouched rats, a species indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa, to use their exceptional sense of smell to find the mines and indicate the location by scratching the ground. In a society that typically views rats as pesky vermin, it's refreshing to see them praised for their redeeming attributes. Due to their negative connotation it's often forgotten that they're an extremely intelligent species, often misused by humans as the subjects of medical testing.  — Global Animal