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Can Trophy Hunting Save Rhinos?

(RHINOS/ENDANGERED SPECIES) Black rhinos are one of the most critically endangered animals in the world, with only about 5,000 left in the wild. Efforts to conserve the species vary, but one way in particular has been an incredibly controversial practice for some animal rights groups. Each year, Namibia is allowed to sell the hunting rights for five of the country's rhinos, with their most recent auction going for $350,000. The hunted rhinos sold are said to be elderly and problematic, and the proceeds in exchange for the trophy hunt go directly to the rhino conservation effort. Continue reading below to understand the complicated truths behind this controversial practice. — Global Animal

On The Road: Journalist Reunites Kerouac With Guardian

(PETS/DOG RESCUE) MALI — Imagine losing your companion in a country recovering from a civil conflict involving active Al Qaeda militants, and known for its corruption. Two months ago, a BBC correspondent reunited a wayward pooch and his French guardian in one of the world's most dangerous countries, Mali. Stephane and his traveling canine companion Kerouac were on an On the Road-inspired adventure when one day, Kerouac went missing. Read on to see how the compassionate journalist helped reunite dog and guardian against all odds. — Global Animal

A Rescue Dog’s Freedom Goes Beyond Leaving The Shelter

(RESCUE DOGS/OP/ED DEN) He rolled over in gratefulness and exalted freedom, melting like butter in my lap when he was escorted out of the shelter. Butterbean, rightfully named for his melting appreciation, was rescued two weeks ago before being euthanized in the Downey, California shelter where he was being held. As I watched him burst through the doors into the fresh air, I could see that he knew he was safe. He rolled beneath my feet, pawing the air in celebratory praise. When Butterbean first arrived at the Downey shelter as a stray with an injured leg, he had a potential adopter who, upon arrival, denied the young French Bulldog due to his injury. — Global Animal

NFL Disregards Michael Vick’s Violent Past

(DOGS/OP/ED) After the Philadelphia Eagles wild-card loss to the New Orleans Saints over the weekend, animal rights activists all over the country rejoiced in hopes that back-up quarterback Michael Vick wouldn't be resigned to the team—especially us here at Global Animal. The Global Animal team recently added a new member to the family, a rescue pit bull named Lulu. Lulu was used for breeding purposes in dog fighting rings and could have easily been one of the many dogs killed by Michael Vick. The NFL notoriously overlooks players' controversial pasts because they have a good arm, and this needs to change. What does it teach the kids who look up to a man like Vick? The fact that the Eagles picked up Michael Vick three short months after his stint in federal prisons gives kids the idea that animal cruelty is okay as long as you're talented. Continue reading to know more about Vick and his future with the NFL. — Global Animal

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Mark Bittman On Animal Equality: The Ones We Forget

(VEGAN/ANIMAL WELFARE) Culinary journalist and healthy living guru, Mark Bittman, shares his problem with our bias towards companion animals. Bittman has authored a number of cooking and lifestyle books, including VB6: Eat Vegan 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health...for Good, which can be found on Amazon. If you're looking for more of Bittman's insight into living a healthier lifestyle take a look at his TED Talk on YouTube. – Global Animal

Peter Singer On Forgotten Fish: Why We Ignore Their Pain

(FISHING/OCEANS) Animal welfare luminary, professor at Princeton University, and author Peter Singer ponders if the consumption of fish is ethical, and why we seem unconcerned with their pain. Read Singer's compelling account on why fishing is widely accepted, though commercial fishing is among the most inhumane of hunting practices, letting fish die a slow and painful death by leaving them out of the water. For those of us who say, 'I only eat fish,' in answer to the vegetarian question, this article provides unforgettable food for thought. Whether or not our actions change, at very least, our choices are more informed. – Global Animal

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When Cops Kill The Vulnerable: Force Or Failure?

(ANIMAL WELFARE/OP-ED) Cases of police brutality on the innocent are surfacing all over the United States. Whether cops shoot dogs and the mentally ill over concern for their own safety, or because they have itchy trigger fingers, doesn't change the emotional impact these incidents emit. Protecting the public should be priority number one on a police officer’s agenda, especially the most innocent members of our community: pets, animals, and mentally disabled humans. But police officers using excessive force on the vulnerable have been prominent news stories in recent months, with the majority ending in tragedy. — Global Animal
Traveling with dogs can be tough, but leaving pets at home can be even tougher.

Las Vegas Caters To Canine Travelers

(PET TRAVEL/PET FRIENDLY HOTELS) The love we have for our pets often makes it difficult to leave them behind when we travel, but the good news is certain travel destinations are taking steps to lessen separation anxiety. Many hotels in Las Vegas are at the forefront of animal-friendly accommodations, and don't want to discourage vacationers from traveling with their pets. Continue reading below to see how Las Vegas hotels are making dog travel a relaxing getaway. — Global Animal
Chickens are not the only animals who could possibly predict earthquakes. Photo Credit: U.S. Department of Agriculture

Humanity Hones In On Hen Intelligence

(OPED/FARM ANIMALS) Next time you’re elbow deep in an enormous bucket of fried chicken, take a second to consider the intelligence of the bird who gave their life for the lard-laden meal. A recent study from Britain suggests chickens are relatively practical thinkers and even make excellent students. Although chickens probably won’t be taking up calculus anytime soon, their intelligence poses a lot of questions regarding the treatment of farm animals. If these birds show even the slightest indication of intelligence, who’s to say they aren’t emotionally distraught due to their caged environments? Read Nicholas D. Kristof’s personal account of farm bird intelligence at the link below. — Global Animal

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP/DOGS) We all love our dogs, and recent research shows dogs probably love us back. So when a pet dies, it is with great sadness that guardians must bid farewell to their furry friends. Some consolation comes from the fact that they gave their pets the best lives they could, and for others, consolation comes from the belief of one day seeing their friends again. For instance, a couple of weeks ago Catholics and their animals took to their local churches for the traditional St. Francis of Assisi’s blessing, where some ask for the good health of their pet and others for their souls. But can animals go to heaven? Read the article below to find the answer. — Global Animal

Salmonella contaminates Foster Farms chicken, making many people sick in the U.S.

Salmonella Surprise; Chicken Doesn’t Check Out

(HEALTH/OP-ED) With the recent outbreak of salmonella making its way across the United States, meat eaters are seriously considering putting down the chicken. Reports say more than 300 people have become ill from the bacteria, but experts at the Centers for Disease Control believe the numbers are much greater. Unsurprisingly, very little has been done to protect the public from the contaminated food. Although the recent government shutdown certainly didn't help the situation, the problems surrounding the salmonella outbreak have more to do with the practices of the Food Safety and Inspection Service and the Department of Agriculture. As of late, both organizations seem more concerned with protecting the industry than with public health. Read the New York Times article at the link below to find out which chicken to stay away from, and learn what steps need to be taken to prevent future salmonella outbreaks. And while you're at it, make sure to check out our 15 Powerful Reasons to Go Veg! — Global Animal

Chipotle: The Real Deal Or Misleading Marketing?

(FACTORY FARMING/CULTURE) A tremendous amount of buzz is surrounding Chipotle Mexican Grill after their release of The Scarecrow, an artful and inspiring short film depicting the horrors of factory farming. The Scarecrow is the second short film/ad released by Chipotle. Their first short film was titled Back to the Start, and shared a similar anti-factory farming theme to the recently released advertisement. Although it is apparent that both ads resonate with consumers and has certainly established the homegrown Chipotle chain as a model of these “naturally raised” beliefs, the food-giant certainly has its critics. Read on to learn more about Chiptole's motives and hypocrisy. — Global Animal

Prince William: Animal Friend Or Foe?

(CELEBRITY NEWS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Just as Prince William was settling down to take a well-deserved year off from his royal responsibility, news broke that his two guard dogs in the British army have been euthanized. The terrible news is of no fault to the prince, but it comes at an inopportune moment, as William recently stressed his concern for all global wildlife. Additionally, the prince is no stranger to sport hunting, which will be a tough obstacle to overcome if he’s truly serious about his new animal-loving lifestyle. Is Prince William truly an animal lover, or is his past too much to compete with? Read the article below and decide for yourself. — Global Animal

Does Chipotle’s Latest Ad Adopt A Misleading Message?

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN) Chipotle's newest ad, "The Scarecrow," is garnering a lot of attention since its release. The video instantaneously went viral and numerous articles and comments have been posted across the World Wide Web to praise Chipotle for its organic methods and anti-factory farming message. However, in an article published on Salon, David Sirota has a different take on the film and Chipotle's advertising practices. Sirota claims there is a hidden vegetarian message within the advertisement that is misleading and hypocritical given that Chipotle serves several types of meat. Read the full article below for more on Sirota's views concerning Chipotle's advertising methods. — Global Animal