Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Feature stories about animals – the funny, the fabulous, the touching.

Koala Takes Australian Parliament By Cute Storm

AUSTRALIA- A koala, a python, and a Tasmanian devil walk into...That's not the beginning of a silly joke. These threatened animals actually visited Canberra's Parliament House to put faces to names for Australia's National Threatened Species Day.

Dog Eats Drunk Man’s Toe, Saves His Life

MICHIGAN- Forget the nagging wife clichés – a gnawing dog may be good for your health. A drunk man who'd passed out woke to find his toe chewed off by his pet terrier. Good thing, because it led to a diabetes diagnosis.  This dog, like many others, seems to have the ability to detect illness.

Pete Bethune: My Time In A Japanese Prison

NEW ZEALAND - (VIDEO) Pete Bethune, conservationist and anti-whaling activist, describes his three months in a Japanese prison and the regimen that kept him sane. He discusses being treated like Hannibal Lector and how his reputation may have actually been a very good thing.

Pete Bethune: How I Boarded The Shonan Maru 2

NEW ZEALAND– (VIDEO) The Kiwi Has Landed! Pete Bethune of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society discusses his harrowing middle-of-the-night boarding of the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, which sank Bethune's trimaran, the Ady Gil, in the Antarctic Ocean last January.

Capt. Paul Watson: “We’re All Just Spaceship Passengers”

(VIDEO) In this new series of video interviews with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain draws an illustrative analogy that people are just passengers on a spaceship called Earth. Watson explains why 'popping the rivets' of the ship – or removing species from the planet, one by one – has disastrous implications for us all.

Capt. Paul Watson: On Prop Foulers And Other Tactics

(VIDEO) In this new video in Global Animal's interview series with Paul Watson, the Captain responds to critics about the efficacy of Sea Shepherd's prop foulers and other tactics. Turns out, the reality of an multi-faceted campaign isn't always captured in reality television.


Captain Paul Watson: You Can Change The World

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) In an interview with Global Animal, Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, reminds us that all great movements begin with individual action. -- Global Animal

Pete Bethune: Confronting The Whaling Captain Who Sank The Ady Gil

NEW ZEALAND– (VIDEO) Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune describes the moments after boarding the Shonun Maru 2, the Japanese whaling ship that sank his vessel, the Ady Gil, in the Antarctic waters of a whale sanctuary. Bethune describes the whaling crew's reaction to him materializing on the ship and the captain's reaction to Bethune making a citizen's arrest for the whalers' illegal activities.

O’Barry Delivers Petition To Stop Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Despite Violent Threats

JAPAN- Some Japanese are resorting to violent threats against Ric O'Barry and others who challenge Taiji's dolphin slaughter. 'The Cove' director likens it to America's former slavery tradition, noting that unjust 'traditions' can and should end.

Why The Taiji Slaughter Is About More Than Dolphins

(JAPAN DOLPHINS) Oscar-winning producer Fisher Stevens describes the changes to his worldview that culminated in the making of 'The Cove.' — Global Animal

Russia And China Sign Agreement To Rebuild Siberian Tiger Population

(TIGER) RUSSIA/CHINA — Russia and China celebrate the year of the Tiger by creating the first protected area Siberian (Amur) tigers. Read what this means for 20 of the world's remaining 450 Amur tigers and other endangered species. — Global Animal

Capt. Paul Watson: If We Kill Our Oceans, We Kill Ourselves

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society talks about the death of our oceans, the politics of extinction and how the collapse of entire species of fish like the bluefin tuna is bad news for humans. — Global Animal

Quirks And Pet Peeves: Animals Have Them, Too

(PET) — Scientist have identified hotheads and tiptoers, schmoozers and loners, divas, dullards and fearless explorers, and they have learned that animals, like us, often cling to the same personality for the bulk of their lives. — Global Animal

Scotland’s New Hunting Restrictions Are A License To Kill

(POLITICS) SCOTLAND — New hunting restrictions crack down on off-season hunting, but that's cold comfort to anyone who values life over blood 'sport.' The new rules entirely remove the need for a hunting license. Extra points for hitting both the cruel and stupid  bullseye. — Global Animal