Touching Tales

Good news and stories for pet guardians and animal lovers. This section also features animal rescue stories and “Thanks To Animals" profiles about animals who’ve earned our gratitude and awe. Each day, we’re profiling different stories, so keep connected – you’ll be grateful that you did.

Just A Boy And His Dog

(DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This is the ultimate video about the bond between a boy and his dog. Watch as a two-year-old boy and his dog Toby spend the day together, being friends. How amazing is that? -- Global Animal

Former Racehorse Rescued From Certain Death

UNITED KINGDOM - Champion boxer Jane Couch joined forces with the Patch Foundation to save the life of Tiger, a former racehorse. Together they nursed the starving horse back to health and happiness. Read the heartwarming story here.

Humpback Whale Gives Thanks To Divers

(OCEANS/WHALE RESCUE) PACIFIC OCEAN — When a humpback whale became entangled in hundreds of yards of nets and fishing line, she was lucky to be spotted by a caring fisherman. Rescuers arrived and spent hours cutting her free. Read below to see how the whale thanked each diver individually! And from all of us here at Global Animal, we hope you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who help you get untangled from anything that binds you. And may you always know the joy of receiving and giving love to animals around the globe. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! — Global Animal

Pig Thinks She’s A Dog, Best Friend Doesn’t Mind

UNITED KINGDOM - A lonely piglet given to an animal shelter has decided that she is a dog, just like her best friend Jay, the German Shepherd. Read this touching tale of friendship between the little pig and the big dog.

Dolphins Rescue Surfing Actor Dick Van Dyke

Porpoise Power: When 84-year-old film star Dick Van Dyke fell asleep while surfing, some friendly dolphins saved the day – and Van Dyke. Read how...

Riveting Whale Rescue Ends With Tail Flip

(WHALE RESCUE/VIDEO) MEXICO– Here's a heart-pounding whale rescue mission, captured on film, to free a 45-foot whale tangled in miles of fishing rope and nets. Ride along on this astounding undertaking...

Holy Chip! Cat Returns Home After Five Years

MISSISSIPPI — After wandering away five years ago during hurricane Katrina, Scrub the cat is back with her family, thanks to her microchip. This unlikely reunion is yet another reason to get your pet a microchip.

Mozilla Adopts ‘Firefoxes’ AKA Red Pandas

(WILDLIFE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) TENNESSEE — Mozilla has adopted two Firefox babies, better known as red panda cubs. Mozilla is dedicated to aiding in the rehabilitation of this endangered species. Watch the video of the adorable red pandas here and let us know if you think they look fake too. — Global Animal

Baby Elephant Saved In Dramatic Rescue

INDIA (ANIMAL RESCUE) – Watch villagers on a tea plantation in Assam, India, rescue a baby elephant after the tyke fell in a ditch and couldn't get out. The baby's mother waited anxiously nearby as her little calf was rescued. Elephant families always stick together, but they needed an opposable thumb or two to lift themselves out of this trouble! –Global Animal

Rebel Yell: I’m Stuck, Get Me Out Of Here!

LOS ANGELES – Sometimes curiosity gets the cat, sometimes the dog. This story had a happy ending for Rebel the German Shepherd, who looks distressed and maybe a wee bit embarrassed  in this photo.  - Global Animal

15 Favorite Unusual Animal Families

(ANIMAL PICTURES/ANIMAL FAMILIES) We often hear stories of people adopting abandoned baby animals, but how often do you hear of a tiger who adopted piglets, or a gorilla who adopted a kitten? This beautiful photo gallery showcases the special relationship between inter-species families. From MSNBC's Today, meet furry, four-legged moms who adopted, nursed and nurtured animals of completely different species. — Global Animal

A Second Chance For Dogs And Prisoners

Although some may be hesitant to adopt a dog who was trained by prisoners, one mom says she has no regrets about her decision to do so.  After all, the dog she adopted from Prison Tails has become a wonderful addition to her family; he even saved them from a burglary!

Frog Hitches Ride With Snake During Oz Flood

AUSTRALIA – They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this snake and frog certainly embody that idea!  Check out how this dynamic duo teamed up to survive the flood!

Rat Terrier Hero Rescues Canine Friend

Historically, Rat Terriers were bred for the purpose of hunting small game, like rats and squirrels. Now, they usually exist as family companions, but in the case of this pint-size hero, deep-down hunting instincts emerged and worked for the greater good. Read on to learn how Rowdy the Rat Terrier saved the life of a fellow neighborhood dog. — Global Animal