Compassionate Living

Animal-friendly ideas & tips for compassionate living, including how to become a vegetarian or vegan and other ways to be kind to animals. Also, find awesome vegetarian and vegan recipes for a compassionate diet that's kind to farm animals, delicious, and great for your health.

Whales still get hit despite ship speed regulations and observation systems. Photo Credit: Discovery

Blue Whales May Find New Safe Haven

(WHALES) In an effort to help protect our marine mammal species from the constant threat of human impact and endangerment, one ecologist, Joyce Boyer, has proposed the idea of creating a large safe haven, or Marine Protected Area (MPA), which protect critical marine habitat for vulnerable and endangered marine populations. Similar to a national or state park, human activities would be limited within these danger zones. The outcome of these protections could lead to a drastic increase in the number of marine mammals, and hopefully, an eventual comeback from their threatened status. Read on for more on Boyer and how she conceptualized the idea for these marine sanctuaries. — Global Animal

The Someone Project Warns, ‘Think Before You Eat’

(ACTIVISM) Dolphins, dogs, and cats are widely regarded as highly intelligent animals, and garner an abundance of compassion from humans all over the world. However, because other animals don’t have the same luxuries as some of these favored species, the animal-protection and vegan-advocacy organization, Farm Sanctuary, is promoting the intelligence of farm animals, and other animals humans consume on a daily basis. The organization’s campaign, The Someone Project, hopes to encourage people to think about what they’re eating, and aims to start a dialogue about the consumption of sentient beings. Continue reading below to understand The Someone Project’s full goal, and what kind of opposition they’re already facing. — Global Animal

Animals Purr-fur Rooftop Garden Over Shelter Cages

(ANIMAL SHELTERS) Although most shelters work hard to help animals, there's no denying that a steel cage isn't the preferred place for a dog or cat to live. That's why Toronto Humane Society decided to open a rooftop garden with catnip for cats and dogs to play. This ingenious idea not only gives the animals a breather from the cold and clinical shelter environment, but also provides them with much-needed exercise and human interaction, as they are overseen by volunteers. Read on to find out more about this great, innovative idea. — Global Animal

Animal Rights Movement Paves Brighter Future

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Between the overwhelmingly positive response Blackfish has received, the rising popularity of farm animal rights, and the growing force of animal activists all over the world, there seems to be a brighter future in store for modern-day animals. At the link below, New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof paints an optimistic picture—change is coming, albeit slowly. He writes, "We disagree about where to draw the line to protect animal rights, but almost everyone now agrees that there is a line to be drawn." Read the following article for more on Kristof's interesting argument to understand that as long as there are people who care about animals, increasing acceptance of animal rights is inevitable. — Global Animal

Ultra-Rare Endangered Species Back After Half-Century

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) For the first time in 50 years, two Persian leopard cubs were born in a Russian national park in a major effort to reintroduce the endangered species back to the wild. Once a breed that heavily populated southwest Russia, poaching and habitat lost has landed this big cat on the endangered species list, with only about 1,290 adults left in existence. With the likelihood of a new family of leopards populating the mountains of Russia, this birth certainly provides a small step forward for the endangered species. Read on to learn more about the youngsters and this rehabilitation effort. — Global Animal 

NY Says ‘No (Shark Fin) Soup For You!’

(SHARK FIN SOUP) Due to depleting shark populations and the inhumane nature of shark finning, New York state has passed legislation to ban citizens from trading shark fins starting July 1st, 2014. Home to one of the nation's largest Chinatowns, shark fin soup is an upscale Chinese dish that has been slowly phasing out of restaurants in New York since other states began banning the traditional delicacy. Being the last major market for shark fin in the U.S., this ban will hopefully encourage China to take more serious action to reduce the demand for shark fin. Click the link below for more information regarding this huge win for sharks and how traditional Chinese restaurants plan to deal with this new law. — Global Animal

Sled Dog Survivors Search For Loving Homes

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) BRITISH COLUMBIA — Dozens of former sled dogs are now seeking loving homes with committed caregivers, three years after surviving the brutal killing of 56 of their fellow pack members. British Columbia’s SPCA calls the incident one of the worst mass animal cruelty cases in Canadian history. The dogs that survived the cull have been under the care of a non-profit animal welfare organization after the mass grave was uncovered in late 2010. Read on to learn more about the dogs' situation and find out how you can help. — Global Animal

‘Losing Nemo:’ Activists Collaborate To Combat Drift Netting

(ACTIVISM) Following their collaboration with the tech group, ShadowView, to develop drone technology capable of spotting illegal drift net activity, marine conservationist organization, The Black Fish, continues to combat drift net fishing through a different, yet equally creative medium. The organization recently released a six-minute, 3D-animated film, entitled Losing Nemo. The short, a production, was put together by 32 people from all over the globe, with the intent to garner awareness for the bleak future our ocean life is currently facing. Read on to learn more about the project and view the short film for yourself.  — Global Animal 

Cheers To Celebrity’s Green Invention

(CELEBRITY NEWS) Actor and environmental activist Woody Harrelson has invented a new paper option using only 20 percent wood—the most eco-friendly paper to date. The co-founder of Step Forward Paper claims a tree is saved for every two boxes of their “green” paper purchased. The copy paper is available now in the United States exclusively at Staples and the price is comparable to that of recycled paper. Read on to learn more about the product and its benefits for the environment. — Global Animal

‘Lion Ark’ Roars For Circus Animals

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Filmed in the aftermath of a law banning all animal circuses throughout Bolivia, Lion Ark follows a group of activists from all areas of expertise, as they combine efforts to confiscate and transport 25 abused circus lions to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. Read on for more on Lion Ark and view a clip of the film for yourself.— Global Animal 

Exposure to farm animals in one's first year of life can reduce the risk of asthma by 50%. Photo credit: Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Students Sow Sentiment At Catskill Animal Sanctuary (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Saugerties, NY - Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) is an animal rescue organization in New York’s Hudson Valley, a 110-acre farm that is home to horses and farm animals who have been victims of neglect or other cruelty. The nation’s first elementary school to serve only vegetarian meals, Public School 244 in Queens, New York, recently made a visit to CAS. Read more to learn about CAS's animal advocacy programs and see pictures of the visit from PS 244. — Global Animal

“Be Kind To Animals”—A Humane History

(CULTURE) LOS ANGELES — Since 18th century England, the need for humane education has been recognized on a societal level, spurring animal welfare campaigners to use the "Be Kind to Animals" message to highlight the importance of proper animal treatment. Animal protection quickly became a very powerful movement involving art, public displays, music, and much more. In celebration of this shift in attitudes, the National Museum of Animals & Society (NMAS) and the Velaslavasay Panorama are proud to present "Be Kind to Animals," an afternoon of humane history and merriment on Saturday, July 6th, 2013. Continue reading for more on this compassionate exhibit and kindness toward animals. — Global Animal

This Sister Says ‘No’ To Animal Products

(VEGAN) It seems veganism is gaining popularity among celebrities and non-celebrities alike for two main reasons—happiness and healthiness. Actress and singer Tia Mowry has recently teamed up with PETA to share her experience of going vegan and the advantages of a vegan lifestyle. Read on to learn more about Mowry's experience with veganism and see the ad campaign yourself. — Global Animal

ASPCA’s “Top Ten CATdown”

(ANIMAL WELFARE) Happy Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! It's getting a little frisky this June, and the ASPCA just let the cat out of the bag. Every summer, animal shelters across the United States are overwhelmed with an abundance of furry felines in need of loving homes. On June 25th, 2013 at 7 p.m. EST, the ASPCA will be hosting a live-streamed "Top Ten CATdown" in hopes of encouraging the public to consider animal adoption instead of purchasing pets from stores and mills. Keep reading for more on the ASPCA's "compawssionate" event. — Global Animal