Thursday, June 17, 2021

Does Herbal Medicine Work For Ailing Pets?

(PET CARE) Veterinarian Dr. Palmquist reviews the pros and cons of alternative veterinary medicine versus scientific treatments for pets. -- Global Animal

Anti-Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Won’t Get Jail Time

(WHALING) Bethune was given a two-year sentence, suspended for five years, by a Tokyo court. It is expected the 45-year-old New Zealander will be released today after already serving five months in detention in Tokyo while his case was being heard. — Global Animal

Whaling Activist Pete Bethune Gets Suspended Jail Term

(WHALING) Anti-whaling activist Peter Bethune has been given a two-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, by a Japanese court. — Global Animal

Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson Responds To Bethune Verdict (VIDEO)

(VIDEO) Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson upon hearing Pete Bethune was given a suspended prison sentence. — Global Animal

Cheap Meat Can Be Costly

Author David Kirby brings the harsh realities of cheap meat to light, warning that even vegans are not safe from the guilt of sustaining factory farming. Kirby warns that cheap meat can actually be costly to the planet and eventually, your wallet. — Global Animal

Survival Of The Nuttiest: Squirrel Smarts

(WILDLIFE) Squirrels are pretty much everywhere, but how'd they get to be so ubiquitous? They actually aren't as nutty as they seem. It's a case of being clever. Read how squirrels use deceptive 'caching' techniques to bury and rebury their nuts, which is a tactical decision-making process previously thought to be only used by primates. – Global Animal

Striped, Yes. But Are Zebras Really Black & White?

(WILDLIFE/ANIMAL FACTS) The zoological Rorschach test: Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes? There's actually persuasive science for one over the other. Go ahead and guess the color of a zebra's stripes. Black or white? Then find out below if you were right! — Global Animal

Russia Pretends To End Harp Seal Hunt

(SEA) RUSSIA — Russia pretended to end their history of harp seal slaughter by announcing a 'complete' ban on hunting 'all' harp seals--but the ban only protects seals less than one year of age. Complete wasn't exactly the right word.

Volunteers Drowning In Dying & Dead Animals – And BP’s Blockades

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) LOUISIANA — Several reports from surveillance teams around the gulf tell horrifying stories of dead animals, killed by the oil and lack of food--and BP trying to keep everyone away from seeing anything worse. One volunteer says that in the three hours she spent around the gulf, she saw "one heron, two black birds, and one duck." — Global Animal

Beware Of Hot Dogs This Summer

(DOGS/PET CARE) A car parked in the sun can reach up to 160 degrees in just minutes. Here are the top tips to save your pooch from sunstroke, heatstroke, or worse, during the steamy summer months. — Global Animal

Hens Rejoice! California Set To Become A Cage-Free State: Governor Signs Bill 1437

(CALIFORNIA) — The Golden State is set to become a cage free state in 2015 now that Governor Schwarzenegger has signed A.B. 1437, a bill backed by The Humane Society of the United States. Hens across the state rejoice! — Global Animal

Polar Bears Drowning In Denial

(POLAR BEARS) ALASKA — Polar Bears are endangered and on the decline. Since being declared endangered two years ago little has been done. The current plan is basically to hope predictions of polar bear extinction and global warming are wrong. Did these officials miss the Dr. Phil episode where we learned denial changes nothing? — Global Animal

Israel Introduces Bill To Be World’s First Fur-Free Nation

(FUR) ISRAEL In Israel, a full 86 percent of the population believes that killing animals for their fur is immoral and the organization Let the Animals Live is working to make Israel the world's first fur free country. — Global Animal

Animals and Lost Innocence

(ANIMAL ART) GA exclusive: Featured Blog Den contributor Claire Nettleton, Ph.D (ABD), shares her impressions of the art exhibit A Voyage of Growth and Discovery that ties themes of children, art, and animals. — Global Animal