Friday, June 18, 2021

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Death Sentence For California Coyotes

(ANIMAL WELFARE/PETS/OP-ED) A California community approves the trapping and killing of coyotes. This statement would normally enrage me, but today I’m torn. The aforementioned area is my current home town of Seal Beach, and the reason the city council has approved such a desperate measure is because the coyotes are killing the residents’ pets. — Global Animal

Book Review: Be A Friend To Felines With “Cat Sense”

(CATS/ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/BOOK REVIEW) John Bradshaw's latest book Cat Sense: How The New Feline Science Can Make You A Better Friend To Your Pet delivers a go-to cat guide in one easy read. Cat Sense is a synthesis of several fields of scientific research on cats. It covers a vast array of subjects, from the history of feline domestication to feline biology and how cats perceive the world. — Global Animal

Capturing The Secret Lives Of Street Cats

(STRAY CATS/ANIMAL ACTIVISM/OP-ED) Photographers for Animals husband and wife team Jason and Elizabeth Putsche document the mysterious lives of a commonly misunderstood and scrutinized animal, the feral cat. The Community Cat Project's "glamour shots" offer a new view of community cats, showing them thriving in their natural environments. Read Elizabeth's story on how she and her husband began photographing community cats all across the globe in the article below. — Global Animal

California Calls To End Cruel Cosmetic Testing

(CELEBRITIES/ANIMAL TESTING) California approved a resolution urging the United States government to take measures against cosmetic animal testing. State Senator Marty Block initiated the measure sponsored by several animal rights organizations, including Cruelty Free International. Actress Mayim Bialik, a supporter of Cruelty Free International, is thrilled about the resolution and hopes the rest of the U.S. will follow in California's footsteps. California has been a leader in restricting animal testing, and the state's success definitively proves it's possible to use alternatives to animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Read the full article below for more on the resolution. — Global Animal

Putin On A Show: Vladimir Putin’s Animal Misfires (GALLERY)

(OP-ED/ANIMAL WELFARE) UKRAINE — At the center of the current crisis in Crimea stands Russian President Vladimir Putin. The former KGB man is no stranger to conflict and controversy in the foreign policy arena, and it should come as no surprise that he is certainly no friend to animals either—though his PR campaigns attempt to say otherwise. From attempting to lead a flock of endangered Siberian cranes, to his unwarranted dislike of small dogs, here are some reasons President Putin was inducted into our Animal Cruelty Hall of Shame. — Global Animal

Australia’s War On The Environment?

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/SHARKS) SYDNEY — During Tony Abbott's short time as Australia's Prime Minister, sharks have been indiscriminately killed, the dumping of dredging on the Great Barrier Reef was approved, and Tasmania's forests are now under severe threat. Has the current Australian government declared war on the environment? According to the Independent's Kathy Marks, the answer is a resounding and shameful yes. Read on to find out why. — Global Animal

The red wolf is one of the world's most endangered animals.

Animal Welfare Institute Howls For Red Wolves

(ENDANGERED SPECIES/WILDLIFE) The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) recently filed against the North Carolina State Wildlife Agency for authorizing day and night hunting of coyotes in the red wolves' protected area. Coyotes look very similar to endangered red wolves, and there are shockingly only 90 to 110 of the species left in the wild. With their hunting authorization, the North Carolina State Wildlife Agency is violating the Endangered Species Act. The hearing of the injunction will take place Tuesday, February 11. — Global Animal
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Why It’s Important That We “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”

(CATS AND DOGS/PET ADOPTION) Author Denise Fleck’s children’s book Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover embraces pet adoption while teaching its readers there's always more than meets the eye. Like humans, all pets have something special about them that makes them unique. So if you're interested in adopting a pet, remember that cats and dogs come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and personalities, and it's important to first consider your own lifestyle. Read Fleck's full article below for more on pet adoption, and make sure to check out our exclusive book review on Don't Judge a Book by its Cover. — Global Animal
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Can Trophy Hunting Save Rhinos?

(RHINOS/ENDANGERED SPECIES) Black rhinos are one of the most critically endangered animals in the world, with only about 5,000 left in the wild. Efforts to conserve the species vary, but one way in particular has been an incredibly controversial practice for some animal rights groups. Each year, Namibia is allowed to sell the hunting rights for five of the country's rhinos, with their most recent auction going for $350,000. The hunted rhinos sold are said to be elderly and problematic, and the proceeds in exchange for the trophy hunt go directly to the rhino conservation effort. Continue reading below to understand the complicated truths behind this controversial practice. — Global Animal

On The Road: Journalist Reunites Kerouac With Guardian

(PETS/DOG RESCUE) MALI — Imagine losing your companion in a country recovering from a civil conflict involving active Al Qaeda militants, and known for its corruption. Two months ago, a BBC correspondent reunited a wayward pooch and his French guardian in one of the world's most dangerous countries, Mali. Stephane and his traveling canine companion Kerouac were on an On the Road-inspired adventure when one day, Kerouac went missing. Read on to see how the compassionate journalist helped reunite dog and guardian against all odds. — Global Animal

A Rescue Dog’s Freedom Goes Beyond Leaving The Shelter

(RESCUE DOGS/OP/ED DEN) He rolled over in gratefulness and exalted freedom, melting like butter in my lap when he was escorted out of the shelter. Butterbean, rightfully named for his melting appreciation, was rescued two weeks ago before being euthanized in the Downey, California shelter where he was being held. As I watched him burst through the doors into the fresh air, I could see that he knew he was safe. He rolled beneath my feet, pawing the air in celebratory praise. When Butterbean first arrived at the Downey shelter as a stray with an injured leg, he had a potential adopter who, upon arrival, denied the young French Bulldog due to his injury. — Global Animal

NFL Disregards Michael Vick’s Violent Past

(DOGS/OP/ED) After the Philadelphia Eagles wild-card loss to the New Orleans Saints over the weekend, animal rights activists all over the country rejoiced in hopes that back-up quarterback Michael Vick wouldn't be resigned to the team—especially us here at Global Animal. The Global Animal team recently added a new member to the family, a rescue pit bull named Lulu. Lulu was used for breeding purposes in dog fighting rings and could have easily been one of the many dogs killed by Michael Vick. The NFL notoriously overlooks players' controversial pasts because they have a good arm, and this needs to change. What does it teach the kids who look up to a man like Vick? The fact that the Eagles picked up Michael Vick three short months after his stint in federal prisons gives kids the idea that animal cruelty is okay as long as you're talented. Continue reading to know more about Vick and his future with the NFL. — Global Animal

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Mark Bittman On Animal Equality: The Ones We Forget

(VEGAN/ANIMAL WELFARE) Culinary journalist and healthy living guru, Mark Bittman, shares his problem with our bias towards companion animals. Bittman has authored a number of cooking and lifestyle books, including VB6: Eat Vegan 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your Health...for Good, which can be found on Amazon. If you're looking for more of Bittman's insight into living a healthier lifestyle take a look at his TED Talk on YouTube. – Global Animal

The Animals Of JFK’s ‘Camelot’ (GALLERY)

(ANIMAL FRIENDSHIP/PETS) This Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. For many Americans, JFK's presidency is symbolic of a new frontier filled with hope and enshrined in the Arthurian legend of Camelot. Here, we celebrate President Kennedy's life and the menagerie of pets and animals—including dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys—who were all part of the Camelot dream. — Global Animal