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TAKE ACTION is GlobalAnimal.org's animal rights and activism section. Find ways to rescue pets, save farm animals and help endangered species, Plus, get the news on animal welfare laws and legislation and take part in petitions, if you like. Since animals do not have voices, people are roaring in their defense – and more and more, it's working.

Sled Dog Slaughter Prompts “Barking Mad” Rallies (PETITION)

VANCOUVER — People across the globe are outraged by the senseless murder of 100 huskies in Whistler, and the weak protection for animals under current animal rights legislation. At the "Doggie Tweet-Up"  hundreds of protesters, online and in person, called for harsher punishments for animal cruelty. Take action by signing this petition to join the protest. — Global Animal

Got Milk? Calves Slaughtered For Dairy Production

AUSTRALIA — Dairy cows must first have a calf in order to produce milk. These male calves are often slaughtered after a short, horrific time spent starving in a slaughterhouse (and the atrocity called, veal.) Learn what cruel practices are currently in effect, and what further cruelties are about to be dumped on these calves. Take action here to protect these bobby calves from inhumane treatment. — Global Animal

1.4 Million Pigs Buried Alive in South Korea (Take Action)

SOUTH KOREA — South Korean pigs are suffering from a massive outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease. This epidemic, having cost Korean farmers over $1 billion in damage, is perhaps the most serious in the nation's history. While that economic figure may be disturbing, even more so is the horrific, inhumane handling of the infected pigs. Read on and find out how you can join the resistance against this tragedy of animal cruelty. — Global Animal

Outrage: Sick Dolphin Held Captive In Filthy Tank – Take Action (Pictures & Video)

TAIJI, JAPAN – A dolphin captured in the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, is being held in solitary confinement in a small, filthy pool at Dolphin Base, a mile from the slaughter where captured dolphins are held for sea parks around the world.

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Shameful Smithfield Factory Pig Farm Reneges On Humane Promises

Dec. 15, 2010 -  Smithfield Foods, the largest factory farm for pigs, may know no shame, but it knows a lot about torture. Smithfield is reneging on its promise to end the use of  'gestation crates' by 2017. Let's call these crates what they really are: torture crates. They drive pigs, who are smarter than dogs, insane because they literally can't move an inch for their entire lives. We call on everybody with a heart to read this story and take action against this company. And if you are a pork eater, boycott this producer and use Maxwell Foods, a company that is 100% gestation crate free. – Global Animal

Animal Lovers Worldwide Rally To Capture Seal Killers

Dec. 7, 2010 NEW ZEALAND — Officials are calling for the public's help to track down the people who massacred 23 fur seals, including eight pups, at Ohau Point. For anyone with information, or those wanting to get involved with bringing these killers to justice, see the following contact information...

Grizzly Bears And Wolves Face Disastrous Federal Protection Ax (Take Action Petition)

Dec. 3, 2010 USA— (PETITION) Despite the low numbers of grizzly bears and grey wolves, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service appears to be caving to pressure from hunters and ranchers to take these iconic animals off the Endangered Species List. Grey wolves and grizzly bears have recovered under the endangered species act, but the populations are still low. With only 1,700 wolves, and 600 grizzlies in the Rocky Mountains, scientists question the breeding viability. The removal of this protection would allow these symbols of America to be hunted back to the brink of extinction once again.

Hero Army Dog Euthanized In Arizona Pound

Nov. 16, 2010 ARIZONA–  Target, a hero stray that saved dozens of soldiers from a suicide attack in Afghanistan, was killed by mistake in a Casa Grande, Arizona pound. Here are some ways to honor Target's heroic military service...

First Step To End Shark Finning: Saying No To Tradition

Shark fin soup is a sign of respect at Chinese weddings, but for some newlyweds it is a deeper sign of respect to the sharks to abstain from the traditional soup. These couples hope that their small steps are the beginning of the end for this cruel tradition.

Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day DETAILS HERE

November 5, 2010 – Today is Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day and international protests are scheduled in dozens of cities worldwide. Find all the details you need to attend one near you.

Interview With The Black Fish: How & Why We Cut The Dolphin Nets

(VIDEO) The Black Fish co-founder, Wietse van der Werf, discusses the group's direct action to stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan, including a perilous night dive to cut the nets holding the dolphins captive – and how marine parks are linked to the slaughter.

Dolphin meat contains dangerous levels of mercury. Photo credit: The Cove

Horrific Dolphin Slaughter Begins Again At ‘The Cove’ (and how to help stop it)

(DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER) TAIJI, JAPAN– The bloody dolphin slaughter at the cove in Taiji, Japan, began again today despite worldwide protest and disgust. So what can stop it? Hint: Marine parks buy a few dozen of the corralled dolphins before all others are stabbed to death.

Why The Taiji Slaughter Is About More Than Dolphins

(JAPAN DOLPHINS) Oscar-winning producer Fisher Stevens describes the changes to his worldview that culminated in the making of 'The Cove.' — Global Animal

Hundreds Protest Mistreatment Of Circus Animals

(ACTIVISM) LOS ANGELES — Hundreds, including Olivia Munn from The Daily Show and Linda Hogan, protested with PETA against circus giants Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, who paraded their mistreated and shackled elephants. Read why a circus is no place for kids, or animals! — Global Animal