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Are You Ready To Adopt A Pet? 10 Questions To Ask First

(PET ADOPTION/RESCUE PETS) Are you ready for a pet? Ask yourself these 10 vital questions from the Humane Society to find out if you are prepared to care for a new member of the family. -- Global Animal
Life with dogs, and the relationships with our pets.

Is Your Dog A Mind Reader?

(AMAZING ANIMALS) Your pooch may not be exact, but dogs certainly have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding people. It comes as no surprise to most dog lovers but a new study shows that dogs have the ability to predict their guardian's actions. Using tests involving eye tracking, Joseph Topal and his collaborators discovered that dogs understand what people are trying to express in a similar way a six-month-old human infant would. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us treat our animal companions like family. Read on to find out more details about this discovery.— Global Animal

Arnold Schwarzenegger Isn’t A Dog…Or Is He? (PHOTOS)

(PET HUMOR) If Arnold Schwarzenegger was a real dog instead of a metaphorical one, the former California governor would be a bully whippet. This breed has two mutated copies of a gene that makes the dogs “double-muscled" and weighing twice as much as a standard whippet. The increased muscle mass, along with metabolism and extremely low levels of body fats, can translate to impressive super-feats, including marked increases in speed, agility and power.

Unicorns: Truth Behind The Myth (GALLERY)

(WEIRD ANIMALS) Whether or not unicorns truly exist depends greatly on your definition of the word "unicorn." Is anything with one horn a unicorn? Should it be a horse? Something vaguely equine in shape? Take a look at these real animals that could be considered types of unicorns, and may have even inspired the myth. — Global Animal

Pit Bull Discrimination – A People Problem?

(DOGS/DOG BREED DISCRIMINATION) Pit bulls have been the target of breed-specific legislation for years despite evidence claiming such laws do not diminish the number of overall dog attacks. Support for these laws is based on the misconception that pit bulls are more dangerous and prone to aggression than other dog breeds. However, the seemingly high numbers of pit bull attacks are, in fact, a result of the high population of pit bulls in the United States. When considering the frequency of attacks by percentage, the number is actually low. Due to inaccurate perceptions of the pit bull, many shelters around the country even put down the animals before giving anyone the opportunity to adopt them. With more and more evidence proving pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other dog breed, education for the public is needed to ensure these animals are not treated unfairly. Read the full article below for more information on the treatment of "America's dog." — Global Animal

The Case For Crocodile Tears: Do Animals Cry?

(ANIMAL BEHAVIOR/WILDLIFE) Is it possible for animals to cry? Many are asking this question after photos surfaced of a baby elephant in China named Zhuang-zhang who was reportedly crying after his mother inexplicably attacked him—perhaps as a result of her life spent in captivity. Animal behaviorists believe that animals can and do cry, equating the phenomenon to the cries of human infants. Much like human babies, animals most likely cry from emotions such as stress and the need for contact. Read the article below for more on the science of animal emotions. — Global Animal
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June Is Adopt-A-Cat Month! Here’s How You Can Help Save Felines In Need

(PETS/CATS/KITTENS) Every spring and summer, thousands of newborn kittens flood animal shelters across the U.S. And with kitten season upon us, it's time to celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month and help save these cats in need. Animal shelters across the United States have an estimated influx of six to eight million animals per year, many of whom end up being euthanized if a suitable home is not found for them. A collaboration between the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Maddie's Fund, and the Ad Council, the Shelter Pet Project is celebrating Adopt-A-Cat Month with radio, TV, out-of-home, and interactive public service announcement (PSA) campaigns to help all shelter pets—not just cats—find loving forever homes. —Global Animal

Protect Your Pet From Holiday Dangers

(CATS & DOGS/PET CARE) The holidays can be dangerous a time for pets. Stress, visiting relatives, and holiday shopping can make it difficult to keep an eye on your furry family members. Read these tips below on how to keep your pets healthy and happy this holiday season! — Global Animal

Sandy Hook Survivor & Pit Bull Keep Saving Each other

(ANIMAL CONNECTION/TOUCHING TALE) Jeffrey, a 73-pound pit bull, and Emma, a 9-year-old girl, might not have any obvious similarities, but the two share a very special bond. Both of them avoided major disasters in their lives by just a few hours on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. Emma Wishneski is a Sandy Hook student, who missed the tragic shooting at her school due to a doctor's appointment, while Jeffrey was rescued just hours before his euthanasia date. The young girl and rescued pit bull have formed an unlikely friendship, as Jeffrey became Emma's therapy dog, helping the little girl deal with the loss of her many loved ones. Read on to find out more on this touching story about these two beautiful survivors. — Global Animal


Pit Bull Bans: An Ineffective And Cruel “Solution”

(DOGS) TEXAS — Anti-pit bull activist Douglas Wolfe wants Jesse James' dog put down, and for all pit bull type dogs to be banned. Read on to discover why breed specific legislation is ineffective and cruel. — Global Animal

Companies That Don’t Test On Animals (RESOURCE)

(ANIMAL TESTING/ANIMAL CRUELTY) Here's a comprehensive list of companies that do not test on animals. This list is compiled and is updated several times a year by PETA. Those marked with an asterisk (*) manufacture strictly vegan products—made without animal ingredients, such as milk and egg byproducts, slaughterhouse byproducts, lanolin from sheep, honey, or beeswax. You may also be interested in: Tips For Compassionate Shopping. – Global Animal

No Dog Left Behind: Senior Dog Rescued After Family Moves Away

(PIT BULLS/DOG RESCUE) Would you be loyal enough to wait for your family if they left you? This devoted senior pup was abandoned at home after his family moved away. Luckily for him, his neighbors saw poor Stewie and knew they had to do something for the poor guy. Read on to find out about this faithful boy and his journey. -- Global Animal

Rats Choose Friends Over Food

(ANIMAL DISCOVERY) Researchers have found that given the option between a tasty treat and a friend in need, rats will almost always help out their fellow rat. The finding proves that in addition to humans and primates, rats share the feeling of empathy and act on this feeling with no foreseeable personal gain. Read more on this new finding and why this small animal might prove to have a large heart. — Global Animal 

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15 Surprising Sloth Facts

(FUN ANIMAL FACTS/WILDLIFE/SLOTHS) Sloths are adorable, slow-moving mammals native to Central and South America. They are solitary mammals and just so happen to provide a habitat for a multitude of other organisms. For instance, did you know a single sloth may be home to moths, beetles, cockroaches, fungi, and algae? Scroll down for a fun list of 15 more surprising sloth facts. — Global Animal