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WikiLeaks: US Tries To Cut Secret Whaling Deal With Japan

INTERNATIONAL – Why doesn't the US take a stand against Japan's illegal whaling and inhumane dolphin slaughter? Or their clear-cutting the oceans of bluefin tuna? Oh, right, that would require and ethical and moral backbone. We are disappointed and disgusted.

South Korea Closes Loophole To Combat Illegal Whaling

SOUTH KOREA — South Korea banned whaling years ago, but it is still legal to sell whale parts from whales found already deceased. This policy has created a loophole though which illegal whaling is possible.Discover how Korean officials are now working to close the loophole, and prevent further whale deaths.

Creation Of New Country Good News For Wildlife

SOUTHERN SUDAN — After years of civil war in which the spectacular wildlife populations were ignored, the creation of a new country out of Southern Sudan will allow for wildlife conservation to be an integral part of the nation. Discover the profound effects the vote for independence could have on wildlife conservation.

Swiss Town Threatens Pets To Collect Taxes

SWITZERLAND — A small town has generated a big controversy with its plan to enact a 1904 law that allows the government to kill the dogs of owners who refuse to pay the dog tax. Although the plan is to avoid killing any dogs, is it right to endanger a life because of a $48.50 tax? Tell us what you think.

Militia Kills 8 Park Rangers In Congo

January 24, 2011, CONGO - In a case where the worst of human nature destroys the best, eight rangers have been killed protecting the last 720 mountain gorillas on the planet by remnants of the genocidal maniacs responsible for the million people butchered in Rwanda.

Wolves Slaughtered By Aerial Hunting Programs (Take Action)

Despite laws geared at protecting wildlife from aerial hunting, hundreds of Alaskan wolves have been killed from hunters in airplanes. Learn more about this ongoing practice and find out how you can help protect wolves.

Egyptian Animal Shelters Struggle Amid Unrest

EGYPT (PETS) –Amid political unrest, many Egyptians are fleeing the country to escape the chaos and abandoning their pets. Yet animal shelters lack the food and funds to provide for the cats, dogs and other pets left behind. Here's how you can help...

Last Yellowstone Bison Face Slaughter (Take Action)

400 bison, some of the last of the Great American Herds, could be slaughtered because they searched for food in the wrong National Forest. Read on to learn about the injustice in Montana, and how you can urge the federal government to put a halt to it. — Global Animal

Expensive Shark Fins, Chinese Delicacy, May Be Banned In California

California Says, “No Shark Fin Soup For You!”

CALIFORNIA — On Monday, California legislators introduced a bill aimed at fighting shark finning, a cruel and environmentally disastrous practice. If passed, California law will ban the sale of shark fins in the state. Read further to learn about the hot debate surrounding this potential victory for shark conservation. — Global Animal

Japan’s Whaling Ships Not Welcome In Chile’s Waters

Feb. 16, 2011 - CHILE - In yet another blast of cold water in the face of Japanese whaling, Chile is sharply opposing the presence of Japan's factory whaling ship, the Nisshin Maru, near Chile's Exclusive Economic Zone, which is a sanctuary. Read on..

Montana Governor Throws Tantrum, Commands Wolf Killing (TAKE ACTION)

Feb. 16, 2011 — MONTANA — In a letter of rage sent to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has threatened to disrespect the Endangered Species Act by allowing entire packs of gray wolves to be slaughtered. His justification: complaints from hunters and cattle ranchers. Perhaps he doesn't realize that bowing down to these interest groups' demands are the reason why we only have 1,700 gray wolves left in the region. — Global Animal

Save Wild Horses And Your Tax Money (Take Action)

ANIMAL WELFARE (UPDATE): In Defense of Animals has filed a lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for its inhumane wild horse roundups. Recently the lawsuit has been given the go-ahead by a federal judge in Sacramento, despite the BLM's attempts to dismiss the suit. Find out what this may mean for the horses. — Global Animal

Fallen Heroes: Dog And Soldier Flown Home

UK ―Fallen heroes Lance Corporal Liam Tasker and his bomb sniffing dog, Theo, were brought home together after their deaths in Afghanistan. Read about their bond and their heroic deeds. ― Global Animal

Dog Cull Investigators May Revise Animal Cruelty Laws

CANADA — After the horrific sled dog slaughter in Whistler, B.C., the investigating task force is looking into revising animal cruelty laws to prevent atrocities like this from happening again. Read on... — Global Animal