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Dog Can’t Accept Getting Older

(FUNNY DOGS/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) Dave the dog despises the cheerful song that reminds him of his advancing age. 'Denial' ain't a river in Egypt, pup! -- Global Animal

The Art of Being (GALLERY)

(PHOTO GALLERY) A magnificent collection shows the animal kingdom bursting with life. — Global Animal

Seven Animals Being Eaten To Extinction

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Animals on the dinner plate or animals on the planet? The United States is one of the world's largest consumers of wildlife, with mass amounts imported illegally. As human populations increase and consumers demand rare and exotic meals, endangered animals are being hunted for food at an increasingly alarming rate. Here are seven species being eaten to extinction... –- Global Animal

Four-Legged Therapists Help Heal War Wounds

(MEMORIAL DAY/THERAPY ANIMALS) We at Global Animal believe that we rescue an animal and in turn, they rescue us from disconnection. To that end, there's an organization saving one dog at a time and, in the process, helping soldiers traumatized by war. To all our dedicated soldiers on this Memorial Day. May the sacrifices of the dead nor the living combatants be forgotten. — Global Animal

Have Fur, Will Travel: Furry Stowaways On Holiday

(PET TRAVEL) Many travelers are arriving at the same conclusion. Instead of paying pet fees to hotels or airlines, they're spiriting their animal companions under blankets and other hiding spots in the hope of saving a few bucks. How about you - would you pay up or sneak in to go on vacation with your pet? –Global Animal

Hold The Tuna: Is A Vegetarian Diet Safe For Your Cat?

(PETS/PET FOOD) Pet guardians tend to feed their pets meat and fish, but some vegetarians and vegans dislike the idea and instead share a plant-based diet with their cat or dog. Is a meat-free diet healthy for your pet? Find out what some experts say in the article below. — Global Animal

Male Antelopes Trick Females For Sex

(WILDLIFE) Whoever said "all men are dogs," clearly hasn't encountered a male topi antelope before. Read below to learn how male topi antelopes trick females with false alarms of nearby danger to boost their chances for sex. Imagine that! – Global Animal

Look Who’s Talking: Four Animals Who Could

(ANIMAL COMMUNICATION) Here are the true stories of a seal, parrot, cat, and chimp who communicated with humans in words and other wondrous ways. Anyone who's ever wondered what a pet was thinking will appreciate these four fabulous communicators. —Global Animal

“You Know Chicken Is Chicken, Right?”

(GREEN/VEGETARIAN) In Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, 'Eating Animals,' the novelist shares his family's winding path toward vegetarianism. -- Global Animal

Quirks And Pet Peeves: Animals Have Them, Too

(PET) — Scientist have identified hotheads and tiptoers, schmoozers and loners, divas, dullards and fearless explorers, and they have learned that animals, like us, often cling to the same personality for the bulk of their lives. — Global Animal

Baby Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Check out this fantastic collection of photos showing new members of the animal kingdom from all around the world! — Global Animal

Dog of Valor Award Is Tough Choice, So Many Heroic Dogs

This year's Dog of Valor award has some tough competition. There are simply so many dog heroes to recognize. From Calamity Jane who lost her leg protecting strangers, to other dogs who went beyond the call of duty to save people, we're grateful to all these extraordinary pets.

It’s Back To School Time For More Furry College Companions

(PET) Who's your dorm mate? For increasing numbers of college students, that can be a beloved dog, cat, or even, snake. But having Fido on campus isn't always a walk in the dog park. — Global Animal

Scotland’s New Hunting Restrictions Are A License To Kill

(POLITICS) SCOTLAND — New hunting restrictions crack down on off-season hunting, but that's cold comfort to anyone who values life over blood 'sport.' The new rules entirely remove the need for a hunting license. Extra points for hitting both the cruel and stupid  bullseye. — Global Animal