Compassionate Living

Animal-friendly ideas & tips for compassionate living, including how to become a vegetarian or vegan and other ways to be kind to animals. Also, find awesome vegetarian and vegan recipes for a compassionate diet that's kind to farm animals, delicious, and great for your health.

A Call To End Dog Sled Tours

Animal rights attorney Doris Lin calls for the end of dog sledding tours to prevent another massacre of "unnecessary" sled dogs. Read her condemnation of the company's plan for future slaughters. — Global Animal

Vegetarian Dogs Can Be Healthy And Happy

Vegetarian Dogs? Your Questions Answered.

(PET HEALTH) Can dogs be vegetarians? Yes, answer many veterinarians. Learn more about a vegetarian diet for pets in this question-and-answer session with Verona Rebow, a dog expert and author of Vegetarian Dogs. —Global Animal

Boycott The Big Top: Join The Circus Protest (SCHEDULE BY CITY)

(CIRCUS ANIMAL CRUELTY/PROTEST) Trucks filled with chained Barnum & Bailey Circus animal "performers" are rolling into cities across the country to "entertain" kids with tricks taught by torture. Here's how to join the circus protest near you. Also, find info on how you - and your children - can get involved in an alternative animal-friendly event that celebrates animals and compassion. — Global Animal

Compassionate Treats For A Happy Vegan Easter

(ANIMAL WELFARE/VEGAN EASTER) Easter is almost here, and what better way to enjoy this celebration of new life than to celebrate with compassion toward all life? After all, this lovely springtime holiday and the animal rights movement do share the same cotton-tailed mascot! Learn how easy and delicious it can be to have a happy vegan Easter with the following tips! — Global Animal
Thousands of beautiful roosters lose their lives every week due to the increased demand for feather hair extensnions.

Feather Hair Extensions: Fashion Without Compassion

(ANIMAL WELFARE) – Thousands of roosters are killed for feather hair extensions every week. Popularized by Miley Cyrus and other celebrities, this fad kills animals for fashion. Wearing the remains of a dead chicken in one's hair simply isn't chic.

Party Cure: Top 10 Vegan Hangover Foods

(CULTURE) – Vegetarians and vegans drink and get hangovers and need hangover cures too, despite the common misconception that vegans, by virtue of our dietary restrictions, have no fun. This is false; sometimes, we get carried away and have far too much fun for our own good and need to cure a hangover! If this is one of "those mornings" for you, whether you're craving mild, healing food or greasy goodness, fear not, for here we have a delicious list of herbivore-approved comfort foods to ease your shaky self. — Global Animal

Neiman Marcus: Fur, Cruelty In Fall Catalog (TAKE ACTION)

(ANIMAL CRUELTY) – Neiman Marcus is featuring fur in their fashion line titled "Natural Selection" in one  section of Neiman Marcus' Fall Catalog. Cruel and heartless, and completely out of touch with our economic times, the Olsen sisters contribute to the trend with $39,000 bags made out of crocodile skin.

Meat-Free Mondays Challenge

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE) Meat-free Mondays is a fun and easy way to show your love for animals. Going meat-free and dairy-free is beneficial for both your body and the world. Meat and dairy slow you down and don't digest easily, while a plant-based diet gives you energy and improves your health and appearance. Also, cruelty in slaughter houses and dairy farms is abundant, even in so-called "cage-free" or "humane" environments. So challenge yourself to go vegetarian — or better yet, vegan — just once a week and discover cruelty-free, healthy, delicious recipes. Together we can make a difference. — Global Animal

Butcher Shops “Meat” Their Vegetarian Rivals

(VEGAN/VEGETARIAN LIFESTYLE) NETHERLANDS —  Calling all faux meat lovers! The decrease in meat consumption in the Netherlands has prompted the spread of The Vegetarian Butcher, a chain offering an array of imitation meat, from sausages to chicken.  With less demand for meat, the butcher shop has exponentially grown from one to thirty stores in just one year.  It's a leap away from animal cruelty, one veggie burger at a time.  Read on...  —Global Animal      

Rock ‘N’ Roll Vegans (GALLERY)

(FAMOUS VEGANS) These musicians are not only legendary for their music, but also for their taste in food. Check out these awesome vegan enthusiasts who know a thing or two about compassionate living and good ol' rock and roll. Know of any other legendary vegans? Let us know in the comment section below, and keep on rockin'! — Global Animal

Shelter Animals Get Makeovers (GALLERY)

(ADOPT A PET) Do the sad eyes of a pound puppy tug at your heartstrings, or do the photos of abandoned shelter animals make you turn away? Professional photographers are trying to change that by shining a betterlight on animals in need of adoption. Read on for what the photographers are doing to catch the eye of  potential pet guardians. — Global Animal 

The Truth Behind “Humane” Food

(HUMANE EATING/ANIMAL WELFARE) What does Certified Humane really mean? Organic? Free range? What's the difference between these and how do they affect us? We've compiled the ultimate list with all of the answers to what humane labeling really means and the animals behind the labels. — Global Animal

Gentle Barn Gives Hope And Healing

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) CALIFORNIA — Gentle Barn, a six-acre farm in Santa Clarita, is giving physically and emotionally challenged individuals hope for healing through hands-on interaction with formerly abused goats, pigs, cows, and horses. The rehabilitating gang members and abused youth who visit the ranch feel a connection to the animals after hearing the animals' heartbreaking stories similar to their own past experiences. As animal-lovers already know, these extraordinary creatures have the ability to provide unconditional love, kindness, and non-judgement to all people as shown through projects like Gentle Barn. Read on to learn more. —Global Animal  

Give Thanks For Animals: Donate To Shelters

(ANIMAL SHELTERS/TAKE ACTION) Not everyone can adopt a pet from a shelter, but that doesn't mean you can't help out shelter animals by donating old blankets and towels. Most animal shelters don't have enough money to buy comfort items like blankets and toys, so many animals suffer from exposure and stress. Read on to learn how you can help make the lives of these animals better. — Global Animal