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Research Chimps See Sunlight For First Time

(ANIMAL VIDEO) AUSTRIA — Tissue alert! After 30 years locked in isolation, 38 chimpanzees retired from working as HIV and hepatitis test animals and were let outside for the first time in their lives. The delight of the newly free primates is evident in the video of their first steps outside. Watch the touching video of the chimps as they celebrate their hard-won freedom from testing. — Global Animal

New Bill For Canine Veterans

(MILITARY DOGS) A new bill is in the works that will give much-needed recognition and benefits to our canine warriors. The bill would redefine the dogs as "canine members of the armed services" rather than equipment, provide for their future medical care, and help them find loving homes, all funded by charitable donations. Read on for more on this amazing new piece of legislation for military dogs. — Global Animal  

It's important to avoid feeding your dog table scraps. Photo Credit: Don Mason, Corbis

The Good, The Bad, & The Healthy: 10 Best & Worst Pet Foods

(CATS & DOGS/PET FOOD) How much do we really know about what we're feeding our pets? While modern pet product marketing focuses on consumers' responsibility as pet parents and providing our beloved pets with "all-natural," “human-grade” food made with the “highest quality ingredients,” we must remember to take food labels with a grain of salt. The Clean Label Project, a nonprofit focused on health and transparency in consumer product labeling, conducted research on over 900 of the most popular pet food products and tested for 130 industrial and environmental toxins like arsenic (the main ingredient in rat poison), cadmium (found in battery acid), pesticides, and several other contaminants linked to cancer and other fatal diseases. The results reveal a severe disconnect between what companies are promising their customers versus what consumers are actually paying for. -- Global Animal

Vick’s Dogs Reunite For Family Photo

(DOG RESCUE) October 27 marked the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the 13 dogs rescued from Michael Vick's Bad Newz Kennels. In celebration of the progress and success of these once abused dogs, seven of the canines and their current guardians reunited for a family photo at BadRap, one of the two non-profit organizations that took in Vick's fighting dogs. Many believed that the recovered dogs from Bad Newz Kennels were violent and should be euthanized, but BadRap was determined to rehabilitate Vick's victims. Thanks to the compassionate persons at BadRap and the amazing families who adopted the companions, the dogs  "have gone on to earn impressive accolades, and all have proven themselves to be cherished family companions," stated BadRap director Donna Reynolds. Continue reading to learn about the many accomplishments of these resilient animals. — Global Animal 

Police Officer Kidnaps Dog In Daring Rescue

(DOG RESCUE) DENMARK — Lars Bo Lomholt, a Denamrk police officer, has been accused of kidnapping a German Shepherd scheduled to be euthanized for biting another dog. The officer now faces criminal charges and discharge from the North Zealand police department. Thor, the 7-year-old German Shepherd, bit a smaller dog once after being startled. Soon after, it was determined by the police department that the dog's behavior was "unnatural," and Thor was taken away from his rightful guardian. Read on to learn more about this heroic tale and sign the petition to support this brave animal lover. — Global Animal

Bees Soar Above Computers At Math

(BEES/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Bees vs. Google maps, who will win? A bee, of course! Even though their brains are only the size of grass seeds, bees are able to find the fastest route possible between several flowers, much like a computer can calculate the quickest route to the airport, only bees do it faster. Read on to learn more on how bees are secretly mathematical geniuses. — Global Animal

Heroic Male Model Strips To Save Drowning Dog

AUSTRALIA– When a woman and her Maltese-Shih Tzu, Bibi, set off for a walk on the pier in Melbourne, she had no idea it could be Bibi's last. Thank goodness there was a brave male model ready to save the day!

NBA Finals: Animal Fans Go Wild! (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL PICTURES) The NBA Finals are well underway, and animal fans are getting in on the action! Check out this gallery of some wild creatures who know how to show their true team spirit. — Global Animal

Headless Goat & Roosters: Victims Of Religion?

(CULTURE) Miami's South Beach residents were in for a scary surprise when a blue bag containing decapitated roosters and a goat was found floating by  luxury condos. The security guard who spotted the bag called Richard Couto, an animal activist and investigator, to look into the bizarre incident. Couto concluded that the animals are most likely victims of Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion popularized in Cuba and brought to Florida by immigrants, which oftentimes involves animal sacrifice. Read on to find out more about this cruel practice. — Global Animal

Academy Award Nominee Drowns For Fish (VIDEO)

(OCEANS) In a controversial new PETA commercial, award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix puts himself into the position of the 1 trillion fish who are killed each year by the fish industry. In the video, shot by famous shark photographer Michael Muller, Phoenix narrates, "In water humans drown, just as fish suffocate on land. It's slow, and painful, and frighting." The Master star carries out possibly one of the scariest parts of his career as he desperately trashes underwater, each failed breath further filling his lungs with water. The ad brings awareness to the fact that we often choose to separate fish from land animals simply because they're different. Read on to learn more about this initiative and view the video for yourself. — Global Animal

Cairo, Seal Team Six Dog, Meets President Obama

(WORKING DOGS) The identity of the Seal Team Six Dog that helped kill Osama Bin Laden was finally revealed when the Belgian Malinois met the president in a private ceremony honoring the dog and his Seal Team members, according to an article in the New Yorker Magazine.

Red Meat: How Bad Is It Really?

(CULTURE) Pledge to save a life on Earth Day. Your own! Earth day encourages us all to recognize our impact on the environment, and one of the biggest impacts one can make on this environment is to stop eating animals. Animals raised for consumption lead to the emission of enormous amounts of greenhouse gases, depletion of oxygen and wastes tons of water. Read on for startling meat-eating statistics, and why going vegetarian is not only better for the environment, but better for you. Need more encouragement? Check out our Meat-Free Monday recipes! — Global Animal

Horses never forget their human friends

Horses Never Forget Their Human Friends

(HORSES) A new study shows that horses remember the people who have treated them well. This isn't news for those who have horses in their lives. But what is surprising is that horses may also remember – and understand – your words. -- Global Animal

Why Puppies Don’t Make The Perfect Gift

(HOLIDAYS/PETS) With the holiday season in full gear, much of our time is spent shopping for amazing gifts for our loved ones. While gifting a puppy may seem like a lovable gesture, it's not a very smart or practical choice. Read on to learn why giving a puppy isn't the perfect gift. — Global Animal