Friday, May 7, 2021

Touching Tales

Good news and stories for pet guardians and animal lovers. This section also features animal rescue stories and “Thanks To Animals" profiles about animals who’ve earned our gratitude and awe. Each day, we’re profiling different stories, so keep connected – you’ll be grateful that you did.

NYC Stray Cats Given Place To Call Home

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) NEW YORK CITY — Moss-covered coolers and recycled aluminum can enclosures are New York City's newest architectural feats. On January 10, Big Apple architects proudly displayed their designs and constructions.Three years ago, architect Leslie Farrell established Architects for Animals, a movement to bring attention to the high population of feral cats in the metropolis. Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals' spokesman Steve Gruber estimates that the number of feral cats in the capital is in the hundreds of thousands or even millions. According to the NYTimes, Farrell's goals are "bringing attention to the plight of feral cats and recruiting architects to create shelters that are warm, portable, safe, easy to clean and affordable." Continue reading to learn about the many recent innovations created for homeless felines. — Global Animal 

Humpback Whale Gives Thanks To Divers

(OCEANS/WHALE RESCUE) PACIFIC OCEAN — When a humpback whale became entangled in hundreds of yards of nets and fishing line, she was lucky to be spotted by a caring fisherman. Rescuers arrived and spent hours cutting her free. Read below to see how the whale thanked each diver individually! And from all of us here at Global Animal, we hope you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who help you get untangled from anything that binds you. And may you always know the joy of receiving and giving love to animals around the globe. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! — Global Animal

Elephant And Dog Know Value Of Friendship

(ANIMAL CONNECTION/WILDLIFE VIDEO) At an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, an elephant named Tara and a dog named Bella have formed an enduring friendship. Watch and see how their bond is unshakable in both sickness and in health. What great friends! -- Global Animal

The Hunt For California’s Lost ‘Fire Cats’

(LOST CATS/ANIMAL RESCUE) After wildfires and mudslides ravaged California, many cats--both pets and strays--have disappeared. While some are injured, others are still in hiding, with many missing amid the rubble. A number of volunteers and animal welfare organizations have stepped in to help save these scared, displaced cats and reunite them with their beloved families. Read on to learn more about these heroic individuals' dedicated efforts to provide as many happy endings as possible. -- Global Animal

Top 10 Most Courageous Animals

(ANIMAL STORIES) We all know that animals are amazing. These ten stories of bravery from the animal kingdom are bound to inspire! From a sled dog's 200-mile journey that saved several people, to cats, dolphins, and pigeons helping others in need, these top 10 courageous animals throughout history have proven their fearlessness. We love number 10. The story of a miniature horse named Magic, while not as loudly heroic as the others, is a tear-jerker for sure! – Global Animal

Exposure to farm animals in one's first year of life can reduce the risk of asthma by 50%. Photo credit: Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Students Sow Sentiment At Catskill Animal Sanctuary (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Saugerties, NY - Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS) is an animal rescue organization in New York’s Hudson Valley, a 110-acre farm that is home to horses and farm animals who have been victims of neglect or other cruelty. The nation’s first elementary school to serve only vegetarian meals, Public School 244 in Queens, New York, recently made a visit to CAS. Read more to learn about CAS's animal advocacy programs and see pictures of the visit from PS 244. — Global Animal

Meet Me In New Orleans: Dog Travels 1,200 Miles To Find Owner

NEW ORLEANS-Days after Stephan Soleas packed his bags, and his accordion, and hitched a ride to New Orleans, his 6-year-old Labrador mix went missing near his northern New Mexico home.

Steve-O Finds True Love After Rescuing Peruvian Street Dog

(DOG RESCUE/CUTE ANIMAL VIDEOS) On a recent trip to Mount Tocllaraju in Peru for his YouTube series Ultimate Expedition, vegan celebrity Steve-O recruits a street dog to join him on some mountain climbing adventures. Little did he know, he would end up finding true love and a life-long companion. -- Global Animal

Fallen Marine’s Best Friend Adopted By Family

(MILITARY DOGS/VIDEO) Few bonds are closer than the ones between military dogs and their handlers, the dogs becoming best friend and family for their Marines. Private Colton W. Rusk and bomb-sniffing lab Eli were no exception. Pfc. Rusk shared everything with Eli, from his Facebook pictures, to his bed. When the Marine was killed in action, his family adopted Eli, giving both the family and the dog comfort. — Global Animal

Olympic Snowboarder Rescues Dog From South Korean Meat Trade

(CELEBRITIES/DOG RESCUE) While competing in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games, U.S. snowboarder Maddie Mastro made it a point to visit a South Korean meat farm to rescue a dog slated for a dinner plate. While the SuperPipe bronze medalist already has three rescue dogs in her home and cannot take in another, the playful Korean Jindo named Plum (or "Jadu" in Korean) will soon be available for adoption at the Barking Lot Rescue in San Diego County. Jadu is just one of the thousands of dogs harvested for meat in South Korea and other Asian countries, and the Barking Lot Rescue has helped bring in over 200 dogs from the dog meat trade alone. Thanks to Mastro's compassion in action, not only is Jadu's life saved, but she will soon have a loving forever home. Continue reading and view the video clips below for more on this heartwarming rescue story. -- Global Animal

Dog Mourns Navy SEAL’s Passing At Funeral

(ANIMAL CONNECTION) When Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson died in the tragic helicopter crash on August 6, few were as affected by the loss as his dog, Hawkeye. The Labrador retriever mourned the passing of his friend at the funeral, lying by the coffin through the entire proceedings. Watch the heart-wrenching video of love and loyalty here. — Global Animal

Puppy Love After The Disaster

A touching story of doggie friendship after a tornado in Kansas struck.

A Story With A Song: Country Star Luke Bryan Adopts Senior Dog

(CELEBRITY PETS/DOG ADOPTION) Country music star Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline recently gave a senior dog a new leash on life after adopting an 18-year-old rescue named Poochie into their home. Poochie was deemed a "forever hospice foster" at Proverbs 12:10, a Nashville-based animal rescue, until the singer read about him on social media and decided to step in and save the senior pup. Read on to learn more about the heartwarming adoption story and how this senior dog is living out his golden years. -- Global Animal

Portraits Honor 9/11 Search & Rescue Dogs

(DOG PICTURES/ANIMAL HEROES) Amid the chaos of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, nearly 100 search and rescue dogs were deployed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help find survivors at the World Trade Center and Pentagon sites. See the poignant photos of these four-legged 9/11 heroes and their stories below. What heroic faces! — Global Animal