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Apps Keep Pets Happy, Active & Even Quiet?

It seems like there's an app for everything these days, so why should our pets be any different? Check out the most useful apps here that help out if your pet gets poisoned or if you need to find the nearest dog park.

15 Powerful Reasons To Go Veg

(VEGETARIAN/VEGAN LIVING) Looking to make a positive change in your life? Go vegetarian, or better still, vegan. It's a powerful way to improve your life, your health, and the wellbeing of other people, animals, and the planet. Check out these 15 excellent reasons to enjoy a meatless, plant-based diet. — Global Animal

Update: Loyal Dog & Friend’s Safety STILL UNCONFIRMED

(ANIMAL NEWS) UPDATE ON LOYAL TSUNAMI DOGS: April 15, 2011 – It's been nearly five weeks and still no verifiable evidence has emerged that the disappeared "loyal tsunami dogs" or "stay together dogs" were rescued or received vet care. The controversy has died down, as have the fabulist Facebook rumors. And so have the attacks on Global Animal for seeking a second source to verify the wellbeing of the two dogs who captured our hearts and became the symbols of the animal victims of Japan's earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Japan’s Animal Victims: Truth & News vs. Rumors & Facebook

(JAPAN) The video of the loyal dog refusing to leave his injured canine friend behind in the wreckage of Japan's tsunami has become a symbol of the animal suffering. So why is it so difficult to get the facts straight? Global Animal co-founder Arthur Jeon weighs in. -- Global Animal

Radiation And Wildlife: The Impact On Animals

While many animals have been affected by the disaster in Japan, the impact of the radiation appears to be less harmful than we might have expected. Read on to discover how the marine and wildlife have been and may continue to be affected by the radiation leaks. — Global Animal

Still No ‘Proof Of Life’ For Loyal Dogs, Despite Rumor Mill

In the ever-evolving story of the two "Loyal Dogs," whose video has become an internet sensation, the facts are becoming murkier rather than more clear. But one fact remains, no independent, verifiable 'proof of life' exists for these two dogs.

Brain Dead: GoDaddy CEO

(ANIMAL WELFARE) This week, we saw two iconic videos relating to animals and the way we choose to treat them. One was the gruesome GoDaddy CEO's video of the slaughter of an elephant; the other was the Coast Guard rescue of a dog adrift at sea for three weeks following the Japan tsunami.

Japan’s Exclusion Zones Like “Katrina With Radiation”

FUKUSHIMA, JAPAN – (PHOTOS & VIDEO) Abandoned pets and farm animals are starving and dying in Fukushima's 20km radiation exclusion zones. And a small band of animal rescue groups are bending the rules to try to save them. Risking radiation poisoning and arrest, Kinship Circle and other animal organizations are sneaking into the 'dead zone' to save any life they can.

Tornadoes Devastate People & Pets (HOW TO HELP)

ALABAMA (ANIMAL TORNADO RESCUE) – Tornadoes ripped through nine states, wreaking havoc on people and pets alike. Read about the disaster's effects and find how to help pets and other animal tornado victims. Also find animal organizations in Alabama engaged in pet foster, adoption and reuniting rescued pets with their families. – Global Animal

One Dog And 79 Commandos Kill Osama Bin Laden

PAKISTAN (MILITARY DOGS) – It took 79 Navy SEALs and one dog to kill al-Qaeda founder, Osama bin Laden, at his compound in Pakistan yesterday. Read about soldier dogs and what these skilled canines do for the Navy SEALS, including Seal Team Six, the Army, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

German Shepherd? Belgian Malinois? Navy SEAL Hero Dog Is Top Secret

May 5, 2011 (PHOTOS) – A Belgian Malinois? Maybe. A German Shepherd? Possibly. The Military Working Dog who was part of Navy Seal Team Six that killed Osama bin Laden is the source of fierce speculation. Global Animal is told by military sources that this soldier dog, like the other 79 Navy Seals, will remain anonymous. Still, much can be assumed about the commando dog's role. Read on...

Activists Battle Wolf Delisting, Say It’s Illegal

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) – Conservationists are already fighting congress' shortsighted decision to delist gray wolves with a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. Despite its endangered species status, the gray wolf population is not fully recovered and they were hunted as recently as 2009. With wolf hunts already planned within hours of the delisting announcement, conservationists are acting as quickly as possible to save the unjustly targeted wolves. –Global Animal

Global Animals Give $2,200 To Alabama Tornado Pet Rescue

GLOBAL ANIMAL FOUNDATION – Global Animal readers donated $2,200 for Alabama animal rescue groups working to help animals affected by the Southern tornadoes. Aid includes vet care, pet fostering and adoption, and food for  dogs, cats, farm animals and wildlife in addition to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Tooth Fairytales: Navy SEAL Dogs Don’t Have Titanium Teeth

MILITARY DOGS – It turns out the rumor that Military Working Dogs (MWDs) have titanium teeth is only partially true. Even the Navy SEAL Team Six dog who helped take down Osama bin Laden would only get a titanium crown if a tooth or cap was broken. Let down? Don't be. Allow us to introduce an equally powerful, and cleverly parodied team of animal soldiers – The cats of war and the elite soldiers of Band of Whiskers!