Friday, June 18, 2021

Politics's POLITICS section covers animal laws and animal welfare legislation in governments worldwide.

CA Governor Has Five Days To Save Bears, Bobcats

(ANIMAL CONSERVATION) CALIFORNIA — Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30, 2012 to sign bill SB 1221 which prevents the hounding of bears and bobcats in the state of California.When hounding, hunters use radio-collared dogs to track and hunt bears and/or bobcats.Hounding not only directly effects the natural species of bears and bobcats, but it often causes many young cubs to be orphaned. It also puts the dogs at risk of death by dehydration or wildlife confrontation and many are  abandoned in shelters. Continue reading to see how you can help protect the bears, bobcats and dogs. — Global Animal

Cats Wig Out Over Latest Fashion

The creator of the 'Kitty Wig' brings hairpieces to the feline market.

Should New Zealand Eliminate Cats To Save Birds?

(LIFE WITH PETS) Economist and environmentalist Gareth Morgan recently ignited a controversy after an interview where he said that all cats should be gradually removed from New Zealand. Because New Zealand has one of the highest cat ownership rates in the world, he advises that all of the country's residents not only neuter their cats, but also turn over strays to local authorities for euthanization in order to protect native bird species. Many of Morgan's propositions are quite extreme, including his suggestion that people should catch stray cats with cage-traps and that the government should offer "free disposal of cats." But while Morgan is not alone in his beliefs, we would like to know what you think. Is Morgan's stance too extreme? Make your voice heard in the comments below. — Global Animal

Anti-Whaling Activist Says Duh! Attempt To Stop Japanese Whaling Was Intentional!

JAPAN– Captain Paul Watson responds to Japan's arrest warrant against him for recently ordering his crew to obstruct Japanese whaling operations. Spoiler alert: he's not sorry.

Nipper The Baby Dolphin vs. The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter

We at Global Animal have been pondering the world’s overwhelming and gratifying interest in the baby dolphin rescued off a beach in Uruguay. ‘Nipper,’ as he has become to be called, became the most popular story on Global Animal this week.

How Hurricane Maria Turned Puerto Rico Into “An Island Of Strays” – A Personal...

(STRAY ANIMALS/ANIMAL RESCUE) Nearly a year after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, a new, definitive study determined nearly 3,000 people lost their lives in the wake of the storm--a drastically higher total than the previous official death toll of 64. Without electricity, internet, and even running water for several weeks, the country transformed into "an island of strays," as one resident describes. Puerto Rico's high number of stray dogs and cats was already an issue prior to the catastrophic storm, but given its long-term impacts, an estimated 300,000 people moved away, with many leaving their pets behind. Read on to learn how one man's personal account of living through a catastrophic storm like Hurricane Maria has given him new insight into the lives of stray animals--proving that all it takes is one person to save a life. -- Global Animal

The Great Ag-Gag Debate (UPDATE)

(FARM) Ag-gag bills that criminalize whistleblowing on factory farms are sweeping the nation. Five states have already implemented these types of laws with many others considering similar legislation. Undercover investigations on farms and slaughterhouses have played a crucial role in exposing animal abuse in the agricultural industry, yet these same investigations have been criticized for manipulating footage ultimately harming farm owners and workers. Read on to learn about the many different points that are being argued for both sides of the ag-gag discussion. — Global Animal

READ: Poem Donated By U.S. Poet Laureate

W. S. Merwin, our current poet laureate and twice Pulitzer-winner, has generously donated his haunting poem "The Chain To Her Leg" for republication here on Global Animal. In it, he writes about one particular (real) elephant who lived and died over 80 years ago. 

“You Know Chicken Is Chicken, Right?”

(GREEN/VEGETARIAN) In Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, 'Eating Animals,' the novelist shares his family's winding path toward vegetarianism. -- Global Animal

Wednesday’s Well-Intentioned Eater

(GREEN/COMPASSIONATE LIVING) One inquisitive omnivore's journey towards healthier and more compassionate eating... I have to start off by saying I’m a meat eater. To be honest, I never thought much about it. I grew up with an Irish mom who was a meat and potatoes kind of cook. We had a very predictable menu—usually beef and rice, spaghetti, pork chops, or some sort of roast. The other nights were probably burgers, pizza, or maybe even Kentucky Fried Chicken. As a result, I’m a meat and potato, not spicy kind of eater (though I am getting better.) Read on to learn more about Well-Intentioned Wednesdays and if you have suggestions for recipes or meat substitute products, become a part of my journey and send them in! — Global Animal

Thousands of Bear Paws Smuggled At Russia-China Border

(ILLEGAL ANIMAL TRADE) RUSSIA — The recent opening of the Russia-China border is having a negative effect: a rise in bear paw smuggling. — Global Animal

Adopt A Turkey – Ady Gil Will Show His Thanks

(THANKSGIVING/TURKEYS) Ady Gil is moving from sea to land, saving turkeys in time for Thanksgiving and giving the birds something to be thankful for. Gil, who is best known for donating $1 million to his namesake vessel with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is matching donations up to $50,000 for Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey program until November 25. -- Global Animal

How Animal Cruelty Caused The Coronavirus

(ANIMAL WELFARE) With many countries in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, experts continue to speculate over the virus' origins while medical researchers try to find a cure. COVID-19 is not unlike most infectious diseases given that it is zoonotic--meaning it can jump the species barrier from animals to humans. This relatively common phenomenon almost always arises--directly or indirectly--from the inhumane ways in which humans treat animals. As the New York Times author below perfectly states, "The conditions that lead to the emergence of new infectious diseases are the same ones that inflict horrific harms on animals." Continue reading for more about how the coronavirus pandemic arose from humankind's maltreatment of animals and steps towards future prevention. -- Global Animal

World Bites Into Shark Conservation

(SHARK CONSERVATION) Shark fishing and finning account for more than 70 million shark deaths per year. People are a threat to sharks, but thanks to conservation efforts around the world, that is changing. Read on to learn more about the efforts being made to save sharks and what countries are leading the charge. — Global Animal