Thursday, May 6, 2021

Meatless Meals

Vegetarian and vegan recipes. Quick and easy meals without meat. A Global Animal exclusive.

Meat-Free Monday: Savory Pumpkin Tart

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) This savory vegan pumpkin tart is perfect for Thanksgiving. For the crust, all you need is a pumpkin, some puff pastry, a red onion, and some rosemary. If you can’t find a hokkaido pumpkin at any local market or store, you can also use a sugar or small pie pumpkin. While the tart is baking, make the scrumptious garlic-cashew sauce to drizzle on top. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Paella

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Spice up your Meat-Free Monday with this vegan Valencian rice dish. Paella is all about the saffron infused rice, and this vegan paella is loaded with mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red and yellow bell peppers, roma tomatoes, and green peas. If you'd like, you can also add a protein like vegan mock chicken, sautéed tempeh, or even tofu. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Pumpkin, Spinach, & Walnut Spaghetti

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) While many people enjoy pumpkin desserts, why not try a savory dish punctuated with this deliciously sweet vegetable? This pumpkin, spinach, and walnut spaghetti dish is bursting with flavors of chili and lemon that are sure to make you salivate. This particular recipe uses butternut squash instead of pumpkin, but you can use any kind of pumpkin squash that you'd like. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Candy Corn

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Just one quick look at the long list of ingredients in conventional candy corn is enough to make you shriek, so here's a clean, sugar-free candy corn alternative—made with pronounceable whole ingredients. These little bites are a combination of soy milk powder, cashew butter, and brown rice syrup, and the yellow and orange sections are dyed with turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory. Flavor-wise, these morsels aren't as sweet as your typical candy corn, but they offer a delicious hint of vanilla and nuttiness from the cashews. Trick or treat! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Savory Mushroom & Quinoa Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) With Halloween just around the corner, why not celebrate with these savory mushroom and quinoa stuffed mini pumpkins? The sweetness of the pumpkin paired with the savory quinoa and mushroom pilaf makes for the perfect vegan side dish or entree. Despite popular belief, mini pumpkins are not only edible, but they are actually quite delicious, too. When they are roasted with the tops cut off and seeds removed, mini pumpkins also make the perfect little festive bowls for holding sweet or savory goodies. They look so impressive, but don't be fooled--they're super easy to make! Rest assured, these adorable little stuffed pumpkins are sure to be the hit of your next fall gathering! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Nothing says 'fall' quite like sweet potatoes. This Meat-Free Monday, enjoy these simple, 30-minute baked sweet potatoes with roasted chickpeas, a simple garlic-herb sauce, and a zesty parsley-tomato salad. Not only are these potatoes simple and satisfying, but they're also super healthy and completely customizable. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Pumpkin Cannelloni

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) This week, indulge in your favorite fall flavors with this pumpkin cannelloni recipe. The filling is wonderfully sweet and hearty, made from pumpkin, onions, and cranberries, and topped with an amazing almond crust. Not only are these cannelloni made from all-natural ingredients, but they are completely vegan and gluten-free, too! As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Cauliflower Stuffed Poblano Peppers

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Spice up your Monday night with these vegan cauliflower stuffed poblano peppers. While poblano peppers are usually mild, they can be spicy this time of year, so pick your peppers with caution if you're sensitive to spice. But if you can’t find poblanos, you can use any type of bell pepper that you'd like. The stuffing consists of onion, bell pepper, cauliflower, rice, black beans, spinach, tomatillo salsa, and lots of delicious spices. Instead of topping these with cheese, opt for avocado, tomatillo salsa, and cashew cream, which works as a great sour cream substitute. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Loaded Vegan Nacho Plate

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) There are few things as delicious as a loaded nacho plate. These nachos use high quality Que Pasa brand tortilla chips--they’re organic, lightly-salted, and the perfect restaurant-style tortilla chips. This recipe is also bubbling with loads of vegan cheese, fresh veggie toppings, heaps of guacamole, and tangy salsa. These loaded nachos can serve two very hungry people as a meal, or a group of four as an appetizer. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Vegan Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) The end of summer is near, so let's make sure to have a Labor Day celebration filled with fun and yummy food. With back-to-school season and autumn leaves upon us, enjoy this last weekend for summer barbecues, cook-outs, and get-togethers. These vegan bacon-wrapped hot dogs are ideal for the holiday weekend. A tasty, healthier alternative to all-American franks, these meat-free dogs have all of the flavor and texture, but without all of the cholesterol. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Green Smoothie Popsicles

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Who doesn't love homemade popsicles on a warm summer day? These tropical green smoothie pops are the perfect treat--they are sweet, healthy, and packed with essential nutrients. Even kids love them! This recipe uses frozen raspberries, red currants, and nutrient-rich chia seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds. Add dried dates or figs for sweetness, and enjoy! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Watermelon White Sangria

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) Nothing says 'summer' quite like watermelon. This Watermelon White Sangria is perfect for your next summer shindig or a day spent relaxing by the pool. The watermelon, berries, and lime infuse the white wine with fresh summer flavors that are impossible to resist. As always, happy sipping! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Lemony Broccoli, Chickpea & Avocado Pita Sandwiches

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) This Meat-Free Monday, celebrate the flavors of summer with these fresh, lemony broccoli, chickpea, and avocado pita sandwiches. These sandwiches are a delicious and hearty lunch or dinner option, bursting with Greek flavors and lots of texture. What's more, the broccoli chickpea salad is equally tasty by itself or on avocado toast. As always, happy eating! -- Global Animal

Meat-Free Monday: Carrot Sunshine Smoothie

(MEATLESS MONDAYS/VEGAN RECIPES) For this week's Meat-Free Monday recipe, try this refreshing carrot sunshine smoothie. It's fruity, not-too-sweet, slightly creamy, and not to mention, packed with a dose of veggies, lots of fruit, healthy fats, and plant-based protein. Loaded with carrot, strawberry, peach, pineapple, mango, orange juice, hemp seeds, and coconut yogurt, this smoothie is sure to become one of your go-to recipes. Happy slurping! -- Global Animal