Thursday, June 17, 2021

Touching Tales

Good news and stories for pet guardians and animal lovers. This section also features animal rescue stories and “Thanks To Animals" profiles about animals who’ve earned our gratitude and awe. Each day, we’re profiling different stories, so keep connected – you’ll be grateful that you did.

It’s Puppy Love! Olympian Reunites With Sochi Strays

(RESCUE DOGS/CELEBRITY NEWS) America watched Friday morning as Olympian Gus Kenworthy was reunited with his Sochi strays on the Today show. Kenworthy was a part of the Olympic freeskiing team, but he walked away with more than a silver-medal in his slopestyle event. Kenworthy, along with a number of other celebrites including Katherine Heigl, fell in love with many of the stray dogs in Sochi, so he decided to rescue four puppies and their mother. After a long month battling with the government to adopt and care for the adorable rescue dogs, Gus and his photographer friend Robin MacDonald were finally reunited with the precious pups. — Global Animal

Man Is One Of The (Lion) Pack

(ANIMAL VIDEO) SOUTH AFRICA- Watch this video to see animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson be welcomed as one of the pack in this pride of lions. — Global Animal

Mother’s Day In The Animal World

(MOTHER'S DAY/ANIMAL MOMS) The phrases "Momma Bear" and "Tiger Mom" are so common in the English language that most people don't dwell too long on their origins. But they are inspired by fierce animal mommies who will go to great lengths to protect their young. The animal kingdom is full of moms devoted to their cubs, pups, calves, and infants. Celebrate this Mother's Day with the best animal moms. — Global Animal


Dog’s Last Day On Earth Will Bring You To Tears (GALLERY)

(DOGS/ANIMAL PICTURES) The Roberts family knew it was time to put down their beloved black lab named Duke after cancer began to take over his body. But first, they gave him the best last day on Earth a dog could ask for. The day was filled with love, family, friends and all of Duke's favorite activities. Relive Duke's last day in the moving photographs below. Tissue alert! — Global Animal

Freeing Dogs With…Fences?

(HAPPY TALES) — When Mikael Hardy saw dogs chained and suffering all around her home in South Carolina, she decided to start freeing dogs by giving them fenced in yards. A nice spacious yard makes a mad dog happy! — Global Animal

Should Food Have A Personality?

(FARM ANIMALS/ANIMAL SANCTUARY) An estimated 58 billion animals are slaughtered for food annually worldwide. A very small number of those neglected and abused animals are rescued by Farm Sanctuary, an organization that gives these intelligent animals an opportunity to live out the rest of their lives with their friends and family. Read on to learn how Nikki the pig, one of the residents at the sanctuary, helped humans understand the unique personalities of animals, and check out Farm Sanctuary's website to learn what you can do to help farm animals. — Global Animal

Can Felines Sense Fevers? Cat Caregiver Comforts Newborn Baby

(PETS & BABIES) When baby Sonny came into the world, he had a large fur family waiting for him. His two pup siblings welcomed him with open paws but Miss Mia, his cat sister, was weary. It took some time, but Mia fell in love and became Sonny's number one comforter. Read on to find out how this empathetic feline reacted when her favorite little one had a fever. Talk about a fantastic babysitter! -- Global Animal

Kitty Stowaway Survives 45-Day Trip From China

(PET RESCUE) CANADA – Read how one rambunctious kitten went on the adventure of a lifetime when the cat was stowed away on a trip from China to Canada – and survived.

Charity Event Finds Dogs & Cats New Homes (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL ADOPTION PHOTOS) EASTERN EUROPE — The largest city and capital of Belarus, Minsk, recently held a successful charity event in support of abandoned dogs and cats in the area. The Public Association for Animal Protection organized the event in the hope of pairing these adorable homeless animals with devoted families. Many of the dogs, though disabled, still showed lots of love to potential pet guardians and even responded to commands. Meet these special dogs, and don't hesitate to pick similar ones up at a shelter near you. — Global Animal

Meet Penni The Persevering Pit Bull

(DOG ADOPTION/RESCUE PETS) Penni the pit bull had a rough start. For the first year and a half of her life, she was locked in a basement, abused by her owner. The abuse was so extensive that Penni was scared of absolutely everything, until she met a sweet guy named Blaine DeLuca. From the moment he first laid eyes on the despondent pup, he knew she was “the one.” Read on to find out more about Penni the pit bull's journey with Blaine, and their adventures yet to come. -- Global Animal

Dog Hangs Ten For Disabled Kids (Tissue Alert)

THANKS TO ANIMALS (VIDEO): Grab the tissues for this inspiring story. Meet Ricochet, the service dog turned 'surf-ice' dog, who's raised thousands of dollars with her amazing talent: surfing to help those who can't.

A Sight For Sore Eyes: Rescue Kitten Gets Special Eyepatch

(KITTENS/ANIMAL RESCUE) It's all about how you accessorize! When a rescued kitten named Scar was born with a severe eye infection, Savannah Anos knew she had to help him. Though Scar barely survived the high-risk surgery, he's made a full recovery. But since he lost his left eye in the process, Savannah had an eyepatch custom-made for the little survivor. Little did she know, this patch would become a fixture in both of their lives. Read on to learn what Scar is up to now, and follow his one-eyed adventures on Instagram. -- Global Animal

Humpback Whale Gives Thanks To Divers

(OCEANS/WHALE RESCUE) PACIFIC OCEAN — When a humpback whale became entangled in hundreds of yards of nets and fishing line, she was lucky to be spotted by a caring fisherman. Rescuers arrived and spent hours cutting her free. Read below to see how the whale thanked each diver individually! And from all of us here at Global Animal, we hope you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who help you get untangled from anything that binds you. And may you always know the joy of receiving and giving love to animals around the globe. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! — Global Animal

NYC Stray Cats Given Place To Call Home

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK CITY — Moss-covered coolers and recycled aluminum can enclosures are New York City's newest architectural feats. On January 10, Big Apple architects proudly displayed their designs and constructions.Three years ago, architect Leslie Farrell established Architects for Animals, a movement to bring attention to the high population of feral cats in the metropolis. Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals' spokesman Steve Gruber estimates that the number of feral cats in the capital is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. According to the NYTimes, Farrell's goals are "bringing attention to the plight of feral cats and recruiting architects to create shelters that are warm, portable, safe, easy to clean and affordable." Continue reading to learn about the many recent innovations created for homeless felines. — Global Animal