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The Black Fish Interview: What’s Wrong With Sea Parks

(VIDEO) Marking the Save Japan Dolphins international protest, we revisit our interview with The Black Fish co-founder, Wietse van der Werf, who describes what's wrong with dolphinariums like SeaWorld and how the captivity trade is linked to the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.

Crowds Show Up Worldwide To Protest Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

INTERNATIONAL - Thousands of protesters gathered in front of Japanese Consulates around the world, partaking in "International Save The Dolphins Day," trying to stop the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan.

Rescued baby dolphin held in pool

Rescued Baby Dolphin Being Nursed To Health

URUGUAY- (BABY DOLPHIN PICTURES) After being found injured by a fishing net, Nipper, a baby dolphin is nursed back to health. See the magnificent photos of the tiny La Plata river dolphin – and the concerned penguin who oversaw young dolphin's care.

(VIDEO) Rescued Baby Dolphin Gets Swimming Lesson

 (ANIMAL VIDEO) JUST IN! Catch the first video of the rescued baby dolphin in Uruguay getting a swimming lesson. 13 days old on November 8th, 2010! — Global Animal

NIPPER UPDATE: The Baby Dolphin’s Health & The Boys Who Saved Him (New Photos)

Nov. 10, 2010 URUGUAY- (PHOTOS) The injured baby dolphin who's captured the world's compassion is recovering under 24-hour care. Here's the update on Nipper, the boys who saved him, and the penguin who's sticking around!

Is Your Dog Going Deaf Or Blind? Communicating With An Older Dog

(SENIOR PETS/OLDER DOGS) Your dog has been your best friend for many years, but perhaps now he/she is slowing down, sleeping more and becoming startled by pats on the back. Is there a better way to communicate with an aging dog? Absolutely! -- Global Animal

Nov.12 NIPPER UPDATE: Baby Dolphin Battling Hypothermia

Nov. 12, 2010 URUGUAY - Nipper is suffering from hypothermia, which is worrisome as it may aggravate the rescued baby dolphin's respiratory infection. Cold weather has caused the water temperature in the pool to drop. The team, which is working around the clock, have heated the pool water and are warming the surrounding environment.

Nipper The Baby Dolphin vs. The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

We at Global Animal have been pondering the world’s overwhelming and gratifying interest in the baby dolphin rescued off a beach in Uruguay. ‘Nipper,’ as he has become to be called, became the most popular story on Global Animal this week.

Sad News: Nipper The Baby Dolphin Dies

Nov. 13, 2010 URUGUAY- Nipper the baby dolphin rescued 12 days ago, died at dawn this morning of complications from hypothermia and respiratory failure, according to Richard Tesore, who had been caring for the infant river dolphin at the SOS Rescate Fauna Marina in Uruguay.

Adopt A Turkey – Ady Gil Will Show His Thanks

(THANKSGIVING/TURKEYS) Ady Gil is moving from sea to land, saving turkeys in time for Thanksgiving and giving the birds something to be thankful for. Gil, who is best known for donating $1 million to his namesake vessel with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is matching donations up to $50,000 for Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey program until November 25. -- Global Animal

Whale War Is On: Japanese Harpoon Ships Leave Port

December 1, 2010  JAPAN– JUST IN: According to conservationist Pete Bethune, Japanese whalers have left port in three harpoon ships for the start of the 2010 whaling season.

Wildlife Rehabilitators Overwhelmed By Orphaned Bear Cubs

CANADA — A dramatic increase in orphaned bear cubs is causing problems in British Columbia. While the wildlife rehabilitation centers are caring for more cubs than ever before, government funding has been slashed. Read more about the fate of the orphaned cubs.

Wolves Slaughtered By Aerial Hunting Programs (Take Action)

Despite laws geared at protecting wildlife from aerial hunting, hundreds of Alaskan wolves have been killed from hunters in airplanes. Learn more about this ongoing practice and find out how you can help protect wolves.

Last Yellowstone Bison Face Slaughter (Take Action)

400 bison, some of the last of the Great American Herds, could be slaughtered because they searched for food in the wrong National Forest. Read on to learn about the injustice in Montana, and how you can urge the federal government to put a halt to it. — Global Animal