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Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson Responds To Bethune Verdict (VIDEO)

(VIDEO) Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson upon hearing Pete Bethune was given a suspended prison sentence. — Global Animal

PETA Opening Office In Middle East (And What Do You Think Of PETA?)

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) — PETA is opening an office in the United Arab Emirates. Read about PETA's initial plans as well as Global Animal's position on PETA. You either love them or hate 'em. Please tell us what you think! — Global Animal

Farmers Lament Deers’ Cuteness As Public Resists Deer Cull ( aka Killing)

CANADA-Farmers frustrated with deer eating their crop call for a cull (aka killing) to diminish the deer population and damages to crop. Here's an easier, less bloody solution: Use a fence or netting!

What Bull: Spain’s Opposition Party Trying To Revoke Bullfighting Ban

MADRID- Although bullfighting was recently banned in the Catalonia region, some politicians want the bloody spectacle to return and revoke Catalonia's epic success. Cruelty is 'culture'? That's B.S...

Who Are You Wearing?: House Passes Truth In Fur Labeling Act

(POLITICS) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act to upgrade the nearly 60-year-old federal fur labeling law that has so many loopholes it fails anyone who objects to wearing pelts. As the adage goes, ' The only one who needs a mink coat is a mink.' The new labeling act helps inform shoppers who agree. — Global Animal

Government Takes Over Management of Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’

JAKARTA - Finally, hopeful news for the 4,200 animals at Jakarta's horrific zoo. Indonesia's Forestry Ministry has taken over management of Surabaya Zoo following the death of hundreds of animals, including a Sumatran tiger and other endangered species.

How Humane Is Your Politician?

Sure, politician jokes are easy, but knowing if your legislators support animal welfare or not isn't a laughing matter. That's why we at Global Animal are thrilled with The Humane Society's new 'Humane Scoreboard.' The easy online tool gives a real-time snapshot of where U.S. Senators and Representatives stand on animal protection legislation, votes and policies. There's a groundswell of change underfoot in the way animals are treated and regarded.Which side of history is your politician on? Find out at: http://humanescoreboard.org/

Russia And China Sign Agreement To Rebuild Siberian Tiger Population

(TIGER) RUSSIA/CHINA — Russia and China celebrate the year of the Tiger by creating the first protected area Siberian (Amur) tigers. Read what this means for 20 of the world's remaining 450 Amur tigers and other endangered species. — Global Animal

O’Barry Delivers Petition To Stop Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Despite Violent Threats

JAPAN- Some Japanese are resorting to violent threats against Ric O'Barry and others who challenge Taiji's dolphin slaughter. 'The Cove' director likens it to America's former slavery tradition, noting that unjust 'traditions' can and should end.

Koala Takes Australian Parliament By Cute Storm

AUSTRALIA- A koala, a python, and a Tasmanian devil walk into...That's not the beginning of a silly joke. These threatened animals actually visited Canberra's Parliament House to put faces to names for Australia's National Threatened Species Day.

Man Who Owned Lion Cubs Is Convicted Under (Toothless) B.C. Law

CANADA - A new restriction on the ownership of exotic animals is finally in play, resulting in a man being fined a mere $500 for keeping two lion cubs in his backyard.  This, after a grown tiger he owned in 2007 killed his girlfriend.  What's it going to take for this guy to learn his lesson? Perhaps a law with more teeth?

NC Lab Animals Rescued After Abuse Video Released, Loving Homes Needed

NORTH CAROLINA– A research lab that tests chemicals on animals shut its doors after a PETA video revealed disturbing footage of alleged cruelty to cats, dogs and rabbits. Now, officials are looking for new homes for the hundreds of rescued animals. Hint, hint...

Alaskan Wolves Killed by Airplane Hunters

Scientists ‘Discover’ That Killing Wolves Reduces Wolf Population

Surprise! Scientists announced that the hunting program in Idaho and Montana to kill gray wolves reduces their population. Kind of makes a cranky, but logical, animal lover want to learn how to reduce the humans-who-kill-wolves population and the politicians who promoted the deadly junk science.

Sea Shepherd Gets 105-Foot, Multi-Hull Monster For This Season’s Whale Wars

(WHALE WARS) Check out these pictures and video of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's new 105-foot, high-speed, multi-hull Ocean Adventurer. The trimaran is named Gojira, which is Japanese for Godzilla. Should be exciting to watch this season of Whale Wars and this new boat in anti-whaling action!