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Sea Turtle Let Off Hook, Rescued From Pirates

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Rangers at Cocos Island in Costa Rica recently discovered an endangered green sea turtle hooked by fishermen. Fortunately, the turtle was released alive, though injured. While Cocos Island is, in fact, a national park, the rangers' discovery suggests foul play in protected Pacific waters. Conservation officials say the incident draws attention to the threat of illegal long-line fishing. Read on to learn how endangered sea turtles are being placed in danger by the illegal shark fin trade and sign the petition to stop shark finning once and for all! — Global Animal

A Letter To Men: Animal Aphrodisiacs Are Not A Turn-On

(ANIMAL WELFARE) It has been said that love covers a multitude of sins, but killing innocent animals to improve your love life is not one of them. Yet this practice continues all over the world, decimating a wide range of species from rhino to tigers. — Global Animals

Geese Live Freely In CA

(FOIE GRAS BANNED) CALIFORNIA — Chefs may call it a delicacy, foodies may call it exquisite, but animal activists are up-in-arms over it. Foie Gras has been on the radar for many as the most controversial gourmet food, as its creation stems from force-feeding ducks and geese by shoving a metal pipe down their throat. This way, the food goes directly to their stomach and in just a matter of weeks they are abnormally overweight and their livers expanded to ten times its normal size. It is no wonder California has joined the fight against this cruel delicacy by banning it. Read on for more about the ban and how people are responding to it.  — Global Animal

WeHo Says Hell No To Fur

(ANIMAL ACTIVISM) — Too bad for Fendi. The forward-thinking West Hollywood City Council voted to forbid the sale of fur within the city limits. The fur ban in this trend-setting city is a great addition to pro-animal legislation in California. Read on about this 'no fur sales' ruling and other animal-friendly initiatives in the US and beyond.

That’s Progress!: New Nationwide Animal Protection Laws Passed

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) State legislatures nationwide have recently made great strides in animal protection. Such newly passed laws pertain to dog fighting, cockfighting, shark finning, hunting, and other acts of animal cruelty. Read about how our elected officials have succeeded in enacting more measures to protect animals.  — Global Animal

Man Rescues Baby Moon Bears, Safe From Bear Bile Trade

CHINA (ANIMAL RESCUE/VIDEOS) Watch how a farmer rescued two baby moon bears crying in a forest and brought them home. And read why this story is meaningful beyond the two saved cubs. Moon Bears, or Asiatic Black Bears, are also called the 'bile bear' and are kept in captivity in China and Vietnam to harvest bile, a digestive juice produced by the liver that's sold in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TRÄTO Makes A Splash In Ocean Conversation

(OCEAN CONSERVATION/ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Tiffany Vandersloot, founder of the organization TRÄTO (To Rescue Animals of The Ocean), is a visionary in the movement of ocean conservation and marine life protection. Through TRÄTO, Vandersloot has created a distinct brand with a revolutionary mission, setting a precedent in making marine life protection more than just an ideal, but also a lifestyle. -- Global Animal

Animal Rights Movement Paves Brighter Future

(ANIMAL RIGHTS) Between the overwhelmingly positive response Blackfish has received, the rising popularity of farm animal rights, and the growing force of animal activists all over the world, there seems to be a brighter future in store for modern-day animals. At the link below, New York Times’ Nicholas D. Kristof paints an optimistic picture—change is coming, albeit slowly. He writes, "We disagree about where to draw the line to protect animal rights, but almost everyone now agrees that there is a line to be drawn." Read the following article for more on Kristof's interesting argument to understand that as long as there are people who care about animals, increasing acceptance of animal rights is inevitable. — Global Animal

Los Angeles Named PETA’s City Of The Year

(COMPASSIONATE LIVING) In a state that PETA describes as "a trailblazer for animal-friendly legislation," Los Angeles has raised the bar this past year with major accomplishments such as an overall ban on pet sales and a potential ban on the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses. Given the city's numerous outstanding advances, PETA has named the compassionate destination their 2012 City of the Year. Read on to learn more about the city's commendable successes in animal activism. — Global Animal

Shady Practice Behind Traditional Medicine

(ENDANGERED SPECIES) Some traditional Chinese medicines have been tested and found to contain illegal parts of endangered animals as well as toxic plants. The demand for these medicines not only leads to poaching of endangered animals, but often contain ingredients that are illegal or toxic since they are not regulated. Read on to learn about the dangers traditional medicines may cause to both animals and people. — Global Animal

“The Grey:” A Bad Fairy Tale About Wolves

(MOVIE REVIEW) The Grey, starring Liam Neeson, is about an oil drilling team stranded in the middle of Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes. But it's not the dangerous weather that poses the biggest threat to these men, it's a pack of wolves that are portrayed as blood-thirsty, vicious creatures. It's hard not to get irked while watching The Grey since wolves just got delisted as an Endangered Species. It's even harder to then read interviews with Joe Carnahan, the director, defending his portrayal of wolves as realistic, instead of simply admitting that it's completely fictional. The idea that a pack of wild wolves that have never had contact with humans would go after humans in a territorial blood war is implausible at best, dangerously misleading at worst.

No End To Illegal Animal Trafficking

(ANIMAL TRAFFICKING) As affluence spreads and transport and trade links improve worldwide, the cases of illegal animal trafficking continue to rise. In particular, there is a soaring demand from China and other parts of Asia for rare and endangered animals and animal products. Although there has been an increase in in the past year of officials intercepting animal traffickers due to better customs checks, the sheer number of trafficking cases implies the globalization of wildlife trade has only picked up. Read more on how the current situation is making the work of wildlife protectors and advocates significantly harder, and why education might be the only solution to save these animals. — Global Animal

Best Animal Tourism Spots In Asia

(WILDLIFE ADVENTURE TOURISM) Vacationing in Asia? Whether you want to stay in the city or  visit remote religious sites, Asia has a lot to offer the animal lover. Before you book plane tickets, check out this list of the best places to see and learn about the diverse animals in the wild and in sanctuaries in China, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Oman, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India, and Maldives. From pandas to tigers, these animal tourism spots are sure to fascinate. — Global Animal