Monday, March 1, 2021


Global Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that's like a Green Cross for animals. Tax-deductible donations support disaster animal rescues worldwide, from pets to wildlife, and emergency aid for animals in crisis.

Abandoned Tripoli Zoo Animals Update: Making Contact

(TRIPOLI ZOO ANIMAL UPDATE) LIBYA — After reaching out to several different international rescue organizations, we are glad to report that every group we contacted is doing whatever it can to find a way to help the animals that were abandoned at the Tripoli Zoo. Getting aid to these animals is very difficult because the situation in Libya remains unstable, and it's impossible to known how the new government will react to foreign groups entering the country. Find out what rescue organizations are doing to get help to these animals. — Global Animal

Global Animal’s New Look, Plus Social Networking!

(MEDIA) – Global Animal will be offline for 24 hours, starting around noon Wednesday, Pacific Standard Time. Please forgive our down time as we launch the new Global Animal.

Global Animal Foundation Fundraiser At Veggie Grill

(GLOBAL ANIMAL FOUNDATION) Mark your calendars! Tuesday, August 23, 2011, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. the Veggie Grill in Santa Monica is hosting a fundraiser for the Global Animal Foundation. The Veggie Grill will donate 50 percent of the profits to Global Animal Foundation from anyone who presents a flyer. The best part of this deal? Not only will you help support animals in need and get a delicious vegetarian meal, but it won't cost you any extra money. So print out a copy of the flyer, and come on down for dinner to the Veggie Grill at 2025 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA on August 23rd! — Global Animal

Groups Get Creative To Raise Money For Animals

The Global Animal Foundation has been collecting and dispersing donations for emergency animal rescues around the world, from the Japan earthquake and tsunami to the tornadoes in the United States. We've been amazed and inspired by the creative ways people are coming together to take action on behalf of animals in crisis. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to these animal rescue initiatives. Our hats are off to you! Here are a few of the groups...

Fukushima Update: Animal Rescue In Japan’s Exclusion Zones

(JAPAN ANIMAL RESCUE UPDATE) It's been nearly three months since Japan was devastated by the earthquake & tsunami. The Fukushima Daiichi power plant and surrounding residences are blocked off and evacuated, leaving pets and farm animals to die. Read on about the government's newest rulings and actions for the animals in the 20km exclusion zone and the obstacles currently facing animal rescue groups like Kinship Circle and JEARS. – Global Animal

Joplin Update: 600 Tornado Pets Saved, Global Animals Donate $2,500

(ANIMAL RESCUE) JOPLIN, MO – More than 600 dogs, cats, and other pets have been rescued after what's called the biggest tornado in history hit Joplin, Missouri. So far, 120 people have been reunited with their pets. This week, Global Animal Foundation gave $2,500 to Joplin Humane Society on behalf of its readers who donated to tornado animal rescue in the Deep South. Read more on Joplin's lost and found pets and how animal rescue groups are helping create more happy endings...

Toto Tornado Dog Rescued From Joplin House (HELP ANIMAL TORNADO VICTIMS)

JOPLIN, MO (VIDEO/HOW TO HELP) – A minute into a newscaster's report on location in the tornado-ravaged town of Joplin, a pet rescue taking place in the background suddenly takes center stage. Watch as a pajama-clad resident sifts through the wreckage of his flattened house to locate his frightened dog. And see the little dog emerge, tail between legs, then shortly after, give a good shake and take a short walk.

Global Animals Give $2,200 To Alabama Tornado Pet Rescue

GLOBAL ANIMAL FOUNDATION – Global Animal readers donated $2,200 for Alabama animal rescue groups working to help animals affected by the Southern tornadoes. Aid includes vet care, pet fostering and adoption, and food for  dogs, cats, farm animals and wildlife in addition to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Japan’s Exclusion Zones Like “Katrina With Radiation”

FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN – (PHOTOS & VIDEO) Abandoned pets and farm animals are starving and dying in Fukushima's 20km radiation exclusion zones. And a small band of animal rescue groups are bending the rules to try to save them. Risking radiation poisoning and arrest, Kinship Circle and other animal organizations are sneaking into the 'dead zone' to save any life they can.

Global Animals Donate $27,000+ So Far To Japan Animal Rescue

The community of animal lovers once again demonstrated compassion in action with another donation to help Japan's animals. Today's donation of $9,050 was sent to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS), totaling $27,051 so far that Global Animals have contributed to pet rescue in Japan.

Global Animal Readers Donate $18,000 To Japan Animal Rescues!

THANK YOU GLOBAL ANIMAL READERS! Global Animal readers have responded generously in response to Japan's animal earthquake and tsunami victims, donating $18,000 through the website alone, as well as tens of thousands of dollars directly to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS) and other animal rescue organizations.