Monday, September 21, 2020

Politics's POLITICS section covers animal laws and animal welfare legislation in governments worldwide.

Cute Baby Seal

Russia To Baby Seals: Keep Your Fur

(ANIMAL WELFARE) RUSSIA — With what seems to be a promising step in the right direction Russia has declared that it will no longer buy imported seal skins from Canada. Russia's support on the issue is desperately needed to end the barbaric practice of clubbing seals for their fur, since they are one of its biggest purchasers. If the reports are indeed true we can only hope that this victory is the last one needed to bring this heinous Canadian trade to its demise. — Global Animal

Pets & Politicians

(POLITICS AND PETS) We recently came across this op-ed piece from The Daily Beast detailing a handful of GOP candidates and their pet politics. We highly recommend you read this well-written, on-point, and hilarious piece by columnist Leslie Bennetts. — Global Animal

Romania Declares Death To Stray Dogs

(ANIMAL WELFARE) ROMANIA — Despite outcries and petitions the Romanian government passed a bill legalizing the slaughter of stray dogs. While Romania has a large population of homeless dogs, murder isn't an adequate fix. There are many humane solutions available, such as increasing funding for animal shelters, enforcing spaying and neutering, and promoting adoption from shelters and not stores. Find out more about this unfathomable law and what it entails below.— Global Animal

Cluck You: First Cockfighter Arrested Under New Texas Law

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TEXAS — We recently applauded a new law that cracks down on cockfighting in Texas. Last week, officers exercised the powers granted by this new law to arrest Jimmy Lee Bradshaw, the manager of the Oleander Game Farm, and cited thirteen others on site. For decades Texas has allowed cockfighting, but hopefully this raid is a sign of change in the Lone Star state. Read on to learn more about the descent of law enforcement on the Oleander Game Farm. — Global Animal

Law Extended To Ban Cockfighting & Breeding

(ANIMAL WELFARE) TEXAS — Earlier this year, legislation passed a bill in order to strengthen the laws against cockfighting—before officers had to actually witness cockfighting in order to successfully file charges. Now, the law enforces punishment to everyone involved in the process, from breeding to spectating. Read on to learn more about this great step that will help end cockfighting once and for all. — Global Animal

Kids, Pets, And The Holidays

(KIDS & PETS) During the holidays it is tempting to include animals in all of the festivities, but that might not always be what's best for the animal. More than just including pets in questionable holiday activities, giving pets as gifts is never a good idea. In this preview from her upcoming book Raising Kids Who Love Animals, child psychiatrist Dr. Sujatha Ramakrishna explains why giving pets as gifts can teach children the wrong attitude about caring for animals. — Global Animal

FDA Denies Important Petition

(ANIMAL WELFARE) The FDA denied two petitions that would limit the amount of medications fed to farm animals. A shocking eighty percent of antibiotics sold in the US are fed to farm animals, which in turn poses a threat to human health. Read on for information on why this was a bad decision on the FDA's part. — Global Animals

Obama Lifts Ban On Horse Slaughter

(HORSE SLAUGHTER) An ethical conundrum: Despite the fact that 70 percent of Americans oppose horse slaughter, a five-year ban on U.S. slaughterhouses has been lifted. As the country's number of neglected and abandoned horses continues to rise, there is a disturbing prevalence of U.S. horses being sold to Mexico and Canada and processed for meat. Read on to learn more about this unsettling reinstatement. — Global Animal

NYC Carriage Horses Continue To Collapse (VIDEO)

(ANIMAL NEWS/TAKE ACTION) NEW YORK — Nearly three weeks ago, a carriage horse named Charlie suddenly died on the streets of New York City. Just days after, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg dismissed the issue, rejecting animal activists' calls to ban the city's horse-drawn carriages. Shockingly, two more NYC horses have fallen since Charlie's demise. How many carriage horses must collapse in the city streets before a ban is put into effect?

The concert will feature performers Heart, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts among others. (CELEBRITIES/WHALES)

PETA vs. SeaWorld Could End Factory Farming

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) PETA's lawsuit against SeaWorld claims the captive orcas are in violation of the 13th amendment against slavery. But this lawsuit could mean more than just freedom for killer whales — it could bring about the end of factory farming. Read on to find out why. — Global Animal

Bob Barker, Come On Down! To Capitol Hill

(POLITICS) WASHINGTON D.C. – The man receiving bi-partisan support Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill certainly wasn't President Obama, but rather 36-year host of "The Price Is Right" and Happy Gilmore scene-stealer, Bob Barker. Barker was in D.C. pleading on behalf of the mistreated exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses. Always an advocate for the animal community, Barker is championing the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act. The former game show host who turns 88 in December said, "It is time for the United States to join this parade of nations that is doing the right thing." Read on for more on the mistreatment of circus animals, the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act, and celebrities supporting the cause. – Global Animal

“Macho” Meat Eaters

(POLITICS OF ANIMALS) Few people still need to hunt for food to survive. Yet today's political leaders portray themselves as formidable hunters and providers while animal lovers are often stigmatized as neurotic. This sense of misguided machismo is still perpetuated in popular culture, where hunting and eating meat is seen as manly and strong, while compassion is seen as weak. Why is the attitude that humans must dominate other animal species still so prevalent? Read more on this interesting discussion about how animals are viewed in our culture today. — Global Animal

Polar Bears Reduce Canada’s Beaver Fever

(POLITICS/POLL) Canada, when'd you get so cold? What'd the beaver, or as Conservative politician Nicole Eaton calls them, "a dentally defective rat," ever do to you, Canada? The beaver has gracefully served as Canada's national emblem for the past 37 years. Why revoke its title now? What would you rather be the symbol of Canada? Are you Team Beaver, Team Polar Bear, or third party? Vote below and read on for more options. — Global Animal

VIDEO UPDATE FROM JAPAN: One Loyal Tsunami Dog Found

Nov. 5, 2011 VIDEO UPDATE (LOYAL TSUNAMI DOGS) – Nearly eight months after Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami and the moving video of the two "loyal tsunami dogs" or, "stay together dogs," who refused to abandon each other, one of the dogs has been located, reports the Nippon SPCA.  This direct account by the guardian of the two dogs in the video, a Brittany spaniel and an Irish setter, refutes Kenn Sakurai's story that he was instrumental in rescuing the "stay together dogs" right after a Japan TV station shot the heartbreaking footage. Read on for details about what happened to the loyal dogs and why Nippon SPCA is calling Kenn Sakurai's actions into question.