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Chris Brown Could Face Jail Time Over Exotic Pet Monkey

(ANIMAL NEWS/EXOTIC PETS) Singer Chris Brown is under fire once again after posting an Instagram video last month of his 3-year-old daughter, Royalty, cuddling with his pet capuchin monkey, Fiji. The video prompted numerous calls to the California Fish and Wildlife Department from concerned fans, inciting agents to seize the monkey from the singer's Los Angeles home on Friday. Brown could face up to six months in jail for failing to obtain a Restricted Species Permit from the wildlife department. Aside from breaking the law, there are a number of reasons not to own exotic pets. Not only does it pose a threat to humans (you can never predict the behavior of wild animals), but it's also near impossible to reproduce the animal's natural habitat. The simple truth is these animals belong in the wild, not in the hands of children or celebrities. Read on to learn more about the controversy, and share your thoughts in the comments below. -- Global Animal

China’s Elephant-Sized Legislation Officially Shuts Down Ivory Trade

(ELEPHANT CONSERVATION/IVORY TRADE) In a major global victory for animals, China's historic ivory ban is now in full effect. One year after announcing its four-step plan to end the legal ivory market, an estimated 170 ivory factories and outlets have shut down, putting an end to all commercial sales and processing of elephant ivory. As one of the world's largest markets for elephant ivory, China's new legislation paves the way for a new era of elephant conservation. Read on to learn more about what conservationists refer to as the “greatest single step toward reducing elephant poaching.” -- Global Animal

Take Action: Tell The Humane Society All Bets Are Off! Stop Taking A Gamble...

(ANIMAL NEWS/TAKE ACTION) The Animal Foundation in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the highest volume single-site animal shelter in the U.S. But despite its nonprofit, 501(c)3 status, activists claim the organization is breaking a law that bans the promotional sale of live animals as the shelter is set to raffle 150 Pomeranian puppies rescued last month. -- Global Animal

A Roaring Shame: Notorious Florida Zoo Breeds Tiger Tragedy

(WILDLIFE) At Dade City’s Wild Things (DCWT), a 22-acre zoo outside of Tampa, there are over 300 animals, including jaguars, lions, bears, macaques, and more. But the roadside zoo is perhaps best-known for it's tiger cubs used for senseless photo-ops and risky swim sessions, which have ignited a legal showdown between PETA as well as multiple state and federal agencies. While PETA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture allege the zoo of violating the Endangered Species Act and the Animal Welfare Act over its handling of the tigers,  Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is also accusing the zoo of accepting donations while not registered as a nonprofit. To top things off, DCWT owner Randy Stearns is also facing criminal charges for six counts of sexual misconduct with a child. Not only does DCWT prematurely tear cubs away from their mothers and force them into stressful human encounters for profit, but their blatant negligence and illegitimacy is also contributing to a captive tiger overpopulation crisis. Read on to learn more about DCWT's questionable past and current legal battles, and see how to take action against DCWT and similar organizations. -- Global Animal

California Wildfire Relief: Here’s What Your Gift To Animals Looks Like

(HELP ANIMALS/DISASTER RELIEF) Earlier this month, four major wildfires broke out within 24 hours in Los Angeles and Ventura counties. The outbreaks forced over 200,000 people to evacuate, and thousands of firefighters were summoned to help. The still-raging Thomas fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara County is now the largest fire in California history, burning 273,400 acres and destroying 775 homes since it began on December 4. So far, the Global Animal Foundation has raised over $3,000 to help the hundreds of pets and other animals displaced by the fires as committed animal rescue organizations work around-the-clock to save and keep animals safe and healthy. -- Global Animal

The 10 Most Pet-Friendly States Of 2017

(PETS) Did you know that where you live may actually impact the quality of your pet's life? If your pets are like family to you, there's a chance you might live in one of these top 10 pet-friendly states. Ranked by their animal cruelty laws, number of no-kill shelters, percentage of pet-friendly hotels and parks, and other factors, listed below are the states--from Washington to Maine--with the most enriching and safe environment for animals. -- Global Animal

Amid California Wildfires, A Horse’s Life Is Saved

(ANIMAL RESCUES) Thousands of people are on the move in Southern California, escaping multiple fast-moving fires that have scorched more than 115,000 acres in just a matter of days. An estimated 29 horses succumbed to flames and smoke at Rancho Padilla in Sylmar, where the fast-moving Creek fire is taking place, burning over 11,000 acres and destroying more than 30 structures in its path. Amid the chaos, a panicked horse had tried to flee the fires, but only to fall into a crevice. Fortunately, moments later, firefighters and a group of volunteers made their way to the scene to help lift the animal from the tight gap and transport him to a hospital--reminding us how a single act of compassion can tip the scales towards hope. Continue reading for more on this miraculous rescue and see how you can help below. -- Global Animal

Southern California Wildfires: How To Help Animal Victims (TAKE ACTION)

(HELP ANIMALS) Several major wildfires that all flared in just 24 hours continue to burn throughout Southern California, scorching a combined 83,000 acres, destroying an estimated 200 homes, and prompting at least 150,000 people to evacuate. Fed by rapid winds, low humidity, and dry conditions, at least three of the fires are zero percent contained and continue to threaten over 3,000 homes. The fires are expected to grow as gusty winds continue through most of the week. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti urged those under mandatory evacuation orders to leave their homes before it's too late. Global Animal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) that funds emergency animal rescue worldwide, is collecting donations to disperse between HSVC, LACACF, and other vetted organizations working on the ground in the affected areas to help with medical costs for injured animals, boarding and food, and reuniting lost pets with their guardians. Please consider supporting the efforts to save animals in critical peril. -- Global Animal

U.S. Ranks Second Worst For Farm Animal Cruelty

(FACTORY FARMING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) In a new animal cruelty index tracking 50 countries that are among the world's largest producers of farm animal products, the U.S. disturbingly ranks as the second worst country for animal welfare. Belarus and Venezuela joined the U.S. among the lowest ranked countries, whereas Kenya, India, and the United Republic of Tanzania were among the highest. Considering the combined impacts of production, consumption, and regulation, the Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI) shows how countries with more plant-based diets and those that have not implemented factory farming are more likely to rank highly for animal welfare. Read on to learn more about the VACI scale and find out where your country ranks. -- Global Animal

Population Plummets For World’s Rarest Penguin

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/ANIMAL NEWS) Yellow-eyed penguins could be on their way out, according to experts. With less than 2,000 left in the wild, these birds are currently the world's most endangered penguin species. Conservation groups say almost half of the species' breeding population has vanished on a sanctuary island in New Zealand--down from nearly 7,000 in 2000--and believe that commercial fishing is to blame. Is time running out for these rare birds? Read on to find out more about their fate. -- Global Animal

Giving Tuesday: 8 Gifts That Give Back To Animals

(HOLIDAYS/PETS) Now that the chaos of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, it's time to take a break from material possessions and do something that 's good for the heart and soul. Today, for Giving Tuesday, why not give back to animals? The shopping list below offers the perfect gifts for both pets and pet lovers. Whether you're donating to your favorite animal charity or symbolically adopting an endangered animal plush toy, you can rest assured you've helped make the world a slightly better place. Read on for the complete list of gifts that give back to animals, and get giving today! -- Global Animal
Fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos remain in the wild. Photo Credit: World Wild Life Foundation

Sumatran Rhino Population In A State Of Ruin

(RHINOS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) In the 1980s, there were estimated to be 800 Sumatran rhinos left in the wild. Nowadays, that number could be as low as 30--no thanks to poaching and habitat loss. But since these four known wild rhino populations are so segregated from one another, they also have difficulty reaching each other to breed. The situation has become so dire, conservationists will need to start capturing wild Sumatran rhinos to breed them and boost the species' captive population. Read on to learn more about how we can save this species from extinction. -- Global Animal

World Vegan Day: 5 Things You Need To Know

(VEGANISM) While only 2.5 percent of Americans are currently vegan, the plant-based movement is on the rise, leading experts to wonder whether veganism is just a fad or the future of food. There are many reasons to enjoy a vegan diet, including health and environmental benefits. But for many, it's a matter of animal rights and boycotting an industry that treats animals inhumanely. Read on for five fast facts about veganism and why you should consider a vegan lifestyle. -- Global Animal

Lifesaving Legislation: The First State To Require Pet Stores Only Sell Rescue Animals

(PET ADOPTION/ANIMAL NEWS) In a landmark victory for our four-legged friends, California will become the first state to require pet stores to exclusively sell rescue animals. Under the new law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday, commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits will be banned from pet stores, encouraging retailers to facilitate adoptions of animals from local shelters and non-profit rescue organizations. The bill's goal is to ultimately increase pet adoptions while reducing the number of pets sold from mass breeding operations,  also known as puppy mills or kitten factories. Assembly Bill (A.B.) 485, or the Pet Rescue and Adoption Act, will go into effect on January 1, 2019, and stores can be fined $500 for each animal for sale that is not a rescue. Read on to learn more about how this lifesaving piece of legislation will prevent the needless deaths of countless animals throughout California, and hopefully inspire other states to follow suit. -- Global Animal