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Pete Bethune: How I Boarded The Shonan Maru 2

NEW ZEALAND– (VIDEO) The Kiwi Has Landed! Pete Bethune of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society discusses his harrowing middle-of-the-night boarding of the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, which sank Bethune's trimaran, the Ady Gil, in the Antarctic Ocean last January.

Pete Bethune: Confronting The Whaling Captain Who Sank The Ady Gil

NEW ZEALAND– (VIDEO) Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune describes the moments after boarding the Shonun Maru 2, the Japanese whaling ship that sank his vessel, the Ady Gil, in the Antarctic waters of a whale sanctuary. Bethune describes the whaling crew's reaction to him materializing on the ship and the captain's reaction to Bethune making a citizen's arrest for the whalers' illegal activities.

Pete Bethune: My Time In A Japanese Prison

NEW ZEALAND - (VIDEO) Pete Bethune, conservationist and anti-whaling activist, describes his three months in a Japanese prison and the regimen that kept him sane. He discusses being treated like Hannibal Lector and how his reputation may have actually been a very good thing.

Capt. Paul Watson: “We’re All Just Spaceship Passengers”

(VIDEO) In this new series of video interviews with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain draws an illustrative analogy that people are just passengers on a spaceship called Earth. Watson explains why 'popping the rivets' of the ship – or removing species from the planet, one by one – has disastrous implications for us all.

Capt. Paul Watson: What It Takes To Be A Sea Shepherd Volunteer

(VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson discusses what it takes to be a Sea Shepherd volunteer and how 'professionals' would never do what they do.

Capt. Paul Watson: On Prop Foulers And Other Tactics

(VIDEO) In this new video in Global Animal's interview series with Paul Watson, the Captain responds to critics about the efficacy of Sea Shepherd's prop foulers and other tactics. Turns out, the reality of an multi-faceted campaign isn't always captured in reality television.

Pete Bethune: What I Wish Japanese People Knew (& Making Friends On The Shonan...

(VIDEO) Sea Shepherd maverick Pete Bethune talks about actually making friends with his captors aboard the Shonan Maru 2 Japanese whaling vessel! Bethune also corrects the hype surrounding him and other Sea Shepherd volunteers, explaining how they're ordinary people from all walks of life...

Pete Bethune: Why Failure Doesn’t Scare Me (& What I’m Doing Now)

(VIDEO) Pete Bethune's take action attitude is good news for Lolita The Whale, who's been imprisoned in a tiny tank for over 40 years. In this video podcast interview with Global Animal, Bethune describes how, after hearing from a young boy about Lolita's plight, he decided to get involved.  Hear what this conservationist, former Sea Shepherd, and holder of the world record for the fastest trip around the world in a powerboat thinks is the key for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world.

Capt. Paul Watson On: Being ‘Anti-Japanese’

Sept. 28,2010 (VIDEO) In this interview with Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd, Watson addresses the allegations that he is anti-Japanese or Japan-bashing. Hear Watson make the point that his daughter is half-Asian and that anti-whaling and protecting whales from slaughter is an international concern, among other compelling statements.

Capt. Paul Watson on: Being A ‘Terrorist’

Sept. 28,2010 (VIDEO) The most controversial videos in the series yet! In this compelling interview with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain addresses the attacks that he and Sea Shepherd are 'terrorists.' Watson also discusses being on INTERPOL's watch list and what it's like to be tracked like fellow 'terrorist,' His Holiness, The Dalai Lama.

Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd Crew

Capt. Paul Watson on: Japanese Whalers ‘Trying To Kill Us’

September 28,2010 (VIDEO) There's never a dull moment hearing Captain Paul Watson state his position on behalf of his clients, the whales! In this new interview, he discusses the life-threatening actions taken by the Japanese whalers against  Sea Shepherd volunteers.

Interview With The Black Fish Co-Founder

(VIDEO) We've got 'em! Anyone who's been following the recent net-cutting events in Taiji, Japan has probably wondered, 'Who are The Black Fish?' In Global Animal's exclusive interview with Wietse Van Der Werf, co-founder of The Black Fish, he reveals the origins of The Black Fish and how their approach differs from other organizations, like Sea Shepherd and Ric O'Barry's Save Japan Dolphins.

Interview With The Black Fish: How & Why We Cut The Dolphin Nets

(VIDEO) The Black Fish co-founder, Wietse van der Werf, discusses the group's direct action to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, including a perilous night dive to cut the nets holding the dolphins captive – and how marine parks are linked to the slaughter.

Doggy Dharma: Deepak Chopra Discovers What Dog Lovers Know

Deepak Chopra has written a book called Walking Wisdom, extolling the spiritual benefits of having a dog teach us how to be in the moment. Amen!