Sunday, July 25, 2021

Be Green

Green is the new black, except sexier. Learn how to go green and why it's one of the best things you can do for yourself, the environment and all fellow animals.

6 Animals Who Love To Recycle

(GREEN/WILDLIFE) Animals are chipping in and doing their part when it comes to recycling. Yes, our animal friends are going green and need us to get with the program. Read on about six animals who truly know what it means to reduce, reuse, and recycle. — Global Animal

5 Ways To Be A Green Pet Parent

(PETS/GO GREEN) With so many various choices of food, toys, and accessories available for your pets, it can sometimes be difficult to know the difference between an eco-friendly option and one that could inflict serious environmental damage. By being a green pet parent, you can feel good about reducing your environmental impact and more importantly, making healthy choices for your beloved pet. Continue reading for tips on how to keep your pet happy, healthy, and green. — Global Animal

Steaming Hot Veggies! Celebs Say No To Meat (GALLERY)

(VEGETARIAN/VEGAN/CELEBRITY ACTIVISTS) Vegetarianism has hit Hollywood in a big way, and some of the biggest stars in tinseltown are not afraid to talk about their health-conscious habits. Check out the gallery below of Hollywood's hottest celebrity veggies, who say no to meat, and hello to beets! — Global Animal

6 Calcium-Rich Vegan Foods (GALLERY)

(VEGAN/GO GREEN) Since they do not eat or drink milk products, vegans are frequently asked where they get their calcium. Well, here's the answer! Certain vegetables and seeds are loaded with calcium and packed with nutrition. Read more about these six calcium-rich vegan foods, and give 'em a try! — Global Animal

The Beef With Beef: Environmental Costs Of Eating Meat

(GO VEGETARIAN/GO GREEN) Think you know how eating meat impacts the Earth? Research has revealed how detrimental the meat and dairy industry is to our environment. Watch this slideshow to bone up on the facts. — Global Animal

Plastic Convenience Culture Killing Marine Life

(ENVIRONMENT/GREEN LIVING) From production to consumption, plastic is toxic. Did you know that plastic is made from crude oil? Crude oil is a non-renewable resource. Once it is used, it cannot be replaced. Plastic is not biodegradable and infests the oceans and poison marine life. With current trends, Earth will soon be wrapped in plastic. Read on to learn how you can become more plastic free and help protect our marine life. — Global Animal

2014’s “Dirty Dozen,” How Safe Are Our Fruits & Vegetables?

(ENVIRONMENT/GREEN) The Environmental Working Group (EWG) released their 2014 list of fruits and vegetables with the most and least pesticide residue. Apple lovers may not be too happy about their findings, but guacamole fans can breathe a sigh of relief. — Global Animal

Students Vegging Out In School

(VEGETARIAN/GREEN) Just say no! To sloppy joes and chicken nuggets, that is! This is what students in Queens,New York are doing since their school decided the carnivorous options their city provided weren't healthy enough. Public School 244 in Flushing is now serving vegetarian-only foods like roasted tofu and braised black beans, and the kids are thriving because of it. Since switching over in January, the students reportedly have longer attention spans, better academic scores, and according to the principal, the number of overweight and obese students has dropped two percent in just one semester. Not everyone has to veg-out though. Students are welcome to bring their own meat-friendly lunches from home, but only a small percent are opting to brown-bag it. So it looks like kids will eat their vegetables! All they need is a menu more creative than just plain peas and broccoli. If all schools did this kids would not only be more fit, but they'd also learn healthy eating habits that could stay with them for the rest of their lives. To create a similar meal plan in your school click here to go to the New York Coalition For Healthy School Food website, and for more on P.S. 244 read below and hear what some of the kids had to say about their delicious new plant-based diet. — Global Animal

Cruelty-Free Competition For Faux Fur Fashion

(FASHION/FUR) The Humane Society of the United States is hosting a design competition this year at Parsons The New School For Design in New York City. The contest will concentrate on faux-fur fashions and will challenge students to develop a design that can be used as their thesis or other major project. It will also educate them on cruelty-free materials and fur alternatives. The contest launched in August accompanied by a workshop held by renowned faux fur designer Donna Salyers, and will continue until later this year. Read the full article below for more on this animal-friendly fashion contest. — Global Animal

Fabulous-Furs Founder Talks About Her Faux Fur Success

(VEGAN FASHION/FUR) Fabulous-Furs founder Donna Salyers' fashion company has become the leader of the faux fur market. In her Q&A with PETA, she ironically confesses how her company was founded as a result of a real-fur shopping trip. While driving to the fur salon to buy her first mink, Salyers heard a terrifying story about how kittens were skinned and used to pose for "mink teddy" coats. Terrified enough about the idea of potentially wearing one herself, she returned home and let go of the idea of ever wearing real fur. Continue reading below to learn more about her design process and the faux fur business. — Global Animal

Migrating Monarchs Mourn Loss Of Habitat

(SKIES/WILDLIFE) A recent study on the Monarch butterflies' winter habitat in central Mexico claims logging may be seriously threatening the winged creatures' migration pattern. At its peak in 2005, logging destroyed as many as 1,140 acres per year throughout the region. A report in March said the number of butterflies arriving to Mexico this past year dropped 59 percent—the third straight year of declines for the butterflies and the lowest their populations has dropped in two decades. Read on to learn more about what can be done to prevent more of the butterflies' habitat loss. — Global Animal

Are GMO Pesticides Poisoning Kauai?

(ENVIRONMENT/ANIMAL CONSERVATION) Debate has sparked in Kauai, Hawaii surrounding the use of local lands for GMOs. Companies in the area are using the land for seed research and development and residents are calling for an end to the experimentation. A petition at demands a halt to the lease of state lands to corporations involved in GMO production and seed R&D on Kauai and support for Kauai County Bill 2491, which calls for a moratorium on GM crops in Kauai, prohibition of open-air experimental testing, and a formal, in-depth environmental impact statement. The petition suggests that open-air experimentation on GMOs, including the use of toxic pesticides is dangerous to residents, wildlife, and the entire ecosystem of Kauai. Read on to learn more about GMO production's impact on the Hawaiian ecosystem. — Global Animal

Sea Turtle Populations Plummet Due To Plastic Pollution

(OCEANS/ANIMAL SCIENCE) Scientists have found that 50 percent of all sea turtles are ingesting plastic, and this number is only increasing as plastic pollution continues to surge. "These patches are not going away," says lead author Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer at the University of New South Wales. "The garbage patches will stay there for at least the next thousand years." Studies show this problem is not only prominent in heavily populated areas like New York City, but also in places like Brazil. Continue reading for more information on how plastic waste is becoming a global issue, and consider these tips on reducing your own plastic consumption. — Global Animal

Eco-Fashion Fridays: Why Faux Fur Is Friendlier

(GREEN/FASHION) While the choice between faux fur and real fur should be an easy one for any animal lover, many "natural fur" fans argue that manufacturing faux fur is actually more damaging to the environment. Yet aside from ethical beliefs, studies show faux fur is almost five times greener than your average mink. Continue reading for more on the debate between faux fur and real fur and learn more reasons to feel fashionable and fabulous in faux fur. — Global Animal