Monday, January 25, 2021

Touching Tales

Good news and stories for pet guardians and animal lovers. This section also features animal rescue stories and “Thanks To Animals" profiles about animals who’ve earned our gratitude and awe. Each day, we’re profiling different stories, so keep connected – you’ll be grateful that you did.

Therapy Dogs Reach At-Risk Kids In Victim Services Unit

CANADA - Two recent grads from a service dog academy have meaningful jobs helping suicidal and grief-stricken youths heal. The dogs are part of the Victim Services Unit of the police department.

Knitters Donate Sweaters To Bald Chickens

UK - Dozens of bald chickens recently rescued from a factory farm with battery cages are wearing hand-knit sweaters – or jumpers – until their feathers grow back. Their cozy and fashionable winter attire is thanks to a group of local knitters.

Kangaroo Loves Footy And Watching TV With Mom

AUSTRALIA - (VIDEO) Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia, but they're rarely found playing football and watching TV. See how Beemer, a red kangaroo adopted by a woman after his mother died, is one of a kind.

English Woman Is Princess To 1000’s Of Toads

ENGLAND– Why did the toads cross the road? Because one kind woman made sure they could!  Read how Helen Hobbs spends six weeks of every year on toad patrol, guiding thousands of toads, frogs, and newts safely across the road in Bath, England. Cheers to a woman who values all life, hip-hopping or not.

Children Wear Wellies For Wildlife

UK - Children in Gloucestershire are wearing wellington boots instead of school shoes to raise money for local wildlife. The children pay a small fee to continue wearing the wellies, and all proceeds go to wildlife.

Blind Dog Uses Sounds Off Leaves For Direction

(DOGS) VIDEO – Rowan is a dog born without eyes. This awe-inspiring German spitz tunes in to his barks echoing off leaves to make his way in the world. Rowan's joyful beingness is sure to resonate in your heart. His story is also a testament to the life-enhancing gifts of adopting a blind dog or other special needs pet. Read more about Rowan's life and echolocation talents below. Also find information on how to care for a blind dog. – Global Animal

Three Turtles Returned To The Ocean

FIJI - The Mana Island Resort hosted the release of three wild turtles back into the sea. The attendees gave the turtles a fond farewell, cleaned up the beach, and planted coral branches to help the marine ecosystem become healthy and vibrant.

Retirement Of Police Horse Causes Misty Eyes On Force

UNITED KINGDOM - Read how Monty the crime-busting police horse is taking a well-earned retirement after eleven years on the force.

Heroic Rescues: People Risk Own Lives For Animals

(PHOTO GALLERY/POLL)  A majority of people say they'd risk their lives for their pets. But would we do the same to rescue an animal we don't know? These people did. From animal advocates like Ric O'Barry to local firefighters, see the pictures of courageous heroes and their animal rescues. And let us know if you'd risk your life for someone with four legs, feathers, or fins. – Global Animal

Man Saves Rare Sapsaree Dog Breed From Extinction

(PHOTO GALLERY) Have you seen a Sasparee? Thanks to one man, Korea's loyal, shaggy-haired dog breed known as the Sapsaree, has gone from a population of just eight in the 1980s to 1,200 dogs living with South Korean families. Read the story of geneticist Ha Ji-Hong and see remarkable pictures of the breed he saved – and the Sapsarees who are saving people with their work as therapy dogs.

Dog Risks Life To Save Kittens From House Blaze

(ANIMAL RESCUE/VIDEO) Who doesn't love a pet rescue story, especially when the hero is a dog? Leo, a lion-hearted Jack Russell mix, refused to leave four kittens in a burning house in Melbourne. See the firefighters who followed the little dog's heroic lead to save him, and the kittens who still have all nine lives. For Thanksgiving week in the US, Global Animal is running a series of favorite stories of pets and other animals who've earned our gratitude and awe. Each day, we're profiling different stories of animal heroes who've rescued others. Keep connected – you'll be grateful that you did. – Global Animal

Disabled Pets Given A New Chance At Life

NORTH CAROLINA - When a pet is seriously injured, often the choice is to have a risky and costly operation or to have the animal put down. Read about how one man changed the face of caring for disabled animals through his determination to save his own dog.

Dog Makes New Friend, Swims 4K To Keep Playing

AUSTRALIA - When Westie the dog saw Henry the sea lion, he grabbed his opportunity to reenact his favorite Global Animal cute attack: Dolphin Makes Awesome Swim Coach For Lab. An hour and four kilometers later, Surf Lifesavers brought Westie back to land and his very worried guardian.

Just A Boy And His Dog

(DOGS/ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEO) This is the ultimate video about the bond between a boy and his dog. Watch as a two-year-old boy and his dog Toby spend the day together, being friends. How amazing is that? -- Global Animal