Monday, July 26, 2021

Cats Wig Out Over Latest Fashion

The creator of the 'Kitty Wig' brings hairpieces to the feline market.

Petition To End Dolphin Slaughter Gets 1 Million+ Signatures

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) When "The Cove" won an Oscar for best documentary in 2009, change was in the water. Now, part of the activism inspired by...

Male Antelopes Trick Females For Sex

(WILDLIFE) Whoever said "all men are dogs," clearly hasn't encountered a male topi antelope before. Read below to learn how male topi antelopes trick females with false alarms of nearby danger to boost their chances for sex. Imagine that! – Global Animal

Look Who’s Talking: Four Animals Who Could

(ANIMAL COMMUNICATION) Here are the true stories of a seal, parrot, cat, and chimp who communicated with humans in words and other wondrous ways. Anyone who's ever wondered what a pet was thinking will appreciate these four fabulous communicators. —Global Animal

“You Know Chicken Is Chicken, Right?”

(GREEN/VEGETARIAN) In Jonathan Safran Foer's new book, 'Eating Animals,' the novelist shares his family's winding path toward vegetarianism. -- Global Animal

Fido’s Footprint May Be Bigger Than You Think

Ever wonder about the environmental impact of your pet's meat-based diet? Some calculate that a medium-size dog has roughly twice the ecological footprint of a Toyota Land Cruiser. Read why...

Quirks And Pet Peeves: Animals Have Them, Too

(PET) — Scientist have identified hotheads and tiptoers, schmoozers and loners, divas, dullards and fearless explorers, and they have learned that animals, like us, often cling to the same personality for the bulk of their lives. — Global Animal

Baby Animals From Around The World (GALLERY)

(BABY ANIMALS/CUTE ANIMAL PICTURES) Check out this fantastic collection of photos showing new members of the animal kingdom from all around the world! — Global Animal

Scotland’s New Hunting Restrictions Are A License To Kill

(POLITICS) SCOTLAND — New hunting restrictions crack down on off-season hunting, but that's cold comfort to anyone who values life over blood 'sport.' The new rules entirely remove the need for a hunting license. Extra points for hitting both the cruel and stupid  bullseye. — Global Animal

Why Red Squirrels Make Great Adoptive Moms

(SQUIRREL) Science suggests that 'being squirrely' can mean being altruistic. In keeping with Hamilton's Rule, when a red squirrel baby is in trouble, oftentimes, other squirrel moms will 'adopt' the youngster and go out on a limb to help. — Global Animal

Best Ever Quotes About Animals & Activism

(ANIMAL QUOTES) In celebration of Earth Day, check out our favorite quotes about animals throughout the ages. Read all the wisdom, compassion and humor to put yourself in the spirit of gratitude – and in tune with some of the world's greatest thinkers and humanitarians – true Global Animals!

Oscar Is World’s First Bionic Cat

(BIONIC CAT) UNITED KINGDOM — A black cat named Oscar who lost both hind paws in a combine harvester accident is now sporting a world's first -  shiny bionic legs that even flex. — Global Animal

Thousands of Bear Paws Smuggled At Russia-China Border

(ILLEGAL ANIMAL TRADE) RUSSIA — The recent opening of the Russia-China border is having a negative effect: a rise in bear paw smuggling. — Global Animal

Bethune’s Fate To Be Determined In Next 24 Hours

(WILDLIFE) — Peter Bethune has been in jail in Japan since February, after he boarded a japanese whaling ship and attempted to arrest the captain. He faces up to 2 years in prison. — Global Animal