Saturday, October 31, 2020
Disneynature Bears is narrated by John C. Reilly and includes a song by Disney's Olivia Holt.

Movie Review: Disneynature’s “Bears”

(MOVIE REVIEW/WILDLIFE) Disneynature struck gold with the documentary, Chimpanzee, back in 2012. Their latest project, Bears, continues to display the same charm that makes Disney movies so great. Centering around a female grizzly, Sky, and her two cubs, Scout and Amber, Bears does a good job of showing the struggles faced by the animals during the cubs’ first year of life. Irreplaceable in his role, Oscar nominee John C. Reilly captures the spirit of the film through his narration, and perfectly expresses the film’s lighthearted moments, as well as its more dramatic scenes. In addition to Reilly, Bears employs actress and singer, Olivia Holt, who performs “Carry On,” at the end of the film, a song written specifically for the documentary. — Global Animal

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“Cowspiracy,” The Ugly Truth About Animal Agriculture

(MOVIES/FACTORY FARMING) Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, produced by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, is a documentary "as eye-opening as Blackfish" that helps shed light on the factory farming industry—the leading cause of global warming, water depletion, and species extinction. The film is set to release at the end of June, and can be explored in more depth on the Cowspiracy website. Read below for more on this progressive project and "the sustainability secret." — Global Animal
Maleficent opens Friday May 30th.

Movie Review: “Maleficent” Casts Spell On Audiences

(MOVIE REVIEW) Since the first sneak peak of Maleficent back in November 2013, audiences everywhere have eagerly awaited Angelina Jolie’s mysterious portrayal of one of Disney's most iconic villains. Helmed by debut director Robert Stromberg, Maleficent presents an interesting take on an old story as it focuses almost entirely on The Sleeping Beauty antagonist. Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota Fanning) plays the role of Princess Aurora in this modern adaptation, starring alongside Imelda Staunton of Harry Potter, Juno Temple of The Dark Knight Rises, and actor Sharlto Copley of District 9. — Global Animal

Movie Review: “The Paw Project,” A Catfight Against Declawing

(PRESS RELEASE/ACTIVISM)- A non-profit organization that aims to ban the practice of declawing cats, The Paw Project, has released their first documentary on Netflix. The film addresses the abusive reality of the procedure and explores the cruel emotional and physical consequences it has on our feline friends. Continue reading for the documentary synopsis and to learn more about the harmful consequences of declawing. — Global Animal
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy makes the leap from the comics to the movies Friday, August 1st.

Movie Review: “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Blasts Off

(MOVIE REVIEW) If the Avengers are Marvel’s golden children, then the Guardians of the Galaxy are certainly the comic giant’s punky, alternative cousins. Directed and written by James Gunn, who previously wrote the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake and both Scooby-Doo installments, Guardians of the Galaxy proves that big-budget action movies can be as clever as they are explosive. — Global Animal

5 Films That Will Make You Want To Change Your Diet

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/FACTORY FARMING) There is a new epidemic sweeping across the globe, but it seems nobody is doing anything about it. That’s probably because this epidemic doesn't affect people--it affects animals. Millions of helpless animals are tortured, abused, and mistreated just so we can feed our faces. Factory farming is big business, and it's destroying our world. Factory farming is the process of raising a high number of animals for the purpose of food, in the most efficient way possible--and treating them less like living beings than like a resource to be maximized, whatever the cost to their, and our, quality of life. According to the ASPCA, over 99 percent of farm animals in the United States are raised in atrocious factory farms. To help show how terrible these factory farms are, here are five documentaries that will make you want to change your diet. -- Global Animal
African Nations use elephant poaching as a form of income. Photo credit: Jo Crebbin/Shutterstock

The End Of The Elephant? Film Seeks To Save Species

(WILDLIFE CONSERVATION/ELEPHANTS) Poaching and ivory trading poses serious ethical challenges for wildlife conservationists and animal activists. Studies show if current poaching trends continue, the African Elephant will be extinct within the next decade. It's crucial to expose this pressing issue to help save the species as we know it. One feature documentary--set to be released in 2016--seeks to do just that. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions has teamed up with Red Bull's Terra Mater Film Studios to create Ivory Rising, a film exposing the horrors behind poaching and ivory trading. Both film production agencies are committed to creating environmentally conscious films that invoke positive change. -- Global Animal
"The Last Pig" focusses on Comis' personal struggles as a pig farmer. Photo credit: The Last Pig

Pigspiracy? ‘The Last Pig’ Documentary

(PIGS/FACTORY FARMING) It's no secret that factory farms engage in inhumane practices--most prominently, the gruesome slaughtering of innocent animals. Films such as Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, a documentary chronicling the horrors of factory farming, are gaining momentum among modern-day activists. Cows, however, are not the only animals enduring such hardship. -- Global Animal