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Attack Survivors Speak Out To Save Sharks

(OCEAN CONSERVATION) Just in time for Discovery channel's shark week, survivors of shark attacks are speaking out in favor of the ocean's powerful predators. In pursuit of ocean conservation, these inspiring animal rights activists seek to end shark hunting and balance the ocean ecosystem. — Global Animal

Shark Facts: Save Them From Becoming Soup

(SHARKS / OCEAN CONSERVATION) While shark week may be all about the power and strength of sharks, these amazing animals also need protecting from over-fishing and the barbaric practice of finning. Read a comprehensive list of facts about sharks and the up and coming laws that can protect them from endangerment and extinction. — Global Animal

Galapagos: 357 Shark Carcasses Found Aboard Boat

(ILLEGAL SHARK FISHING) ECUADOR — The 30 or so fisherman caught with the dead sharks inside Galapagos National Park's Marine Reserve now face criminal charges as commercial-scale fishing, including shark fishing, is illegal within the parameters of the Galapagos Islands. Discover how illegal shark fishing and finning is putting some species at risk of extinction. — Global Animal

No Soup For You! Sharks Live To Swim Another Day

(WILDLIFE/LEGISLATION/) SACRAMENTO, CA —  See why California is taking shark fin soup permanently off the menu, putting a major dent in the 73 million sharks killed a year by banning the sale, trade or possession of shark fins. — Global Animal

Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead

ENDANGERED ANIMALS – Sharks are the latest endangered species shown to be worth more alive as a tourist attraction than dead for shark fin soup. Good news for animals!

Expensive Shark Fins, Chinese Delicacy, May Be Banned In California

Eating Shark Fins Is Sickening, Science Says

CALIFORNIA – Not only are there no health benefits to eating shark fin, but new research shows that they are loaded with mercury and heavy metals that are 42 times higher than safe levels for humans.  Another reason to retire this tradition – eliminating the inhumane finning of live sharks who are left to sink to the bottom of the ocean and drown. – Global Animal

US Shark Fin Restrictions Have No Bite In Hong Kong

What does it mean to be dubbed "The Grand Central Station" of shark finning? In Hong Kong, it means that over ten tons of shark fins pass through in a given year, cut out of the 38 million sharks that are left to sink to the ocean's bottom, drowning, victims of bad tradition. That number is so huge, it's incomprehensible. And reprehensible.

Paris Conservation Conference Ignores Dangers To Bluefin Tuna

PARIS — The conservation conference has created new protections for sharks and other marine creatures, but hardly did anything to help prevent bluefin tuna from being over-fished into extinction. Do you think the small reduction in quotas for bluefins are enough to save them?

First Step To End Shark Finning: Saying No To Tradition

Shark fin soup is a sign of respect at Chinese weddings, but for some newlyweds it is a deeper sign of respect to the sharks to abstain from the traditional soup. These couples hope that their small steps are the beginning of the end for this cruel tradition.

Santa Barbara Fatal Shark Attack Only Thirteenth In California History

CALIFORNIA - In a rare fatal shark attack, a UCSB student was killed while surfing in Santa Barbara. In 2009, roughly 100 million sharks were killed by humans for shark-fin soup. In contrast, there were five fatal attacks worldwide.

David Beckham & Prince William Join Forces, Save Wildlife

(CELEBRITY ACTIVISM/ENDANGERED WILDLIFE) David Beckham's moves off-field are proving to be just as impressive as they were on. The soccer legend joined forces with Prince William to fight illegal wildlife trade. The two, along with former Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, recorded PSA messages aimed at reducing the demand of rhino horn and ivory; especially in China and Vietnam—the largest market of banned wildlife products. Because of this demand, thousands of elephants and rhinos are killed each year by poachers—so many in fact that these beautiful animals are in danger of extinction within our lifetime. That's why it's so important for celebrities like Beckham, Ming, and Prince William to use their fame to spread awareness about such atrocities. A similar campaign helped reduce the demand for shark fin soup, and hopefully this one will be even more successful. After all, when you can bend it like Beckham anything's possible. The messages will air later this year as part of WildAid's demand reduction campaign. Read on for more information about the PSA messages, and the Duke's plans for his newly established wildlife organization. — Global Animal

Yao Ming Visits Bear-Bile Farm Survivors

(CELEBRITY ANIMAL ACTIVISM) Retired NBA basketball player Yao Ming has done great work for animals in Asia, including a campaign against shark fin soup. He is now speaking out against bear-bile farming, joining the Animals Asia Foundation and meeting rescued bile bears. With recent protests against the horrific practice of bear-bile farms in China, Ming's activism adds to the growing awareness of this atrocious and inhumane act. Read on to find out more about Ming's touching visit with the animal survivors. — Global Animal

Big Business, Big Fires: Palm Oil Leaves Orangutans Homeless

(ANIMAL NEWS/WILDLIFE CONSERVATION) Last year, the Indonesian regions of Borneo and Sumatra experienced huge fires ignited by farmers clearing land for palm oil plantations. Destroying more than 10,000 square miles of forests and sickening thousands of people for weeks with its toxic haze, these fires were the worst ever recorded as a result of the prolonged drought and effects of El Niño. However the suffering of wildlife is part of a much larger story surrounding corporate expansion in a time of climate change. -- Global Animal

Jackie Chan Combats Traditional Chinese Medicine

(ACTIVISM/CELEBRITIES) What could be a bigger challenge than taking on Bruce Lee? Try taking on traditional Chinese medicine. Jackie Chan has made a name for himself as a Hollywood action hero, but he has also gained a reputation as an animal hero. The movie star is fighting to save endangered animals by imploring his fans to stop buying ivory, rhino horn, and other products used for traditional Chinese medicine. See the video clip below and continue reading to learn more about Chan's efforts to help save wildlife. — Global Animal