Wednesday, November 25, 2020


Feature stories about animals – the funny, the fabulous, the touching.

Oscar Is World’s First Bionic Cat

(BIONIC CAT) UNITED KINGDOM — A black cat named Oscar who lost both hind paws in a combine harvester accident is now sporting a world's first -  shiny bionic legs that even flex. — Global Animal

PETA Opening Office In Middle East (And What Do You Think Of PETA?)

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) — PETA is opening an office in the United Arab Emirates. Read about PETA's initial plans as well as Global Animal's position on PETA. You either love them or hate 'em. Please tell us what you think! — Global Animal

New ‘Grooming’ Honeybees May Save Species

(HONEYBEE SCIENCE) A new strain of honeybee has learned to groom other bees in the hive to keep varroa mites, the mites which kill entire colonies of honeybees, out of the nest. But will this 'groomer bee' be enough to help save the honeybees? — Global Animal

How Humane Is Your Politician?

Sure, politician jokes are easy, but knowing if your legislators support animal welfare or not isn't a laughing matter. That's why we at Global Animal are thrilled with The Humane Society's new 'Humane Scoreboard.' The easy online tool gives a real-time snapshot of where U.S. Senators and Representatives stand on animal protection legislation, votes and policies. There's a groundswell of change underfoot in the way animals are treated and regarded.Which side of history is your politician on? Find out at:

Government Takes Over Management of Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’

JAKARTA - Finally, hopeful news for the 4,200 animals at Jakarta's horrific zoo. Indonesia's Forestry Ministry has taken over management of Surabaya Zoo following the death of hundreds of animals, including a Sumatran tiger and other endangered species.

Who Are You Wearing?: House Passes Truth In Fur Labeling Act

(POLITICS) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act to upgrade the nearly 60-year-old federal fur labeling law that has so many loopholes it fails anyone who objects to wearing pelts. As the adage goes, ' The only one who needs a mink coat is a mink.' The new labeling act helps inform shoppers who agree. — Global Animal

Why Red Squirrels Make Great Adoptive Moms

(SQUIRREL) Science suggests that 'being squirrely' can mean being altruistic. In keeping with Hamilton's Rule, when a red squirrel baby is in trouble, oftentimes, other squirrel moms will 'adopt' the youngster and go out on a limb to help. — Global Animal

The Case For Vegetarianism: Our Pleasure vs. Sensitive Life

Israeli writer Orna Rinat presents an impassioned argument that according to prevailing scientific thought, animals have sensitivity and the ability to suffer. And therefore, we must have compassion for animals. This means making the ethical decision to not choose our pleasure over the life of another being. Agree, disagree, discuss.

What Bull: Spain’s Opposition Party Trying To Revoke Bullfighting Ban

MADRID- Although bullfighting was recently banned in the Catalonia region, some politicians want the bloody spectacle to return and revoke Catalonia's epic success. Cruelty is 'culture'? That's B.S...

Scientist Saving Wombats From Being Roadkill

AUSTRALIA- A Canadian scientist has taken her skills to Australia where she is actively researching the increase in wombat deaths on the road and how roads and highways are fragmenting animal populations and putting them at risk.

Farmers Lament Deers’ Cuteness As Public Resists Deer Cull ( aka Killing)

CANADA-Farmers frustrated with deer eating their crop call for a cull (aka killing) to diminish the deer population and damages to crop. Here's an easier, less bloody solution: Use a fence or netting!

Curry For Sheep Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

(ENVIRONMENT) One study suggests that the spices in curry such as coriander and tumeric can reduce the amount of methane produced by bacteria in sheep's stomach. Researchers hope that the spices can work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cows and sheep in the future. — Global Animal

Animals and Lost Innocence

(ANIMAL ART) GA exclusive: Featured Blog Den contributor Claire Nettleton, Ph.D (ABD), shares her impressions of the art exhibit A Voyage of Growth and Discovery that ties themes of children, art, and animals. — Global Animal

Volunteers Drowning In Dying & Dead Animals – And BP’s Blockades

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) LOUISIANA — Several reports from surveillance teams around the gulf tell horrifying stories of dead animals, killed by the oil and lack of food--and BP trying to keep everyone away from seeing anything worse. One volunteer says that in the three hours she spent around the gulf, she saw "one heron, two black birds, and one duck." — Global Animal