Friday, June 18, 2021

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What Bull: Spain’s Opposition Party Trying To Revoke Bullfighting Ban

MADRID- Although bullfighting was recently banned in the Catalonia region, some politicians want the bloody spectacle to return and revoke Catalonia's epic success. Cruelty is 'culture'? That's B.S...

Abusive methods are often used to train circus animals. Photo credit: Kerri9494 via flickr

World Circus Day: What Does The Circus Really Teach Kids About Animals?

(CIRCUS ANIMALS) In the article below, child psychiatrist Dr. Sujatha Ramakrishna explains the unintentional negative effects of going to the circus with children. She asserts how showing kids that wild animals can be dominated and used as objects sends the wrong message about controlling other beings. We'd add that the circus teaches that animals are made for our entertainment and the sanctioned suffering of animals by adults is an assault on developing empathy. Just in time for World Circus Day, read on to learn more about circus animal abuse and the relationship between how children treat animals and the way they eventually treat people. -- Global Animal

Who Are You Wearing?: House Passes Truth In Fur Labeling Act

(POLITICS) — The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act to upgrade the nearly 60-year-old federal fur labeling law that has so many loopholes it fails anyone who objects to wearing pelts. As the adage goes, ' The only one who needs a mink coat is a mink.' The new labeling act helps inform shoppers who agree. — Global Animal

Government Takes Over Management of Indonesia’s ‘Zoo of Death’

JAKARTA - Finally, hopeful news for the 4,200 animals at Jakarta's horrific zoo. Indonesia's Forestry Ministry has taken over management of Surabaya Zoo following the death of hundreds of animals, including a Sumatran tiger and other endangered species.

How Humane Is Your Politician?

Sure, politician jokes are easy, but knowing if your legislators support animal welfare or not isn't a laughing matter. That's why we at Global Animal are thrilled with The Humane Society's new 'Humane Scoreboard.' The easy online tool gives a real-time snapshot of where U.S. Senators and Representatives stand on animal protection legislation, votes and policies. There's a groundswell of change underfoot in the way animals are treated and regarded.Which side of history is your politician on? Find out at:

Capt. Paul Watson: If We Kill Our Oceans, We Kill Ourselves

(SEA SHEPHERD/ANIMAL ACTIVISM VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society talks about the death of our oceans, the politics of extinction and how the collapse of entire species of fish like the bluefin tuna is bad news for humans. — Global Animal

The Case For Vegetarianism: Our Pleasure vs. Sensitive Life

Israeli writer Orna Rinat presents an impassioned argument that according to prevailing scientific thought, animals have sensitivity and the ability to suffer. And therefore, we must have compassion for animals. This means making the ethical decision to not choose our pleasure over the life of another being. Agree, disagree, discuss.

Total Disconnect: The Woman Who Drugged And Smuggled A Tiger Cub

In a bizarre ploy, a woman with a drugged tiger cub crammed into her suitcase, along with a stuffed toy tiger, tried to board a plane in Bangkok. Apparently, she thought nobody would notice.

Russia And China Sign Agreement To Rebuild Siberian Tiger Population

(TIGER) RUSSIA/CHINA — Russia and China celebrate the year of the Tiger by creating the first protected area Siberian (Amur) tigers. Read what this means for 20 of the world's remaining 450 Amur tigers and other endangered species. — Global Animal

O’Barry Delivers Petition To Stop Japanese Dolphin Slaughter Despite Violent Threats

JAPAN- Some Japanese are resorting to violent threats against Ric O'Barry and others who challenge Taiji's dolphin slaughter. 'The Cove' director likens it to America's former slavery tradition, noting that unjust 'traditions' can and should end.

Capt. Paul Watson: “We’re All Just Spaceship Passengers”

(VIDEO) In this new series of video interviews with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson, the Captain draws an illustrative analogy that people are just passengers on a spaceship called Earth. Watson explains why 'popping the rivets' of the ship – or removing species from the planet, one by one – has disastrous implications for us all.

Capt. Paul Watson: What It Takes To Be A Sea Shepherd Volunteer

(VIDEO) Captain Paul Watson discusses what it takes to be a Sea Shepherd volunteer and how 'professionals' would never do what they do.

Capt. Paul Watson: On Prop Foulers And Other Tactics

(VIDEO) In this new video in Global Animal's interview series with Paul Watson, the Captain responds to critics about the efficacy of Sea Shepherd's prop foulers and other tactics. Turns out, the reality of an multi-faceted campaign isn't always captured in reality television.

Superstition Leaves Black Pets Homeless

(SHELTER ANIMALS/PET ADOPTION) Black Dog and Black Cat Syndrome are real, but these phenomenons have more to do with screwy superstition than any overt 'racism.' Read why black pets are less likely to be adopted--and maybe buck the trend yourself with the next animal you adopt into your family. – Global Animal