Global Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that’s like a Red Cross for animals. Tax-deductible donations support disaster animal rescues worldwide, from pets to wildlife, and emergency aid for animals in crisis.

Photo Credit: David J. Philip

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund: Helping Victims Stay Afloat

(DISASTER RELIEF/ANIMAL RESCUE) Hurricane Harvey caused devastation for countless people and their pets throughout Texas and Louisiana. Luckily, over 300 shelters and animal rescues all over the the country have stepped in to help. Those affected those affected face an uphill battle to rebuild their lives, but volunteers continue to work day by day, trying to […]

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Responding to a resident report, the HSUS animal rescue team returns successfully with two cats trapped in a home. Photograph: Anthony Rathbun/Humane Society of the United States via AP Images

TAKE ACTION: Hurricane Harvey Animal Victims Need Our Help!

(HURRICANE HARVEY/ANIMAL RESCUE) Being the most powerful storm to hit the mainland in over a decade, Hurricane Harvey has completely wreaked havoc throughout Texas and Louisiana. To put things in perspective, an estimated 20 trillion gallons dumped on the 2.3 million-person city of Houston since Harvey came ashore. Some parts of Texas received as much as […]

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Joe Garcia carried his dog, Heidi, from his flooded home in Spring, Texas. Photo Credit: David J. Phillip/Associated Press

Hurricane Harvey: How To Help Pets In Need

(HELP ANIMALS/ANIMAL RESCUE) HOUSTON — In the same type of catastrophic flooding that beset Texas during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, record rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey has battered the nation’s fourth largest city this past week. The flooding has left 25 dead and caused more than 30,000 people to flee their flooded homes. While many pets […]

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Vets Liza Ledet and Ashley Geoghegan receive special Heroes of the Flood awards. Photo Credit: Kim Chatelain, | The Times-Picayune

Heroes Of The Flood: How Two Vets Saved 33 Dogs In Louisiana

(ANIMAL RESCUE/NATURAL DISASTER RELIEF) Animal rescue efforts are still underway following the Great Flood of 2016. The Humane Society of Louisiana put out a call for help after the Louisiana floods devastated the Livingston Parish region. Dogs were found stranded on the roof of the flooded Denham Springs Animal Shelter, but luckily Dr. Liza Ledet […]

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Ann Chapman from the Louisiana State Animal Response Team carries a dog she helped rescue in Baton Rouge. Photo Credit: CNN

Flood Relief Donations: Helping Louisiana Out Of The Mud

(ANIMAL RESCUE/ACTIVISM) Last month, the United States witnessed the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy when prolonged rainfall and catastrophic flooding devastated parts of southern Louisiana. The historic and unprecedented event was quickly declared a state of emergency as it submerged thousands of homes and businesses, displacing thousands of residents and their pets. Fortunately, rescue […]

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Sam Breen tows his skiff as he helps a friend retrieve his dogs Edison, foreground, and Allie, from his home in Bossier City, Louisiana. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

Thank You, Global Animals! Louisiana Flood Donations At Work

(ACTIVISM/TAKE ACTION) In what’s being described as the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, recent catastrophic flooding in Louisiana damaged or destroyed as many as 70,000 homes, displacing thousands of residents and their pets. Rescue organizations across the nation are banding together in a race against time to help animals left behind in the disaster. […]

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Mark Buchert from the Louisiana State Animal Response Team gets a lick from a dog he helped rescue from flood waters on August 15. Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images via Huffington Post

TAKE ACTION: How To Help Animal Victims Of Louisiana Flooding (PHOTOS)

(HELP ANIMALS/ANIMAL RESCUE) In the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy, historic floods tore apart southern Louisiana over the weekend, leaving thousands evacuated. With residents displaced throughout East Baton Rouge Parish and Acadiana, there are countless pets and animals also in need of supplies and shelter. While waters are beginning to recede, many organizations are lending […]

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Photo Credit: Humane Society International

Help Save Animal Lives: Emergency Efforts In Nepal

(EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE) Today, less than three weeks after a mammoth earthquake struck Nepal, killing over 8,000 people, the country witnessed another devastating 7.2-magnitude quake with dozens of deaths and more than a thousand injuries reported. Along with the thousand of lives directly affected by both disasters, many animals have also been left injured and […]

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The Spirit Of Giving: Help Animals Have A Happy Howl-iday

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM/TAKE ACTION) Happy Holidays! ‘Tis the season of giving, and the Global Animal Foundation is celebrating by giving back to animals in need. As you may know, Global Animal Foundation is a non-profit 501(3)C charity that functions like a Green Cross for animals. It’s a responsive umbrella organization that distributes donations to vetted animal […]

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Constance Lambert embraces her dog after finding it alive when returning to her destroyed home in Tupelo, Mississippi, on Monday. Photo Credit: AP

HELP: Pets In Need After U.S. Tornado Outbreak

(EMERGENCY ANIMAL RESCUE) Early last week, a ferocious storm system tore through Central and Southern U.S., killing at least 38 people and destroying hundreds of homes across six states. For three days, dozens of tornadoes and widespread flooding with hurricane force winds moved through parts of the Plains, Midwest, and South. Arkansas and Mississippi were […]

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Holiday Greetings From Global Animal

Happy Holidays! This has been a banner year for Global Animal. Thank you for all your support! Global Animal has grown exponentially in 2013, with many more daily visitors, over 17,000 Facebook followers, and 3,800 twitter devotees. On the technical side, we redesigned the site’s architecture and look, as well as cleaning up site’s code […]

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HELP: Animals In Need After Typhoon Yolanda

(ANIMAL RESCUE) Benigno Aquino, the President of the Philippines, has called for a state of calamity due to Typhoon Yolanda (also referred to as Typhoon Haiyan) to speed relief efforts for victims. Over 10,000 people are feared to be dead, along with countless animals, which makes this the deadliest natural catastrophe in Philippine history. In […]

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A Boulder County Animal Control officer and AHA workers rescue a cat from a destroyed home as the flood water recedes. Photo Credit: AP

Global Animal Donations At Work In Colorado

(ANIMAL RESCUE/ACTIVISM) During the week of September 9, heavy rains and catastrophic flooding from Colorado Springs north to Fort Collins destroyed over 1,500 homes, leaving many people and animals stranded. Many rescue organizations—from the national to local level—have banded together to help animals trapped and left behind in the flood waters that have yet to […]

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Colorado Army National Guardsmen and a civilian rescue personnel unload evacuated residents from Colorado flood zones from a helicopter at the Boulder Municipal Airport. Photo Credit: Sgt. Joseph K. VonNida

DONATE! Help Rescue Animals From Colorado Flooding

(ANIMAL RESCUE) After a week of relentless rains and flooding of historic proportions throughout the state of Colorado, eight people are dead and hundreds have been reported missing. With parts of Colorado hit by up to 15 inches of rainfall, the floods have reportedly destroyed 1,502 residential structures, leaving many people and animals stranded. First […]

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